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What’s SMS2.0 ?

     An upgrade over the standard SMS.
A non intrusive media opportunity on mobile.
Eyeball assured and engaged user interaction.

        SMS2.0 is an upgrade to the regular SMS
      application, which is accessed each time the
           user decides to SMS on his phone
      It’s a much better user experience and
               hence users love it 
SMS2.0 - What’s in it for the user ?

    SMS2.0 replaces the existing default SMS application on the handset, and thus all
   the upgrade features are accessed by the user each time he send/receives an SMS

                                         Enjoy the personalized SMS experience
                                         •Message in color
     Improved Core Messaging             •Fun emoticons
                                         •Personalized Signature

                                         Discover the best of content within SMS
                                         •Free Sports updates, Movie gossip, News etc, all delivered basis your interest
            Free Content                 • Like any successful media, 70-75% of all user interactions are with content of his

                                         Access to superior messaging features via SMS2.0
        Enhanced Messaging               • Many unique features are offered to users through Secret SMS, Scheduled SMS,
                                         Easy Search Features
SMS2.0 - User Experience: Content

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  SMS2.0 resides as the   The banner stays while         While message is being      Full Screen Message
  default SMS. This       message is being               sent, the banner blows      has Interactivity Options
  makes it simple to      composed without               up into full screen. This   – This can lead to
  discover unlike         interfering with the SMS       full screen could have a    transactions for both
  traditional mobile      in any manner                  contextual ad integrated    content & advertising.
  applications                                           in it

SMS2.0 - User Experience: Advertising

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 SMS2.0 window             Ad banner stays when   While message is being          Full Screen Message with
 showing contextual ad.    message is being       sent, teaser blows up           interactivity Options. These
 This is targeted to the   composed               into full screen giving         could include:
 user’s demographic                               the entire screen area to   •        Click to Call
 profile (gender, age,                            the advertiser to
 location) and content                            communicate with the        •        Click to SMS
 interest areas.                                  user                        •        Go to WAP page
                                                                              •        Add to contact
                                                                              •        Read more information
Advertiser Proposition
 What makes SMS2.0 ‘RITE’ for advertisers ?

                                                 Multiple Interactivities
   Large Reach                                Click to Call, SMS, WAP etc.

  Rich Targeting                                 Rich Media & Value
   Age, Gender,                                     Environment
Interests, Handset
Get Smart, Be the First, Take the Lead With Targeted Advertising

       SMS2.0 offers direct access to HIGH value users with data plans
        and high end handset types. With unparalleled targeting ability
                             and rich interactivity!

                Demographic Targeting

                • Age range
                • Gender

                Interest Areas

                • Over 8 interest categories:
                  • News, Business & Finance, LifeStyle, Sports,
                    Infotech, Fun & Games, Entertainment, Music

                Handset Type

                • Broad categories of phones such as smart phones,
                  Java supported, large screens etc.
User Profile & Targeting Ability


             Gender/Age                                   Category
             breakup                                      subscription

40.00%                                   Male
         15 - 20   20 - 30   30 - 40   > 40
Subscribers on Telkomsel Product Type
Current information as at January 2010

                         Profile of Subscriber SMS 2.0
                             kartuHALO/       KartuHALO
                               simPATI           13%

                                                          Kartu As

                             KartuHALO       Kartu As
 Campaign Reporting Features

                                                       Age Distribution of users who clicked
                                                                                     < 15
                 Teaser                                                              15 - 20
                                                                                     21 - 30
                  Interactivity                                                      31 - 40
                  Click Options                                                      > 40
Interest Distribution of
users who clicked
                                  •   Impression Statistics        •     Profile information
50                                     •   Daily Distribution             •   Age range preference
                                       •   Weekly Distribution            •   Gender preference
                                  •   Click-through Statistics            •   Interest Area preference
 0                                     •   On Teaser
                                       •   On FullScreen (each option)
Interactive Menu Options
  Examples of how advertisers can drive INTERACTIVITY
         and direct response from customers!
 Generate Instant Leads

Option: Call Now

                                                                   This call will be
                                                                   charged 1000Rp. Do
                                                                   you wish to continue?

   •   Advantages – Capture user impulse and generate concrete leads for sale
   •   Target Advertisers – Any High Involvement purchase or delivery based
       Impulse Purchase - Restaurant, Automobiles, Financial Services
Build Sustained Value

Option : Add to Contacts

   •   Advantages – SMS2.0 Interactivity much beyond the campaign period
   •   Target Advertisers – Any High Involvement purchase or delivery based
       Impulse Purchase - Restaurant, Mobile Services, Automobiles, Financial
Stay Close to The Consumer

Option: Add to Calendar

   •   Advantages – Creating appointments & Reminders
   •   Target Advertisers – Any appointment driven service – TV
       Program, Movie, Product Launch, Event
The Go Live Cycle

Affle will provide the creative

  The Affle Sales team
                               Once creatives are
     will work with
                              received , Affle will
    agencies to plan
 campaigns and design
                             upload them into the     GO LIVE!
                                system with the
   them to maximize
   SMS2.0 capabilities
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