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1. Which industrialist began his career as an attendant for Shell gas in
Aden?: Dhirubhai Ambani
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2. Which of Steven Spielberg's movies is based on a Booker prize winning
novel that was criticized for being more of a historical account than a
piece of fiction?: Schindler's List
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3. Father McKenzie is a character featured in which famous Beatles song?:
Eleanor Rigby
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4. Which of Motown's artists described by Bob Dylan as America's greatest
living poet went on to become the record company's Vice President?:
Smokey Robinson
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5. In fiction, which family stays at Bedrock?: Flintstones
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6. Which type of US Navy spy plane, forced to land on the Chinese island
of Hainan finally had the USA saying "very sorry" to the Chinese in April
of 2001?: EP-3E
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7. In Norse mythology, who is the god of mischief and evil, who caused
the sun-god Baldurs' death?: Loki
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8. In Field Hockey, when the ball goes over the side line or a 'hit in'
is taken. Prior to this a 'push in' was adopted. Which practice preceded
both of these?: Roll-in
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9. The Arabic name for this was Hindsa. What do we know them as now?:
Arabic numerals
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10. Probably one of the most influential rock bands of the late 20th
century, which band consisting of Stripe, Buck and Mills released a new
album titled 'Reveal' in May 2001?: REM
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