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					                           AIRPORT ADVISORY BOARD
                               MEETING MINUTES

                                   Airport Lobby
                            January 11, 2007 - 4:00 p.m.

MEMBERS PRESENT:            Mr. Charlie Faulkner (alternate member), Mr. Edward Glaser,
Mr. Tom Kane, Mr. Bert Koehler, and Mr. Tripp Wacker (Vice-Chairman).
MEMBERS ABSENT:             Mr. John Mott (Chairman)
STAFF PRESENT:              Mr. Jack Thompson, Ms. Julie Deily, Mr. Ben Dowdy, Ms. Nancy
Errett, Mr. Dan McIntire, Mr. Tom Stager.
OTHERS PRESENT:             Mr. and Mrs. Nick Frankovich (Flagler Aircraft Service); Mr.
Elwyn Jones; Mr. Chris Kokai (CAPT program); Mr. Skip Neidhardt (SPS of Palm Coast);
Mr. Greg Schamaun (Ginn Aviation).

1. After the Pledge of Allegiance, Vice-Chairman Wacker called the meeting to order at
4:00 p.m.

2. The December 14, 2006 minutes were reviewed and approved.

3. Vice-Chairman Wacker requested AAB members verify home addresses and provide e-
   mail addresses if available.

4. Mr. Thompson updated the attendees on the following:

 •   Project Update
      o Painting – Airfield marking was completed in December. All taxiways and
      taxilanes have centerline stripes as well as both Runways 6/24 and 11/29. In
      addition, runway identification numbers were outlined in black.
      o Work on the Triangle Air parcel on the far west end of Old Moody Boulevard is
      progressing. Ramp grade had to be adjusted. Site work has begun on the corporate
      office building site behind the Chamber. Vice-Chairman called for any
      questions/comments on these projects; none made.

 •   Security
      o Security camera proposal from TTI Wireless is in Purchasing and hope to have
      this ready for February 5th Board of County Commissioners agenda. Total project
      cost is $128,000 which exceeds FDOT budget; with maintenance/warranty cost
      removed it will be close to the remaining FDOT budget at $116,000. Remaining cost
      will be funded from Airport budget. After Board approval system can be up and
      running in 45-60 days, maybe as early as first part of April. Camera locations
      discussed with note that camera on CAPT building has been moved to parking lot for
                       AAB Minutes – January 11, 2007 – Page 2

       better viewing. Vice-Chairman Wacker asked about possibility of live feed; possible
       that camera can be placed on airfield to tie in with County website but not through
       security system. Additional lighting needs for security system discussed; light has
       been added to fuel storage tank, oil storage shed rebuilt with new light, Flagler
       Aircraft Service will soon have new light on ramp. All will increase nighttime airfield
       lighting. Vice-Chairman called for any questions/comments on security cameras;
       none made.

 •   Taxiway E
      o Funding for air quality study as part of environmental assessment for Taxiway E
      is on February 5th BoCC agenda. Findings of No Significant Impact (FONSI) has
      been received from FAA; FONSI advertised in Daytona Beach News-Journal with 30
      day comment period from public. If no comments received then extension, drainage
      and pavement repair work can proceed. Vice-Chairman called for any
      questions/comments on Taxiway E; none made.

 •   Fuel Sales
      o Sales of both Jet A and Avgas were off from prior month; historically sales
      decrease during the holiday period. Avgas sales were off due to very little flying by
      CAPT during December; new classes starting soon will make a difference. Jet A
      sales were down but still better than same time last year. Ginn had 3 planes out of
      service in December which contributed to downturn in Jet A sales. Also discussed
      resurfacing fuel farm tanks; quote has been received, if not done in FY 07 then will
      definitely complete this in FY 08. Fuel supplier will assist with cost; according to
      supplier our farm looks good compared to many others. Fuel tank/truck capacity
      discussed along with possibility of truck replacement. Vice-Chairman called for any
      questions/comments on fuel sales; none made.

5. FTSI - CAPT program issues:
  • Mr. Kokai reported no issues for CAPT; still awaiting delivery of new planes, new
    students will begin flying soon. There was discussion of tornado damage to ERAU
    campus on Christmas Day; 57 planes lost and several buildings destroyed but no
    people were injured.

6. Questions/Comments/New Business:
  • Mr. Faulkner asked about pilot conduct issues at Airport; suggested putting together a
    brochure outlining noise abatement procedures, etc., will provide sample from other
    airports. Vice-Chairman Wacker suggested an entire “welcome” package with this
    brochure as well as info on hotels, restaurants, car rental, to give to pilots that are here
    overnight. Mr. Thompson pointed out recent amenities added to FBO (red carpets for
    arriving flights, PC with internet access for pilots, golf cart escort to/from planes).
  • Mr. Jones commented on his relief that the Airport has such competent staff that he no
    longer feels he needs to run things.

 7.      Vice-Chairman called for any additional questions/comments; none made.
 Meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.