Year 8 Reading - Homework Project STONE COLD by Robert Swindells by csgirla


Year 8 Reading - Homework Project STONE COLD by Robert Swindells

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									                             Year 8 Reading - Homework Project

                             STONE COLD by Robert Swindells

There are 3 tasks to this homework project.

Stone Cold is about Link, a 16 year old boy who has no alternative but to leave home and live
on the streets of London. He feels an invisible outcast until he meets Ginger and his life
becomes more bearable. Ginger teaches him the tricks of survival on the streets. But when
Ginger goes missing, Link feels a sickening sense of foreboding. The story is dual narrated
by Link and Shelter who turns out to be a murdering maniac who is obsessed with clearing
the streets of homeless people.

You will be given a hard copy of the extract you are to concentrate on. It is from page 94 –
97 of the novel and also on this homework site.

Task One
There are 8 questions below which should be answered in full sentences.

   1     Make 2 columns and head them Link and Shelter. In each column write down how
         the two characters change in this scene.

   2     Describe Shelter’s house.

   3     What went through Link’s mind when he, ‘surveyed the room’?

   4     What does ‘complacent’ mean and write a sentence to show its correct use?

   5     In your own words describe how Link felt after he spotted the watch on the

   6     What makes the scene so scary? (Language is important here)

   7     What has Shelter been up to?

   8     How does Swindells build up tension and suspense in this extract?

Task Two

Shelter suffers from a form of mental illness. Mental health problems are very
misunderstood. There are thousands of people living perfectly normal lives who are disabled
through some form of mental illness.

The term ‘mental health problem’ is used to describe a whole range of difficulties, from
everyday stresses and bereavement, phobias and anxiety disorders, to the more acute
forms of depression, and illnesses such as schizophrenia.

Your task is to research ONE mental health problem mentioned below:

Stresses and bereavement          Phobias and anxiety disorders            Depression

You should write about what you have learned IN YOUR OWN WORDS in a full page
summary. You must state where you obtained your information. This is called a
Task Three
Imagine you are either Link or Shelter after the police have broken up the fight in Shelter’s
house. Write the statement that either character would give to the police about the events
that took place. This should be approximately 250 words and written in the style of a police
report. That is, factual with a clear and precise explanation of events.

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