Creative Ideas for Learning abou by fjhuangjun


									        Creative Ideas for Learning about Japan
     From National Award Winning Teacher Brian Freeman

              Classroom Activities Suitable for K-6
You can immerse students in the Japanese culture with the following simple
    Holding a tea ceremony
    Creating a rock garden
    Painting with watercolors
    Making the red and white Japanese flag
    Creating a diorama of land features
    Designing your own Han chi Maki (headband)
    Read Japanese folktales like The One Inch Boy and dramatize the
       folktales. Create a Japanese Treasure Chest that can be loaned to other
       classrooms. The chest will serve as a mini-museum that will house
       souvenirs, pictures and artifacts about Japan.

                Get Your Whole School Involved!
                Integrated School-wide Activities
Media/Technology and Academically Gifted Teachers:
    Study Japanese Festivals and Celebrations. Take a closer look at
     special events like: Shichi go san (Honorable 7-5-3-Nov 15) O Sho
     Gatsu (New Year-Jan 1), Setsubun (Bean Throwing Day-Feb 2), Hina
     Matsuri (Doll Festival-March 3), Kodomo No Hi (Children’s Day-
     May 5).

Art Class:
   Plan activities that will instill in our American children the old ways
     of ancient Japan and their deep appreciation of beauty, art and nature.

    The art gallery of your school can become a Toko no ma, a beautiful
     spot that children select beautiful things to be displayed and will have
     the opportunity to discuss and appreciate them.

    Students can study famous Japanese artists like Hiroshige and
    Student artists can create Washi Paper Fans, Paper Murals, Origami
     Projects, a Paper Kabuto (Helmet), Kesekae Ningyo (Paper Dolls) and
     Ceramic Tea bowls.

    Students can learn Japanese language expressions through Romaji,
     Kanji and Kana. Students can have the unique opportunity to make
     scroll books (e maki) using horizontal writing and Japanese symbols.

Physical and Health Education:

    Students can learn: Jan Ken Po (Paper, Stone Scissors), Kutso (Shoe),
     Ish Ka ri Ken Pa (Hopscotch), Ken Da Ma (Japanese Yo-Yo) and O
     Te Da Ma (Bean Bags).

Music Class:
   Students can listen to different Japanese styles of music as well as
     make a Taiko Drum.

    They can scarf dance as well.

Food Services:

      It is a Japanese culture to honor food. Students will learn that rice is
       precious and that every grain in used in Japanese culture.

      Rice images are used in a variety of Japanese literature, art, dance,
       and music. The food services staff can help to prepare O Nigiri (rice
       balls), Ramen/Soba noodles and Chocolate covered pretzels.

      Encourage students to use chopsticks.

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