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                                                                                                                    the student newsletter of

                                                                                                                    university of london
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                                                                                                                                                           spring term 2006

                                                                                                                                                issue 18
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It’s election time in the Students’ Union, which            • Campaigns and Communications Officer                       New print credit system
means that it’s your chance to shape the future of the      • Student Activities and Services Officer                    in the RISB 2
Students’ Union. It’s your Union, so take part, and
cast your vote.                                            The part-time officers are:
                                                            • Union Chair and Council Member
Voting takes place as follows:                              • Campaigns Co-ordination Officer
 • voting by e-mail (e-voting) takes place between          • Campus Officer
    Monday 20 and Friday 24 February                        • Equal Opportunities Officers (six positions)
 • voting at the ballot box takes place between             • Ethical and Environmental Officer
    Monday 27 February and Thursday 2 March.                • Officer without Portfolio

Who you’re voting for                                      Student Media positions:
You’re voting to choose the students who will be            • smiths Editor
responsible for running the Union and who will              • Wired Station Manager
represent your needs to College and other external                                                                       SU name change? 3
bodies during 2006-2007. There are three categories:       You can see all the ‘job descriptions’ for these
full-time, paid officers called ‘sabbaticals’ who sit      positions on the Goldsmiths College Students’ Union           Dangoor Scholarships 3
on the Executive Committee, and part-time Executive        web site at, or you can get
Committee officers who do the role whilst still            further details from the Union offices.
students. There are also the student media positions,
who run smiths magazine and Wired radio.                   Results
                                                           The election results will be announced from 11am
The full-time, sabbatical officers are:                    on Friday 3 March, in The Stretch and will be reported
 • President                                               in next term’s Student Hallmark.
 • Welfare and Education Officer

Wired back for the Spring
                                                                                                                         Student focus 7
                                                         When the cold weather has you holed up inside
                                                         working on another essay, why not listen to Wired,              New gym update 8
                                                         the Goldsmiths College Students’ Union radio station.
                                                         Wired broadcasts this term from Monday 27 February
                                                         until Friday 24 March and is packed with music,
                                                         interviews and irreverent chat. You can tune in to Wired
                                                         at 101.4FM from anywhere within a 2-3 mile radius of
                                                         the College or visit for the live
                                                         webcast. If you’re interested in contributing ideas or
                                                         opinions, please e-mail Chris, Station Manager, at
                                               , or call 020 7717 2220 when Wired
                                                         is on air (between 9am and midnight).
Aaron Horn (aka Dj AE) prepares for broadcast
             student hallmark | issue 18 | spring term 2006

New print                                SU surveys postgrads
credit system                            The Students’ Union has being asking postgraduate           Dave Charlesworth, SU President, adds “The survey
                                         students for their views. The on-line survey, which         results will impact on the services offered by the
For some time, Computer                  has been jointly funded by the SU and the College,          College as well. We didn’t just ask about the social
Services has been looking at             aims to find out about the sort of services, support,       side of things. We also asked questions about the
reducing, or at least controlling,       facilities, events and advice which postgrads want.         level of academic support postgrads get from their
the amount of printing which                                                                         departments and their tutors, and whether postgrad
takes place in the computer              “The Students’ Union isn’t just for younger                 students feel part of the Goldsmiths community.”
rooms in the RISB (Rutherford            undergraduate students”, says Dan O’Leary, the SU’s
Information Services Building).          Welfare and Education Officer, “it must be open and         Together with the feedback from several focus
A new ‘print credit system’ for          accessible for all students. What we hope the survey        groups, the survey results will be fed back to the
all printing in the RISB has been        will tell us is whether postgraduates want something        Students’ Union, and the College. Watch this space
introduced this term. It gives           different to what we’re offering at the moment.”            for news on what you said!
every user (students and staff)
an allocation of free printing.

                                         National Student Survey — give
Printing beyond that has to be
paid for.

The free allocation of 500 sheets        feedback, give direction
per academic year is intended
to be adequate for reasonable            If you’re a third-year                  and the results will be used to The
coursework needs. On current             undergraduate and you’re                help future students choose             results will only be published
statistics, most of you should           completing your degree this year,       courses that best suit their            if there is a 50% response
find this an adequate level.             it’s likely that you’ll have recently   needs and interests, and will be        rate, so if you want the world
We’ll be reviewing this limit once       received an e-mail asking you           published nationally.                   to know what you think of your
the system has been in place for         to complete an on-line survey,                                                  Goldsmiths’ experience, make
a while.                                 called the National Student             There’s more information about          sure you take part.
                                         Survey (NSS). This is the second        the National Student Survey,
Last session, 3.5 million sheets         year the survey has taken place,        and the survey itself at
of paper were used in the RISB.
Most users have been using the
free printing facility responsibly,
but some haven’t. For example,           006 Presentation Ceremonies                                                   Exam information
last term about a hundred
students printed over 1,000              If you’re a final year                  The 2006 presentation                  After the Easter vacation, you
pages each, and one student              undergraduate, PG Diploma,              ceremonies are from Tuesday            should make sure you collect
even managed to print 5,000              Certificate or PGCE student,            5 to Friday 8 September                a copy of the Examination
pages in just 11 weeks of term!          over the Easter vacation you’ll         and information on which               Information Booklet from your
                                         receive an invitation to one of         programmes are being presented         academic department. There is an
There are special arrangements           the September presentation              on each day will be published          undergraduate version, and one
for students with certain types          ceremonies. The invitation will         shortly. If you have not received      for Masters students.
of disability, since they may well       be sent to your home address.           your invitation by the beginning
need to print significantly more.        Please make sure that the               of the Summer Term, please             The booklet includes all the
                                         Student Records Office in the           contact Joan Doherty in Room 117,      information you need to know
Full details of the new print credit     Registry has your correct home          Main Building (e-mail j.doherty@       about being assessed, and the
system are on the web at www.            address. If you’re an overseas                           relevant College examination              student, and you plan to stay in                                               regulations. It also includes the
a804.php and a printed copy is           the UK over the Easter vacation,        Students currently on Masters          final version of the examination
available from the Computer              please contact Joan Doherty in          programmes will be invited to the      timetable. So, as soon as you
Help Desk.                               the Registry, stating the address       ceremonies held in 2007.               come back after Easter, make
                                         to which your invitation should                                                sure you collect your copy.
Peter Christian,                         be sent.                                Vivien Taibe,
Computer Services                                                                Deputy Academic Registrar
                                                                                                       spring term 2006 | issue 18 | student hallmark           

Students set sights high after receiving Scholarships

Elizabeth Broom, Andrew Cornwell, Denise Roye and Janine Clarke (all BA ED Design and Technology) obtained Dangoor Scholarships

Sixty Goldsmiths students received Dangoor              are named. He said that education had been              our only income. The story of Naim Dangoor
Scholarships at a reception at Goldsmiths in            a lifesaver to his father, who had fled Iraq            is very moving. We need more people like him
December. The £1 million Dangoor Scholarship            in the 1960’s, before settling in the UK and            — hard working, and willing to help others.”
scheme aims to help promising students                  completing his education here.
who have had to overcome financial or family                                                                    Nicky Bywater, studying Textiles, added “The
problems to reach university. The scheme                Some of the Goldsmiths students awarded                 scholarship money amounts to one-sixth of
has benefited 1,000 students at the sixteen             a scholarship explained what a difference it            my grant and loan, so it will really make a
1994 Group universities, with each of them              will make. Emma Baggott studying Drama and              massive difference. I really appreciate the
receiving an award of £1,000.                           Theatre Arts said, “This scholarship feels like         existence of this scheme. Just knowing that
                                                        it’s lifted a massive weight off my shoulders.          our financial worries are acknowledged gives
Special guest at the event was David, son of            I’ve got a little girl and both my boyfriend and        you more freedom and peace of mind.”
Naim Dangoor after whom the Scholarships                I are studying and so our student loans were

What’s in a name?                                                                   Carry on studying
Goldsmiths College has recently          provides unique and distinct               A recent study found that men             staying on at Goldsmiths to take
been going through a rebranding          services such as independent               with postgraduate qualifications          a MA, MPhil/PhD, MSc, MRes or
process (see page 5 for details).        advice. One aspect of the                  typically earn 4.7% more than             PGCE. You already know about
The purpose of this is to make           Union’s rebranding exercise is             those with undergraduate                  Goldsmiths as a place to study,
sure that the College has a strong       going to be deciding on a new              qualifications alone. The                 and you can get a discount on
identity, which reflects all of its      name. So, when you vote at the             difference in earnings for women          tuition fees (the Alumni Discount
academic activities.                     annual SU elections (see page 1),          with or without a postgraduate            Scheme). For more information
                                         you’ll also have the opportunity           qualification is even greater.            about our postgraduate
The Students’ Union (full official       to vote for a new name for the             Those with a postgraduate                 programmes, and how to apply,
name, Goldsmiths College                 Students’ Union.                           qualification can earn on average         pop into the Admissions Office,
Students’ Union) is also going                                                      about 10.4% more than their               Room 115, in the Main Building.
through a rebranding as part             We’ll report back on the result            counterparts who just have an             We’re open from 10am till 4pm,
of the College exercise. The             of your votes in the next issue            undergraduate qualification.              Monday to Friday.
Students’ Union is keen to show          of Student Hallmark, in the
that it is part of the College but       Summer Term.                               So, if you’re coming to the end           Lesley Hewings, Postgraduate
                                                                                    of your undergraduate degree,             Student Recruitment Officer
                                                                                    now’s a great time to think about
             student hallmark | issue 18 | spring term 2006

Environment news                                                                                                         Library survey
A priority campaign update                                                                                               At the end of February, the
The environment is one of the Students’ Union’s                                                                          College Library will be inviting you
priority campaigns this year. Dave Charlesworth, SU                                                                      to take part in an on-line survey,
President says, “Since we launched the campaign                                                                          to assist in measuring the quality
last term, we’ve had an ethical and environmental                                                                        of Library services, based on your
audit carried out at the Students’ Union. This told us                                                                   perceptions and expectations.
what we’re doing well, what we’re doing less well,                                                                       Your responses will provide
and how we can improve.                                                                                                  essential information, and will
                                                               The re-designed recycle bins on St James                  help the Library to provide the
The catering outlets in the Union are now fully                                                                          services you need.
branded to show that we’re selling Cafédirect                  Feed the cows at ‘Moo’ Cross
fair trade products. We will develop a more                    On the subject of recycling, if you pass the corner of    The Library survey will be part
robust environmental policy in the Union, to make              St James’ and New Cross Road regularly, you may           of an international project, in
sure we’re minimising waste as much as possible.               have noticed that the recycle bins there have been        which several hundred academic
A really great improvement has been made, in                   given a makeover — to turn them into ‘cows’. The          libraries are participating
that our glass waste from the Union is now being               idea was a collaboration between Lewisham Council,        worldwide, including over forty
recycled, because we’ve invested in new recycling              an art and design company and a waste container           in the UK and Ireland. This will
bins and collections.”                                         manufacturer. The project is the first of its kind, and   enable the Library to benchmark
                                                               aims to draw attention to the under-used recycling        its services against those of
                                                               site, creating an environment that will encourage         similar libraries.
                                                               people to care for it.
                                                                                                                         You’ll receive an e-mail at the
                                                                                                                         end of February inviting you

Survey students scoop prizes
                                                                                                                         to complete the survey, and
                                                                                                                         directing you to a web page
                                                                                                                         where you’ll find a questionnaire.
Two Goldsmiths students received an early                      (MPhil in Cultural Studies), and Andrew Berekdar          Please take the time to fill this
Christmas present when they each won a laptop                  (BA in Anthropology and Media). “The best thing           in, it will only take about 10-15
computer in a prize draw devised to encourage                  about Goldsmiths is the sense of community and            minutes, and we want as much
participation in last term’s on-line survey for new            the people. It’s all about the people here,” said         input from you, as a user of
students. Four other students received iPods, and              Francisco. Andrew added “the positive thing about         the Library, as possible. And
there were also five prizes of HMV vouchers.                   the survey was that it made me evaluate my own            as a small incentive, everyone
                                                               opinions about the enrolment process. I hadn’t            who completes and submits
The survey asked new students for their feedback on            realised how impressed I was with it”.                    the questionnaire will be able
the College’s admissions, enrolment and induction                                                                        to enter a prize draw. We’ll be
process. It ran for three weeks during October and             The results of the survey are being analysed this         reporting the results of the survey
November and almost 800 students took part. The                term, and we’ll report some of the outcomes to you        in the Autumn Term.
two lucky laptop winners were Francisco Carballo,              in a future issue of Student Hallmark.

Interested in going Somewhere Else?
Design student Nicholas Marsh            journal, a popular magazine                the interesting work happening       If you would like to publish
has co-founded a new on-line             and a weblog. As a collaborative           within Goldsmiths, providing an      your work on Somewhere Else,
magazine called ‘Somewhere               publishing project, it has no              insight into new ideas. It will      please visit the website at www.
Else’, dedicated to supporting           editorial hierarchy; it is edited,         also act as a window to the
and promoting inter-disciplinary         created, and curated by all the            wider, global community,             or get in touch via e-mail at info@
study and work in Goldsmiths.            editors/contributors/curators.             showcasing the eclectic and
                                         ‘Somewhere Else’ is open to                challenging range of new
He told Student Hallmark, “We            everyone at Goldsmiths, past               inter-disciplinary work from
want ‘Somewhere Else’ to be a            and present, students and                  Goldsmiths that doesn’t quite
hybrid between an academic               staff. We want it to reflect all           fit into existing categories.”
                                                                                                                                   spring term 2006 | issue 18 | student hallmark           

Students’ Union reviews how it                                                                                                                            Goldsmiths
makes decisions                                                                                                                                           to have new
This year the Students’ Union is         if it becomes an Act the Union                                         on now may not take effect until          corporate look
starting a review of the way it’s        will have to become a registered                                       the 2008-2009 academic year.
governed. Currently, the Student         charity, be regulated by the                                           And although quite a few of us            We’ve recently been reviewing
Meeting is the highest decision-         Charity Commission, and will                                           who work or study at Goldsmiths           the College’s brand, as part
making body of the SU, and all           have to change its decision-                                           may not be at College then, it’s          of a wider strategic review of
students are able to speak at it,        making structures and processes.                                       important to have a commitment            how Goldsmiths is externally
and put motions forward. But                                                                                    now to changing things for                perceived. Last term we asked
the Student Meeting privileges           Dave Charlesworth, this year’s                                         the better for all students in            you to complete an on-line
the students who are able to             SU President, is keen that a                                           the future.”                              questionnaire, telling us what
attend, and there are all sorts          governance review begins this                                                                                    you thought the Goldsmiths
of reasons why a great many              year. “This isn’t something                                            All students will get their chance        brand meant to you. Your
students can’t come to them.             which can be rushed through”                                           to have input into the governance         comments, and those of our
This means their voices and their        he says. “Reviewing our current                                        review. Make sure you keep                staff and alumni, the Students’
opinions aren’t heard.                   structures — things like the                                           checking the Students’ Union              Union and other stakeholders,
                                         Student Meeting — and how the                                          web site at, for          have been drawn together by
In addition, there is a new              SU is governed will take some                                          progress and updates.                     external consultants into a report.
Charities Bill going through             time if we want to get it right.                                                                                 This has given us clarity and
parliament at the moment —               The changes we start working                                                                                     consensus about the College’s
                                                                                                                                                          mission and values. It articulates
                                                                                                                                                          what is special and particular
                                                                                                                                                          about Goldsmiths. This is very
Filmmaker shares experiences with Screen School                                                                                                           important these days when
                                                                                                                                                          higher education institutions are
There were no spare seats in the Ian Gulland Lecture                                                                                                      operating more and more in a
Theatre on 6 December as Michael Winterbottom,                                                                                                            competitive marketplace.
one of Britain’s most exciting young filmmakers,
took part in a question and answer session with                                                                                                           The second phase of the
an audience of students and staff at the third                                                                                                            rebranding process has been to
annual Olive Till Memorial Debate, organised                                                                                                              develop a new corporate identity
by Screen School (based in the Media and                                                                                                                  for Goldsmiths. At the end of
Communications Department).                                                                                                                               January, lots of you came along
                                                           Photograph by Rebecca Mosimann

                                                                                                                                                          to a display in the Great Hall
Using clips from his films, such as 9 Songs,                                                                                                              to see some ideas for the new
24 Hour Party People, Jude, Welcome to Sarajevo,                                                                                                          Goldsmiths look.
and Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story to
illustrate his talk, Winterbottom revealed that he                                                                                                        The new look will start to appear
likes to use ‘real’ people as extras. He said “I rely                                                                                                     on the College’s publications, the
on other people’s ideas. I hate rehearsals. I like                                                                                                        web pages, and signage around
to keep the element of a lack of control on my                                                                                                            the campus over the next year
sets. I like to shoot quickly. For me, editing is                                           Michael Winterbottom spoke at length about his unique         or so. The process of changing
looking for the interesting bits, rather than the                                           approach to filmmaking                                        to our new look won’t happen
bits that match.”                                                                                                                                         overnight, it’s being managed
                                                                                            training organisation for broadcast and film).                gradually so that the costs are
The event culminated with the presentation of the                                           Named in memory of his mother (Olive Till, a former           kept down. Thanks to everyone
Olive Till Memorial Bursary for the MA in Script                                            secretary in the Sociology Department), the bursary           who participated, by providing us
Writing to student Isobel Casey. The bursary is                                             is aimed to help someone who might not otherwise              with comments and feedback.
awarded annually by Stewart Till, Chair of the UK Film                                      be able to continue their education.
Council and Deputy Chair of Skillset (the national
6             student hallmark | issue 18 | spring term 2006

News from the Accommodation Office
If you’re going to be returning to         Road. Second year students              Housing Week                            The team can also discuss with
College next year, then you may            are offered places across all           Housing Week runs from Monday           you any problems you may be
be thinking now about where                the other halls of residence (up        13 to Friday 17 March. During           having if you’re currently living
you’re going to live. Goldsmiths’          to a maximum of 10% in each             the week, the University of             in private accommodation. If
Accommodation Office, which is             hall). The earlier we receive           London Housing Services team            you’re concerned about what to
based at the Loring Management             your application, the better your       will be coming to Goldsmiths,           do if a flatmate is moving out, or
Centre, in St James, can help.             chance of being allocated a             to talk about private sector            think that you’re heading towards
                                           place in the hall that you want.        accommodation. You’ll be given          deposit deductions, then come
Getting a place in Halls                   The closing date for receipt of         advice on everything from               along and have a chat; they’ll be
Application forms for a place in a         completed application forms             choosing who you live with, to          happy to give advice on anything
hall of residence next academic            is 1pm on Friday 5 May. We will         getting your deposit back when          relating to private sector housing.
year will be available from                continue to accept applications         you move out. The team will also
Monday 24 April (the first day of          after this date, but can’t              give advice on how to inspect           For further information about
the Summer Term). Places are               guarantee you a place in a hall,        a property, and negotiate a             events in Housing Week, check
allocated on a first come, first           so make sure that you return your       better deal. You can see what           the Accommodation Office web
served basis, so it’s a good idea          form as quickly as possible.            else the team does, by visiting         site at
to collect your form and return                                                    their web site, which is at www.        accommodation/today.html.
it quickly. The forms will be              Please note, if you’ve previously Full details
available from reception in the            had a place in a hall of residence,     of the talk by the University           Jenny Willson,
Loring Management Centre,                  and have either been issued with        of London Housing Services              Accommodation Services
from 10am.                                 a conduct warning, or haven’t           team will be announced on the           Manager
                                           paid your hall fees on time, you        Accommodation Office web site,
Final year undergraduates are              can’t be considered for a place in      but it’s likely to be on Wednesday
normally offered a place in                a hall of residence.                    15 March, at lunchtime.
Batavia Mews, on New Cross

Graduating soon?
Whatever your plans are when you leave                  Plenty of graduates pursue self employment,           our online vacancy services, Goldsmiths
Goldsmiths, one thing’s for sure, as the                or work freelance, common in areas such               JobShop (for part-time or temporary work) and
graduate job market becomes more crowded,               as performing arts and the media. If taking           Goldsmiths JobOnline (for full-time jobs), or to
the more you can do now to prepare yourself             this career path, your ability to conduct an          browse our vacancy boards.
for getting the job you want, the better.               impressive self-marketing campaign becomes
                                                        key. Do you know how to approach this?                A comprehensive guide to the events and
The skills that graduates acquire during their                                                                workshops we organise are on the Careers
studies are highly valued by employers.                 If any of these questions strike a chord              Service web site, which is at www.goldsmiths.
This is great news, but are you aware what              with you, pop into the Careers Service at   
these skills are, and can you present them              Goldsmiths as soon as possible. You are
effectively on a CV or application form?                welcome to drop by with a quick query                 Whatever suits you, we are always pleased
                                                        (Monday to Thursday between 2 to 4.30pm),             to hear from you to discuss any additional
Graduate employment figures show a rise                 perhaps to discuss your options and what              ways that we might support you in your career
in the number of graduates who applied for              you could be doing now to improve your job            planning. Please contact us on 020 7919 7137
postgraduate study. If this is something which          prospects. Try our information library which          or come and see us at 32 Lewisham Way.
you’re considering, are you clear whether it            stocks books on how to get into various
will enhance your prospects, or are you better          industries, employer contact details, industry
off getting industry work experience?                   press and CV and interview guidelines. You            Diana Omololu and Emily Huns,
                                                        might also like to search vacancies through           Careers Advisers
                                                                                                      spring term 2006 | issue 18 | student hallmark               

Omar (Politics), Nina (Sociology), and Daniel (Politics) relaxing in the Green Room     Alex (English and Drama) and Seb (Music) in the Green Room

                                                              Student Hallmark photographer,
                                                              David Radford, met students
Victoria (Psychology) chilling out at coffee time             around College, in February

                                                                                                                         Isha and Natalie (both Social Work) at
                                                                                                                         lunch time

                                                                                                          Emkay, Izzy and Shayed (all Computer Science) couldn’t
Kwame, Kay and Mase (all Computer Science) look forward to their appearance in Student Hallmark           enter the Students’ Union without striking a pose!

The new gym at Goldsmiths — an update
The new College gym, ‘Club Pulse at Goldsmiths’, will be opening over           this summer, you’ll still be able to join the gym, at a special alumni rate
the course of this Summer, in time for the academic session 2006-2007.          of £25 per month.
This is slightly later than we’d originally hoped, but the success of
ongoing contract negotiations between the Students’ Union and College,          Club Pulse at Goldsmiths will be open seven days a week. The opening
with Pulse Fitness (the gym operator) to ensure the best possible deal          hours are still to be confirmed but are likely to be from 7.30am to
for Goldsmiths’ students and staff has meant this small delay was               9.30pm Monday to Thursday, 7.30am to 8.30pm on Fridays, and from
well worthwhile.                                                                9am to 4.30pm at the weekends. It will close when the College closes for
                                                                                bank holidays, and for the closure periods around Easter and Christmas.
Details about how to join will be advertised during the Summer Term.
Monthly membership for students will cost £15, and you won’t be tied            Watch out for further news and details on the range of equipment,
into an annual membership package like you are with some fitness                services and classes.
clubs and gyms. There’ll also be some great deals and offers to
encourage you to sign up. Even if you’re graduating from Goldsmiths

The Millennium Volunteers scheme                                                                           Term dates
The Students’ Union has launched its                  or working with a community organisation.            The standard term dates for the remainder
Millennium Volunteers scheme in partnership           Once you’ve built up 100 hours of volunteering       of this academic year are as follows:
with Lewisham College. If you are under 25            under the scheme, you get a Millennium
and you already volunteer regularly, either           Award certificate. There is no time limit on         Spring Term: 9 January to 24 March 2006
with the Students’ Union, or with a local             completing your hours and you can continue           Summer Term: 24 April to 16 June 2006
community organisation, you can have your             to build on your existing volunteering hours
volunteering accredited. This will boost your         once you have left Goldsmiths.
CV that bit more, and help you to develop                                                                  Easter closure
some valuable skills in the process.                  If you would like to register as a Millennium        The College will close for Easter at 5pm
                                                      Volunteer, or find about more about the              on Wednesday 12 April, and re-open on
As a Millennium Volunteer you could be:               scheme, please contact Katie Lyons in the            Wednesday 19 April.
running a sports club or society; working on          Students’ Union, on 020 8692 1406 or e-mail
smiths or Wired; holding a position on the                                    A detailed guide to Easter closure will be
Students’ Union Executive Committee or the                                                                 published on closer to
NUS; volunteering on one of GCSU’s schemes;                                                                the time.

Editorial information
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Printed by the Reprographic Unit, ext 7142, e-mail

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