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					                 EMS ADVISORY BOARD MEETING


                             November 13, 2007

                              Meeting Minutes

  Meeting was called to order at 0930.

1. Roll Call.
  Dr. Grigg, Flagler County Fire Rescue Medical Director, Interim Chair
  Glenn Torre, Layman
  Michael Bazanos, Flagler County Fire Rescue Operations Chief
  Don Petito, Flagler County Fire Rescue Chief
  Jim Caggiano, EMT-Non Fire
  Nancy Bakewell, Florida Hospital Flagler Emergency Department RN
  Nate McCollum, Director, Emergency Services
  Lenny Ensalaco, Flagler County Fire Rescue Training Officer
  Mike Blank, Paramedic, Flagler County Fire Rescue
  Susanne Evans, Flagler County Fire Rescue Staff Assistant IV

2. Approval of the minutes from the September 10, 2007 meeting.
  Dr. Grigg asked for a motion to accept the minutes. Don Petito made a motion to
  accept the minutes of the September 10, 2007 meeting. Mike Bazanos seconded
  the motion.
3. Introduction of new Director of Nursing at Florida Hospital Flagler and the
   new Medical Director of Florida Hospital of Flagler.
  Dr. Grigg introduced Nancy Bakewell to the EMS Advisory Board. Nancy is filling
  the Director of Nursing position. The new Medical Director, Dr. Coleman, was
  unable to attend the meeting.

4. Discussion of the Cardio Rule Hearing Notice 59A-3 from the Department
   of Health – Nate McCollum.
  Nate explained the Cardio Rule Hearing Notice 59A-3 from the Department of
  Health to the Board. Spoke on the difference of Level One and Level Two. Nance
  stated that Florida Hospital Flagler (FHF) will be applying for a Level one and
  Nate explained to her that if they are approved for the Level One Flagler County
  Fire Rescue will not be able to accommodate the 60 minute door to door contact.
  Issue will be readdressed if and when FHF is approved at a level one.
     5. Old Business.
                 A. Costs for American Heart Association classes. – Chief
                 Chief Bazanos spoke on the costs of the AHA classes that Flagler
                 County Fire Rescue offers. Please see Attachment 1 for costs.

     6. New Business:
                 A. Hand out of the EMS Advisory Board meeting dates for 2008.
                 See Attachment 2 for meeting dates.
                 B. MCI Drill.
                  Dr. Grigg asked Chief Petito to speak on the MCI Drill. Don
                  informed the Board the Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) will be on
                  Wednesday, November 14, 2007 at approximately 0930. There will
                  be 27-30 injuries of all types. Final stages of preparation are going
                  on as we speak.

B.     r. Grigg asked Don Petito to speak on the MCI Drill.
                    Don informed
     7. Next Meeting – January 14, 2008.
       The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 14, 2008 at 9:30AM in
       the EOC.

     8. Adjournment.
       Dr. Grigg made a motion to adjourn the meeting and the motion was
       seconded by Mike Bazanos. Meeting adjourned at 0945.