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Correct answers for the attempted questions:
1. Which comedian named himself after a multi-national company after
helping striking workers of that company to raise funds from his mimicry
and comedy shows?: Johnny Lever
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2. Which raga is said to have originated from the devotees of Shiva who
were said to live on cremation grounds and had fearful voices?: Raag
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3. Which musician who stormed the music world of South India with his
virtuosity invented a machine to eject fast balls to train batsman to
play fast bowling, married a foreigner and settled in USA and died
there?: TR Mahalingam
You answered incorrectly
4. Who was the first Indian to reach the finals of the All-England
badminton Championship?: Prakash Nath
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5. In the early part of this century, who founded the Dravida Kazhagam
movement that fundamentally changed the political and social scenario of
Tamil Nadu forever?: E.V.Ramaswany Naicker (Periyar)
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6. Which Indian cartoonist featured in two issues of Mad magazine and was
billed as the "Tasty Indian nut"?: Sudhir Dar
You answered incorrectly
7. This word which is derived from Kannada word meaning "Black Land" is
also closely associated with a style of music. Which word?: Carnatic
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8.During the exile of Rama, who in Ayodhya slept for 14 years?: Urmila,
Lakshman's wife
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9. Name the ashram that Gandhiji founded near Durban in 1904 after being
influenced by John Ruskin's "Unto This Last"?: Phoenix farm
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10. Which famous temple complex and tourist spot houses the Kandarya
Mahadev Temple?: Khajuraho
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