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                                "'Wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you
                                desire can compare with her'. You can store your business
                                wisdom in your computer systems, below is an example;
                                codenamed Exonet.

                   Our favourites
                                        - Play your personal music library from any
                   Internet connected computer.

                                              - Ethically produce your own biodiesel at
                   incredible prices using reclaimed vegetable oil.

                   www.backpackit.com   - Organise your business and share information with
                   your team.
                   Featured Article
                   Terrabase recently presented the Exonet exotic fuels retailer network
                   concept to; the bio-fuel producers of Wales, DEFRA and various
                   industry bodies at the invite of the Welsh Assembly Government. Many
                   thanks to them and the Cardiff Hilton for their hospitality.

                   The Exonet is a way to accumulate the wisdom and expertise of the
                   exotic fuel producers into an Internet based computer system so that
                   the whole market can operate as smoothly as possible.

                   What does this mean in reality?

                   Well, here's an example, the production of biodiesel creates an
                   abundance of 'waste' plastic from the containers the oil is shipped
                   around in. Many producers do not know there are companies who will
                   take that waste plastic from them as a raw material for other
                   production processes. The Exonet, however, does know this, so once a
                   delivery of oil comes in, the companies who want plastic are instantly
                   notified. Without further ado, the biodiesel producer has a buyer for
                   their waste plastic.

                   This kind of knowledge is stored by the system so that the people
                   involved in the various parts do not need to keep up with the best
                   ways of dealing with the issues. The system is self-tuning, so as new
                   innovations come along they can be programmed into it and everyone
                   signed up to the network benefits.

                   With the right funding we hope to see Exonet implemented across the
                   UK, linking together retailers, fuel producers, waste processors, waste
                   oil producers etc. We will also apply an independently assessed quality
                   and ethical standard so customers know the fuel will work well in their

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                   vehicles and is sourced in such a way as to minimise harm to people
                   and the environment.

                   Is there expertise in your organisation that is not currently
                   incorporated in your computer systems? Are your computer systems
                   ad hoc, fragile or frustrating? Let us know and we'll come and do a free

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