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Web Site Development Singapore


Zeatech specializes in providing technology-based solutions for the rapid development of mission critical applications, consulting / contract services, manpower resources, system integration, Internet & intranet development and networking.etc..

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									                         Web Site Development Singapore

Zeatech specializes in providing professional website development singapore, designing and
maintenances services. Our team of creative web designers and skilled developers work upon mini
projects like Logo or banner designs to advanced portal developments. Zeatech has the required
resources, technical and business knowledge to design and develop websites of any complexity. We
follow the latest trends in the market and use the latest technologies to develop the front end and
back end features – web development singapore

Any web and graphics design work should be rich in content, informative, have attractive layout,
easily navigable in short simple at the same time attractive. Web sites have become the most
popular way of marketing your company through the World Wide Web at affordable rates. The kind
of reach obtained in a web site is not comparable to any other medium which is the reason why
more and more companies are putting their sites on the web.

Top quality professional website design is what sets Zeatech apart from other web design firms.
First impressions are as important online as they are offline. A key element that will let your visitors
know that your organization is professional is the design of your site. Custom web design will set
your web presence apart from the crowd.

Zeatech has substantial experience in Web Site Designing Singapore. We have designed sites for
clients in Transportation, Energy, Education, Community based Organizations, Real Estate, Law,
Banking, Government, etc...

  * Web Design Services: Website Visualization
  * Website Conceptualization
  * HTML Coding
  * Graphic Designing
  * Flash Intros & Presentations
  * Animations
  * Java Scripting
  * Audio & Video Integration

Web Design Expertise:

Web designers at Zeatech rely on latest Website designing techniques including multimedia, graphic
tools, precise software development standards and an exacting PMM (project management
methodology) to ensure great functionality and stunning effects. We ensure that the websites are
designed as per the W3C standards, Search Engine Friendly, etc.

   * We stay abreast of the latest technical developments. Our expertise in Website designing
includes: Adobe Flash CS3
   * Adobe Photoshop CS3
   * Adobe Director
   * Adobe Illustrator
   * Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
   * Adobe Premier
   * Adobe Acrobat 8
   * Gif Animator
   * Java Applets
  * Real Audio, Real Video, MPEG & Avi
  * Sound Edit/ Sound Forge
  * Microsoft Front Page
  * Java Scripts
  * Cascading Style Sheets (CSS2).

For more information about the web development singapore or website development singapore
please visit to our website

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