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1. In July 1999, in a 'Millennium Poll' conducted by BBC , who was named
as the 'Star of the Millennium'?: Amitabh Bachchan
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2. Which cartoonist began his career with a comic strip titled "Life In
Hell"?: Matt Groening
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3. Which innovation was initially incorporated into Hitchcock: " Dial M
for murder" but was later removed?: 3-D
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4. Who is supposed to have sculptured the statue of the Gomateshwara at
Shravanabelagola?: Jakkannacharya
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5. Who is the author of the National anthem of Bangladesh "Amar Sonar
Bangla"?: Rabindranath Tagore
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6. What word connects a cowboy, a first-ranker in Mathematics at
Cambridge and a pair of Jeans?: Wrangler
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7. H.K.Firodia founded a company that has been a major player in the
moped industry in India. What is name of the company?: Kinetic
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8. What is the more popular name of the book "The Quotations from
Chairman Mao Zedong"?: Little Red Book
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9. What kind of fracture involves a bone snapping leaving jagged edges?:
Greenstick fracture
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10. American film critic Polene Kill's famous book 'Raising Cane' is the
account of the making of which classic?: Citizen Kane
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