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Good Show, you scored 6 out of 10
Correct answers for the attempted questions:
1. What is the daily profit and loss statement system that Marwari
companies in India follow called?: Parta
You answered incorrectly
2. What is unique about Sikkim's Sangha assembly constituency?: Has no
geographical boundaries, being reserved for the Buddhist monks
You answered correctly
3. Which Indian emperor was originally named Muhi-ud-din Muhammad and got
a name meaning "Ornament of the Throne", the name by which we today know
him when he was a Prince?: Aurangzeb
You answered incorrectly
4. The Sufi saint Mia Mir of Lahore is reputed to have laid the
foundation stone for what?: Golden Temple at Amritsar
You answered correctly
5. Which cricket player's screen appearances were restricted to two films
- Premachi Savali, in which he played the lead & Maalamal, where he
played a guest role?: Sunil Gavaskar
You answered correctly
6. Which is the only species of the horse family that is indigenous to
the Indian subcontinent?: Wild Ass
You answered correctly
7. Which airline boasts being the first airline to fly an all women crew,
the airline that employs the most number of women and the first to have a
lady-pilot for an Airbus?: Indian Airlines
You answered correctly
8. In the mid 50's Premier automobiles was set up by Walchand Hirachand.
The company had two tie-up's; one was with Fiat. Which was the other?:
You answered incorrectly
9. Which journalist first broke the Harshad Mehta scam in the year 1992?:
Sucheta Dalal
You answered incorrectly
10. Which actress made her debut opposite Salim Durrani?: Parveen Babi
You answered correctly

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