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1. Which participant won every event that he entered in the Ancient
Olympics, causing later historians to delete all records pertaining to
that games?: Nero
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2. In sporting terminology, what are "chopper" and the "shakehand"?:
Grips in Lawn Tennis
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3. Which game would you see being played in a "fishbowl"?: Squash
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4. Why do some English soccer fans buy only a one-way ticket when
visiting Europe to witness a match?: They are usually deported back.
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5. Which legendary Olympic runner was rather unfairly called the
'Mechanical Frankenstein?': Paavo Nurmi
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6. Which organization donated the Champion's Trophy in Hockey?: Pakistan
International Airlines
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7. How do we better know Manuel Benitez, the first millionaire in any
sports?: El Cordobes
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8. Which cricketer suffered a heart attack during a Duleep trophy semi-
final but recovered to score a century in the Ranji final in the same
season?: Brijesh Patel
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9. Which former West Indies cricketer and world class Bridge player was
named after a famous English football club by his father?: Everton Weekes
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10. Other than Courtney Walsh, who is the only other Jamaican
sportsperson to be named as an ambassador and special envoy for Jamaica?:
Merlene Ottey
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