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					                   BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS
                          1801 27th Street, Vero Beach, Florida 32960

Telephone: 772-567-8000                                              PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT
                                                                     LAND ACQUISITION DIVISION

August 30, 2007                                                      Fax to: 772-778-9391

To Whom It May Concern:

This is just a reminder that the Right-Of-Entry Agreement forms that allow access to your
subdivision, in the event of a disaster need to be signed, notarized and returned to Indian River

Please mail the Right-Of- Entry form to the Public Works Department, Land Acquisition
Division, to the attention of Louise.

If you have any questions, please contact Louise at 772-226-1263.


Pamela Stewart
Pamela Stewart, J.D., LL.M, Land Acquisition Manager
Indian River County Public Works Department


Cc: File
                             RIGHT OF ENTRY AGREEMENT

I/We___________________________________________, the owner(s) of the property
commonly identified as:
_______________________________________________ (street) in Indian River County,
Florida, do hereby grant and give freely and without coercion, the right of access and entry
to said property in Indian River County, Florida, its agencies, contractors, and
subcontractors thereof, for the purpose of removing and clearing any or all storm-
generated debris of whatever nature from the above-described property.

It is fully understood that this permit is not an obligation to perform debris clearance. The
undersigned agrees and warrants to hold harmless Indian River County, Florida, its
agencies, contractors, and subcontractors, for damage of any type, whatsoever, either to
the above described property or persons situated thereon and hereby release, discharge,
and waive any action, either legal or equitable that might arise out of any activities on the
above described property. The property owner(s) will mark any storm damaged sewer
lines, water lines, and other utility lines located on the described property.

I/We (have_____, have not_____) (will_____, will not_____) received any compensation
for debris removal from any other source including Small Business Administration (SBA),
National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), private insurance, individual and family
grant program or any other public assistance program.

For the considerations and purposes set forth herein, I set my hand this _____ day of
_________________, 2007.

Witness:                                        Name of Association:
(sign)___________________________               (sign)__________________________

Witness:                                        By:
(sign)___________________________               (sign)__________________________
                                                       Name & Title

                                                Telephone No.: _________________



The foregoing instrument was sworn to and subscribed before me this _____ day of
___________,2007, by________________________________, (title)____________________who is
personally known to me or produced _____________________________ as identification.

Stamped Seal w/Commission #                sign _________________________________
Name & Expiration Date                                   Notary Public