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									How to Create a Blog in Blogspot

Tutorial on how to create a blog in / blogspot

1. Visit

2. Enter your Gmail account in “Username (Email)” and password in “Password”.

(If you don’t have email yet, register first at then come back here).

3. a. On “Create Your Blog Now” -> click

b. On “Blog Title” -> enter the title of your blog (as you like). Example: video blog

4. On “Blog Address (URL) -> enter URL address as you like. Example: video-blog (click the
“Check Availability” to make sure it’s available).

5. Klik “Continue”

6. On “Choose a Template” click “Continue”

7. “Your Blog Has Been Created!” -> You’ve created a Blog

8. Click “Start Blogging!” to write an article.

9. On “Title” enter a title as you like. Example: How to Write a Post in a Blog

10. Enter in the box below a paragraph or two about anything.

11. Click “Publsih Post”

12. Congratulations! You’ve successfully write an article / a post.

Notes: To post / write another article, you just need to click menu “Posting” or “Create”

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