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					Furnished. This lease made _________[year], between _________, as lessor, and _________, as lessee, witnesses: Lessor, for and in consideration of the agreements herein mentioned, and to be kept and performed by lessee, hereby leases to lessee the premises, in the city of _________, county of _________, and state of _________, known and described as follows, namely: Apartment _________ on the _________ floor of building known as _________ in city of _________, to be occupied solely as a private dwelling and not otherwise. To have and to hold, the above-described premises, with the appurtenances, to lessee from _________ day of _________[year], until _________ day of _________[year]. And lessee, in consideration of this demise, agrees with lessor as follows: 1. To pay as rent for premises the sum of $_____ per month, payable on date of commencement of term and monthly thereafter in advance, until termination of this lease, as above provided, at the office of _________. 2. Lessee has examined and knows the condition of premises and has received the same in good order and repair, except as herein otherwise specified, and no representations as to the condition or repair thereof have been made by lessor, or the agent of lessor prior to or at the execution of this lease, that are not herein expressed or endorsed hereon; and upon the termination of this lease, in any way, will yield up premises to lessor in as good condition as when same were entered upon by lessee, ordinary wear and tear and loss by fire only excepted. 3. Lessor shall not be liable for any damage occasioned by failure to keep premises in repair and shall not be liable for any damage done or occasioned by or from plumbing, gas, water, steam, or other pipes, or sewerage, or the bursting, leaking or running of any cistern, tank, washstand, water closet or waste pipe, in, above, or about building or premises, nor for damage occasioned by water, snow or ice being upon or coming through the roof, skylight, trapdoor or otherwise, nor for any damage arising from acts or neglect of cotenants, or other occupants of the same building, or of any owners or occupants of adjacent or contiguous property. 4. Lessee will not allow premises to be used for any purpose that will increase the rate of insurance thereon, nor for any purpose other than that specified herein, nor to be occupied in whole or in part by any other person, and will not sublet the same, nor any part thereof, nor assign this lease, without in each case the prior written consent of lessor, and will not permit any transfer, by operation of law, of the interest in premises acquired through this lease; and will not permit premises to be used for any unlawful purpose, or purpose that will injure the reputation of the same or of the building of which they are a part, or disturb the tenants of such building or the neighborhood. 5. And for consideration aforesaid, lessee further covenants and agrees to take good care of the apartment demised and fixtures, and to commit and suffer no waste therein; that no changes or alterations of premises shall be made or partitions erected, nor walls papered, without the consent in writing of lessor; that lessee will make all repairs required to the walls, ceilings, paint, plastering, plumbing work, pipes and fixtures belonging to apartment, whenever damage or injury to the same shall have resulted from misuse or neglect; that premises shall not be used as a "boarding" or "lodging" house nor for a school, or to give instructions in music, dancing or singing, and none of the rooms shall be offered for lease by placing notices on any door, window or wall of the building, nor by advertising the same directly or indirectly, in any newspaper, or otherwise; that there shall be no lounging, sitting upon, or unnecessary tarrying in or on the front steps, the sidewalk, railing, stairways, halls, landing or other public places of the building by the lessee, members of the family,

or other persons connected with the occupancy of the premises; that no provisions, milk, ice, marketing, groceries or like merchandise, shall be taken into the premises through the front door of the building, except where there is no rear entrance; that lessee and those occupying under lessee, shall not interfere with the heating apparatus, or with the gas or other lights of building which are not within the apartment hereby demised, nor with the control of any of the public portions of building. 6. To allow lessor free access at all reasonable hours to the premises for the purpose of examining or exhibiting the same, or to make any needful repairs on premises which lessor may see fit to make; also to allow to have placed on premises, at all times, notice of "For Sale," and "To Rent," and will not interfere with the same. Lessee agrees to abide by all reasonable general rules of building which shall be adopted by the lessor for cleanliness, good order and management in other respects than is herein provided; and all such rules and all amendments thereof shall be taken as of full force and effect from and after delivery of a copy thereof to lessee. 7. If lessee shall abandon or vacate premises, the same may be relet by lessor for such rent and upon such terms as lessor may see fit; and if a sufficient sum shall not thus be realized, after paying the expenses of such reletting and collecting, to satisfy the rent hereby reserved, lessee agrees to satisfy and pay all deficiency. 8. At the termination of this lease, by lapse of time or otherwise, to yield up immediate possession to lessor, and failing so to do, to pay as liquidated damages, for the whole time such possession is withheld, the sum of $_____ per day; but the provisions of this clause shall not be held as a waiver of any right of reentry as set forth herein; nor shall the receipt of rent, or any part thereof, or any other act in apparent affirmance of the tenancy, operate as a waiver of the right of reentry for any breach of any of the agreements herein. 9. There shall not be kept or used on premises, naphtha, benzine, benzole, gasoline, benzine varnish, or any product in whole or in part, of ether, or gunpowder, fireworks, nitroglycerine, phosphorus, saltpeter, nitrate of soda, camphene, spirit gas, or any burning fluid or chemical oils, without the written permission of lessor, and the generating or evaporating or using on premises, or contiguous thereto, of gasoline, benzine, naphtha, or any other substance for a burning gas or vapor for lighting other than the ordinary street gas or kerosene of lawful fire test is absolutely prohibited. 10. Lessee will not permit anything to be thrown out of the windows, or down the courts or light shafts in building; that nothing shall be hung from the outside of the windows or placed on the outside window sills of any window in building; that no parrot, dog, or other animal shall be kept within or about apartment; that the front halls and stairways and the back porches shall not be used for the storage of baby carriages, furniture or other articles. 11. Lessor agrees to pay all water rates assessed against property and supply hot water for use at all hot water faucets in apartment, and heat for heating apparatus in building. The heat is to be furnished at all reasonable hours, day or evening, when necessary, from the first day of October until the 30th of April of the succeeding year, but lessor shall not be liable in damages for unavoidable delay or any other reasons in not furnishing hot or cold water or heat for heating apparatus; also in the event that there is not sufficient heat supplied, lessee waives any and all right to claim an eviction. 12. Lessor shall not be liable for any loss or damage of or to any property placed in any storeroom or storage place in building, such storeroom or storage place being furnished gratuitously and no part of the obligation of this lease. Special clause.—Lessee hereby acknowledges receipt of the complete furnishings of abovedescribed premises, as listed on the reverse side hereof, and agrees to deliver possession of same to

lessor in good condition (ordinary wear excepted). Lessee further agrees to pay lessor in cash for any articles broken or missing at the expiration of this lease by lapse of time or otherwise. 13. If default be made in the payment above reserved or any part thereof, or in any of the agreements herein contained, to be kept by lessee, it shall be lawful for lessor or lessor's legal representatives, to declare the term ended, to reenter premises or any part thereof and lessee or any other person or persons occupying the same to expel, remove and put out, using such force as may be deemed necessary in so doing, and premises again to repossess and enjoy as in the first estate; and in order to enforce a forfeiture of this lease for default in any of its conditions it shall not be necessary to make demand or to serve notice on lessee who waives all right to any demand or notice of election to declare this lease at an end or declaring it so to be; but the fact of the nonperformance of any of this lease, shall in itself, at the election of lessor, without notice or demand, constitute a forfeiture of lease, and at any and all times, after such default, lessee shall be deemed guilty of a forcible detainer of premises. 14. In case premises shall be rendered untenantable by fire or other casualty, lessor may terminate this lease, or repair premises within 30 days, and failing so to do, or on destruction of premises by fire, the term hereby created shall cease and determine. 15. Lessee irrevocably constitutes any attorney of any court of record of this state, attorney for lessee in lessee's name on default by lessee of any of agreements herein, and on complaint by lessor, lessor's agent or assigns, and filed in any such court, to enter lessee's appearance in any such court of record, waive process and service thereof, and trial by jury, and confess judgment against lessee in favor of lessor or lessor's assigns for forcible detainer of premises with cost of suit; and also to enter lessee's appearance in such court, waive process and service thereof, and confess judgment from time to time, for any rent which may be due to lessor or assignees, by the terms of this lease, with costs, and reasonable attorney's fees, and to waive all errors and all right of appeal from the judgment and judgments and to file a consent in writing that a writ of restitution or other proper writ of execution may be issued immediately, lessee waiving the right to any notice or demand under any statute of this state, relating to forcible entry and detainer. 16. After service of notice, or the commencement of a suit or after final judgment for possession of premises, lessor may receive and collect any rent due, and the payment of such rent shall not waive or affect the notice, suit, or judgment. Lessee agrees to pay and discharge all reasonable costs, attorney's fees and expenses that shall be made and incurred by lessor in enforcing the agreements of this lease. 17. The words "lessor" and "lessee" wherever occurring and used herein, shall be construed to mean "lessors" and "lessees" in case more than one person constitutes either party to this lease; and that all agreements contained herein shall be binding on, and inure to, their respective successors, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns and be exercised by their attorney or agent. [Signatures, etc.]

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