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									What is the ESL Program?                                          No ESL monies are used to fund
The ESL program balances the impacts of                            the daily operations of County
future growth while buffering sensitive areas                    Government. Funds are strictly for
from development. The program began in 1988 with a               acquisition and land management.
vision to acquire water protection areas, wildlife habitats,
and recreation areas for Flagler County families to enjoy.
For 20 years, Flagler County citizens have approved taxing
themselves to fund the program. These funds have been
                                                               What are the Benefits?
used to acquire park land in Flagler County including:         As the rate of growth continues to increase,
• Princess Place Preserve in Palm Coast (1,500 acres)          many of the county’s most precious places are
• Bing’s Landing in The Hammock (7 acres)                      disappearing. As our population continues to
• Linear Park in Palm Coast (56 acres)                         grow, so will the need for more roads, police, fire,
• Haw Creek Preserve in Western Flagler (1,015 acres)          emergency medical services, libraries, drainage
• Betty Steflik Preserve in Flagler Beach (323 acres)           systems, drinking water and the other infrastructure
• Long’s Landing in Palm Coast (9 acres)                       needed to support large populations. Protecting
• River to Sea Preserve in Marineland (90 acres)               environmentally sensitive lands helps balance the
                                                               impact of future growth while buffering sensitive

             Did You Know?                                     areas from development. Environmentally sensitive
                                                               lands perform free services for us, including flood
  Since it started 20 years ago, the ESL                       control, filtering our water resources, recharging our
                                                               aquifer, cleaning our air, and providing open spaces
    program has converted over 4,200                           and recreational opportunities. Without protecting
 acres from private into public ownership.                     environmentally sensitive lands these services cost
                                                               much more.

   Did You Know?
• Almost every ESL purchase has served
  to protect clean water and water
  resources in Flagler County.

• Flagler County has more than DOUBLED
  every dollar spent on purchases by
  securing funding from outside sources.

• The majority of Flagler County’s park
  lands were purchased using funds from
  the ESL program.

• Through funding of the ESL program,
  Flagler County citizens have created a
                                                  The Lodge at Princess Place Preserve
                                                  The Lodge at Princess Place Preserve
  legacy that continues to provide a high
  quality of life today.

                                 What Will The Ballot Say?
                              To continue to acquire and improve land to protect drinking water sources,
                              preserve wildlife habitat and environmentally sensitive lands, reduce risk
                              of wildfires, improve water quality of lakes, streams and the Intracoastal
                              Waterway, and seek matching funds, shall Flagler County be authorized to
                              levy 0.25 mill ad valorem tax for twenty years and issue bonds not exceeding
                              $40 Million at interest rates not exceeding the legal maximum, subject to an
                              annual independent audit?
                              _______ Yes = For Ad Valorem Levy and Bonds
                              _______ No = Against Ad Valorem Levy and Bonds
                                  This is the last item on the ballot, so please
                                   remember to flip your ballot over and vote!
How Are Funds Used?                                                             How Much Is It?
Funds are used to acquire:
• Recreation areas including trails, water access, beach front                  Citizens will authorize the County
   property, and picnic areas                                                   Commission to levy a 0.25 mill ad
• Habitat for threatened and endangered species                                 valorem tax for 20 years. This equates
• Water protection areas which help prevent flooding and improve                 to 10 cents a day or $3.13 per month
   drinking water                                                               for the average homeowner with
• Preservation of historic sites                                                a $200,000 assessed value and
                                                                                $50,000 homestead exemption.
 Up to 10% of the funds are eligible to be used for wildfire hazard reduction,
 habitat enhancement, and public access improvements.

This publication is intended for educational purposes only. The Flagler County Board of County         Printed on
     Commissioners does not recommend approval or disapproval of this ballot initiative.             recycled paper

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