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									   Insomnia Solutions - Healing Foods That
            Help Sleep Disorders
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Insomnia Solutions

Often times through insomnia, a Chinese medicine perspective looks at the energy of liver as
a root cause of sleep disorders. Thus, the strategy for improving insomnia is to scale the liver
and yin (blood, fluids and hormones). Foods that balance the liver to improve insomnia
include: Insomnia Solutions

* Dark green leafy vegetables, particularly dandelion greens and radicchio.

* Burdock root and other deep root vegetables such as beets, carrots, and turnips.

* Cucumber (particularly good for calming liver heat, which plays a role in the type of
insomnia where one has trouble falling asleep).

* Peppermint tea is also very cooling.

* Chamomile tea-brew it for at least 20 minutes to gain benefits as simply dunking a
chamomile bag into water for a short period of time does not extract enough of the herb
essence to benefit the body on a herb medicine level.

* Soy and other foods high in calcium which help to produce l-tryptophan, a precursor to
melatonin one of the hormones that our brains need to induce deep sleep. Insomnia

Before you run out to buy melatonin supplements, keep in mind that they may have side
effects such as nausea, abdominal cramps, irritability and daytime sleepiness, and depression.
Also try increasing these foods that naturally contain higher levels of melatonin. From
highest to lowest content of melatonin, these foods include: Oats, sweet corn, rice, ginger,
tomatoes, bananas, and barley. Also it is important to avoid the foods that agitate the liver
such as:

* High amounts of carbohydrates especially simple sugars such as white sugar and corn syrup.

* High fat and fried foods.

* Very spicy foods such as hot chili peppers and jalapeños, salsa, spiced hot oil, and large
amounts of black pepper. Insomnia Solutions

Please note that information in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat or act as a
substitute for western medical care. Please consult your physician before implementing

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