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					                            AIRPORT ADVISORY BOARD
                                MEETING MINUTES

                                     Airport Lobby
                               March 13, 2008 - 4:00 p.m.

MEMBERS PRESENT:         Mr. John Mott (Chairman), Mr. Tom Kane, Mr. Bert Koehler, and
Mr. Angelo Speno.
MEMBERS ABSENT:          Mr. Charlie Faulkner (alternate member), Mr. Tripp Wacker
STAFF PRESENT:           Mr. Jack Thompson, Mr. Dan McIntire, Ms. Julie Deily, Ms.
Nancy Errett.
OTHERS PRESENT:          Mr. & Mrs. Nick Frankovich (Tenant), Mr. Max Karner, Mr. Ken
Powell (Palm Coast Holdings).

1. After the Pledge of Allegiance, Chairman Mott called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.

2. The February 14, 2008 minutes were reviewed and approved.

3. Chairman Mott commented that Highjackers Restaurant repainted sign with good
   results; also noted that sign position was changed because new road was put in. Hope
   any upcoming sign changes will be better coordinated. Mr. Thompson noted that
   restaurant owner said more improvements will be made after permits obtained.
   Chairman Mott said new tenants of west-end construction will need signage; Mr.
   Thompson said there is monument sign on Old Moody Blvd built by contractor that will
   be purchased by Airport. Will use same plans for Airport tenant sign to be located on
   property and include directional arrows.

4. Mr. Thompson introduced newest Airport Attendant, Mr. Pete Celestino, and notified
Board of Mr. Alan Turton’s move to a part-time position pending his full retirement in
several months. Mr. Thompson then updated attendees on the following:

 •   Project Update
     o Environmental Assessment project is going well. Met with FAA two weeks ago.
     Archeological study going to organizations for review. Mitigation field work is done with
     scoring on-going. Small portion of 1000-acre offsite mitigation to be used for Taxiway
     E extenstion.
     o Taxiway E permit meeting scheduled for Monday, March 17th. Should be two
     weeks to completion of permit application. May get comments back but shouldn’t be
     any major issues. County permit should also be forthcoming soon.
     o Recent site visit for Air Traffic Control Tower by St. John’s River Water
     Management District went well. Request for additional information being handled by
     consultant but nothing major. Will use haul road for temporary construction road once
                        AAB Minutes – March 13, 2008 – Page 2

     work begins. Still anticipate April 1st bid advertisement in Demandstar and local
     newspaper. Bid will be awarded per County Purchasing guidelines, State of Florida
     statutes and will be to lowest bidder unless Purchasing determines otherwise.
     Question from Mr. Koehler on how many contractors may bid; per Mr. Thompson,
     should be 3-4 majors. Mr. Kane asked about two week gap between Board approval
     and contract award; this will give contractor prep time. Follow-up from Mr. Kane
     concerning construction cranes; work will be during day and all cranes will be lit and
     flagged with necessary NOTAMs issued.
 •   Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF)
     o     Copy of letter to FAA provided requesting approval to use 118.950 MHz for
     CTAF when tower is not open. Daytona Beach ATC is on board and FTC supports the
     idea. Once approved by FAA, frequency will be published in AFD. Hopefully approved
     this summer so when tower opens already using right frequency (already have
     license). Will follow up with phone call in two weeks.
 •   Golf Tournament Preparations
     o     Anticipate smooth sailing during tournament March 23-30. No blimp coverage but
     will be on Golf Channel. Center runway will be open for overflow parking. Sunday was
     busy last year and anticipate it may be same this year. Charter is leaving from
     Daytona for golfers to go to next tourney on Sunday so traffic may be low. Airport prep
     work includes cleaning up fuel farm; have primed tanks and will paint later. Fuel
     vendor will reimburse paint cost.
 •   Rules and Regulations
     o Rules have been adopted as ordinance at last County Board meeting with
         Minimum Standards approved. Both are posted on Airport website.
 •   Fuel Sales
     o February fuel sales were up for both Avgas and Jet A with continuing increases
     seen so far this month. Golf tournament may help.

5. Tenant Issues
   Mr. Frankovich asked about plans for maintenance on older blue T-hangars. Mr.
   Thompson noted receipt of quote for $21,000 to paint but will be done by airport
   manpower for much less. Plan to use same tan/white trim paint scheme as other
   buildings. Chairman Mott noted that FBO restrooms could also use some maintenance.
   Mr. Thompson outlined some planned changes for FBO, including installation of display
   counter to sell hats, charts, basic pilot supplies.

6. Questions/Comments/New Business:
  • Mr. Thompson mentioned new overhead street sign for Aviation Drive brought about by
    cooperation between County Engineering and City of Palm Coast; should be done in two
  • Embry Riddle’s Arnold Aviation Society is planning fly-in breakfast for April 5th that would
    be open to public. Advisory Board moved to show their support of event.

 7. With no further discussion, Chairman adjourned meeting at 5:00 p.m.

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