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					                            AIRPORT ADVISORY BOARD
                                MEETING MINUTES

                                    Airport Lobby
                             January 10, 2008 - 4:00 p.m.

MEMBERS PRESENT:           Mr. John Mott (Chairman), Mr. Tom Kane, Mr. Bert Koehler, Mr.
Angelo Speno, and Mr. Tripp Wacker (Vice-Chairman).
MEMBERS ABSENT:            Mr. Charlie Faulkner (alternate member).
STAFF PRESENT:             Mr. Jack Thompson, Mr. Dan McIntire, Ms. Julie Deily, Ms.
Nancy Errett.
OTHERS PRESENT:            Mr. Frank Ayers (Tenant); Mr. & Mrs. Nick Frankovich (Flagler
Aircraft Service); Mr. Cary Green (Avia Aero Services); Mr. Paul Halberg (Tenant); Mr.
Wayne Jackson (Tenant); Mr. Chris Kokai, Mr. Patrick Murphy, Mr. Russ Seliga (CAPT).

1. After the Pledge of Allegiance, Chairman Mott called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.

2. The December 13, 2007 minutes were reviewed and approved.

3. Chairman Mott commented that the new lobby furniture looked good and suggested
   donating the old furniture to the Airport’s former Director.

4. Mr. Thompson updated attendees on the following:

 •   Project Update
     o Environmental Assessment project is 16 months from completion with “small” EA
     for control tower ready in February. With FAA approval of progress so far, a FONSI is
     expected. First draft of entire EA is scheduled to go to FAA in May. Will hold follow-up
     meeting with FAA and FDOT in February. Consultant DMJM Aviation will conduct
     feasibility study on off-site mitigation area pending approval by Board at January 22nd
     meeting. Study will cost approx. $24,000 and determine if 1000-acre site located at
     headwaters of Bulow Creek that was recently donated to Flagler County can be used
     for Airport mitigation. Kudos to County Planner Tim Telfer for proposal to use this site
     for Airport and other County mitigation.
     o FAA grant pre-application for Taxiway E funding will be completed next week.
     Plans are ready pending permitting as well as approval of off-site mitigation (see
     o Air Traffic Control Tower plans should be ready in two weeks. Have discussed
     bid procedures with County Purchasing director. Project bid will be significant with 4-
     volume specifications and 60-day bid period instead of usual 30. Tentative schedule is
     for plans available for vendor review by April 1st, bid opening in May, on Board agenda
     for approval by June. Still looking at project completion in Spring 2009. Chairman Mott
     asked how many contractors might submit bid. Mr. Thompson said based on project
                      AAB Minutes – January 10, 2008 – Page 2

     complexity and cost, should be 3 or 4. Mr. Kane wanted to know if contractor would be
     under time restriction. Per Mr. Thompson, specs will outline schedule as well as
     penalties for not meeting same. Subject of switching to tower frequency now instead
     of waiting for tower to open was raised by Mr. Wacker. Mr. Thompson is meeting with
     subject matter expert next week to discuss. Still haven’t heard back from FDOT on
     proposal. FDOT is already requesting airports move their frequencies to lesser-used
     channels so while an early move like this hasn’t been done before it’s still a good idea
     according to SME.
 •   Fuel Sales
     o December fuel sales were still slow. Several “large user” aircraft were not here
     which probably contributed. Prices, which are based on cost of current inventory not
     fluctuating market prices, are comparable with most area airports.

5. Tenant Issues
   o Mr. Frankovich noted a recent increase in traffic and thought it might help fuel sales.
   o Mr. Ayers stated that FCA fuel prices were an issue he wanted to discuss. Per an
      outline sent to Mr. Thompson, he suggested using business-based practices to bring
      back customers and halt fuel sales decline. Proposed discounting self-serve fuel on
      weekends only to cater to weekend flyers, such as himself, for possible 3-month period
      to determine if feasible. Mr. Wacker noted that sales volume necessary to offset lower
      price would need to be looked at closely in order not to lose money.
   o Due to inquiry to Federal government about international students, Mr. Patrick Murphy
      of CAPT wished to discuss arrival of Chinese students for their training program. Sixty
      students have already arrived with 30 more coming soon. Every student is already a
      college graduate and has a job with Chinese airline; employer is paying $70,000 cost of
      CAPT program. Before arrival, each student has records vetted by Immigration, foreign
      consulate and TSA. CAPT also requests additional review by FBI. One to two month
      long English lessons required in both general language and aviation vernacular. First
      group begins flying this month; Mr. Murphy asked to be advised of any problems.
      Impact on local economy was noted because of food, housing, transportation needs of
      students. Additional full-time employees have also been hired by CAPT; have staff of 35
      now with 10-15 more expected to be hired. Mr. Frankovich applauded Mr. Murphy’s
      report saying it was good news all around.

6. Questions/Comments/New Business:
  • Chairman Mott asked for update on hangar construction on west end of airport; Mr.
    Thompson reported that hangar door have been installed, finish work on exterior is being
    done, ¼ of roof completed. Anticipating occupation of commercial portion by end of

 7. With no further discussion, Chairman adjourned meeting at 5:05 p.m.

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