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					        Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep was an inspiration for the movie Blade

Runner. The two pieces of work were different in many major and minor ways. They

both take place in the future, after World War Terminus. This war has destroyed majority

of the earth causing people to move to Mars. One of the incentives is that if you move to

Mars then you get a Nexus-6 Robot as a slave. Some of the robots are evil and kill their

owners and illegally move to Earth. It is up to a Bounty Hunter to kill them. The book

and the movie have many major and minor differences, also many messages that they

want the reader to grasp.

        One of the major differences between the movie and the book was that the movie

did not really emphasize the importance of real animals as the book did. Throughout the

book the reader was reminded how rare and expensive a real animal is. In the beginning

of the book Deckard lies to his neighbor that his sheep is real, if he tells him it is an ersatz

animal then he will be looked down upon because real animals are looked at as a symbol

of economic success. The reader is reminded about their importance when Deckard walks

past a pets shop and sees an ostrich but is heartbroken that he cannot afford it, when he

buys a goat with his prize money, and also when he thinks he has found a real toad. When

Iran told Deckard that the Toad was not real because a panel flipped open, he said “Oh”

as his face fell by degrees (Dick, p.241) Also when Deckard arrives at the Tyrell

Corporation, they offer him an Owl which they claim is real and Deckard is tempted to

accept it. The movie does not really emphasize the importance of real animals, it is

mentioned when the owl at the Tyrell Corporation flaps by and Deckard asks “It’s

artificial?” and Rachael says, “Of Course it is”. (BR, Chapter 3) It is also mentioned

when Deckard asked Zhora, “Is this a real snake?” and she replies, “Of course it's not
real. Do you think I'd be working in a place like this if I could afford a real snake?” (BR,

Chapter 6)

       Another Major difference between DADOES and BR was Isidore’s entire

character. In the book John R. Isidore was actually J.F Sebastian. Not only was his name

different but also in the book it states “He had his job, driving a pickup and delivery truck

for a false-animal repair firm.”(Dick, P.19) In the Movie he says “I’m a Genetic

Designer”, this change makes a big difference because he can lead Roy to Tyrell, whom

Roy ends up killing in the movie and not in the book. (BR, Chapter 5) Another major

difference was that in the book he was a “special” but in the movie he had a disease

called Methuselah Syndrome which caused his glands to grow too fast and made him

look visibly older than he actually was.

         One of the Minor differences was that Gaff was not a character in the book but

was in the movie. When Deckard leaves his apartment with Rachael at the end of the

film, she knocks over an origami unicorn. The unicorn is the last of a series of

Origami figures that Gaff makes. He makes a chicken in Bryant’s office and then makes a

man with an erection later on. His character makes the watcher think because earlier in

the movie it shows that Deckard is dreaming of a white unicorn, so does this mean that

Deckard is an Android and that is why he knows about his memories. A character that the

Movie did not have was Deckard’s wife Iris. Iris had the character in the book of being a

bored housewife that brings Deckard down. Her character was not important and did not

make much of a difference in the movie.

         Pris’s entire attitude towards Sebastian is different in the Movie. She is very

friendly and open towards him. She laughs while she says “We scared each other pretty
good, didn’t we?” also she says “I’m hungry, J.f.”(BR, Chapter 5) In the book she is very

reserve and scared when she meets Isidore. In the book it says, “Fear made her seem ill; it

distorted her body lines, made her appear as if someone had broken her and then, with

malice, patched her together badly.”(Dick, p.62) In the book she never said that she was

hungry instead when Isidore asked her to fix dinner for them she said, “No, I have too

much to do.” This was because she was scared of him. (Dick, p.67)

          Some other minor differences were that in the movie Deckard is known as a

Blade Runner but in the book he is known as Bounty Hunter. In the Book the Robots are

referred to as Androids but in the Movie they are referred to as Replicants. In the movie

Pris is found under some newspaper outside of Sebastian’s apartment but in the book she

is already in the building.

       The message that is emphasized countless times both in the book and in the movie

is that only humans are capable of feeling empathy. This is shown in the Voigt-Kampff

test, which deciphers humans from Androids. Humans need other to live whereas

Androids do not need anyone to love them or for them to love back. This concept is

delivered when Deckard needs a real animal because he feels a need to love something

real and for it to love him back. In the end of the story Deckard’s secretary says, “Your

wife phoned. She wants to know if you are all right.” (Dick, p.232) Deckard finds peace

when he feels that his wife loves him when she shows that she cares about his well-being.

Another way was when the Tyrell Corporation had to implant memories and pictures of

Rachael having a loving mother, this made her feel like she was a human.

       Another message in both the movie and the book is that if designers do not look at

all possible faults that a machine has then it can cause deadly problems for us later on.
The way that this was delivered was that the Nexus-6 had a glitch that is why some went

bad and killed many innocent people. They should not be able to kill at all, and disobey

their owner. If designers are going to design a robot then they should design it with no

downfalls before putting it in the market. Another message that was emphasized in the

book, is having a real animal is very important. This tells us about ourselves as human

beings and how important it is for us to be economically successful. Economic success in

turn gives us respect that is why Deckard had to lie to his neighbor that his sheep was

real. Also, The movie also shows us that Love is unconditional. This is portrayed when

Deckard falls in love with Rachael even though he knows that she is a Replicant.

       Even though the movie and the book have many similarities, they also have many

differences. Even though the book and the movie are similar, a lot of the themes and

messages are different and delivered in different ways. They both play with the

possibility the future holds for us. Also, they play with what can happen if we are not

careful with our creations. They are different because Do Androids Dream of Electric

Sheep is actually only an inspiration for Blade Runner
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