Housekeeping Services Agreement

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					                           Housekeeping Services Agreement

Part 1. Employer
Jane Doe

123 Cherry Tree Lane

Detroit, Michigan 48223

Day phone: 313-123-4567
Evening phone: 313-123-1234

Cell Phone/Pager: 313-123-4567


Part 2. Housekeeper
Joy Ikiomoye Diete-Spiff

Detroit, MI

Detroit, Michigan 48223

Day phone: 248-432-2841


Part 3. Location and Schedule of Housekeeping
Work will be done at 123 Cherry Tree Lane, Detroit, MI 48223.

Days and hours of housekeeping work will be as follows:

Mondays & Tuesday: 8am - 4pm.

Part 4. Beginning Date
Employment will begin on February 22, 2007.

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Part 5. Responsibilities
The work to be done under this agreement consists of the following responsibilities:

Washing Dishes; Cleaning the Bathroom; Straightening the Children's Rooms; Grocery

Shopping; Running Errands; Cooking; Arranging for Yard Card & Snow Removal.

Part 6. Wage or Salary
Housekeeper will be paid $134 per week.

Part 7. Payment Schedule
Housekeeper will be paid on the following intervals and dates:
Housekeeper will be paid on Friday prior to the oncoming work week.

Part 8. Benefits
Employer will provide Housekeeper with the following benefits:

In addition to salary the Housekeeper will be provided with meals during the periods she is

working and an allowance of up to $10 additonal dollars for restocking her extingusihed


Part 9. Termination Policy
Either Employer or Housekeeper may terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason,

without notice.

Part 10. Additional Agreements and Amendments
Employer and Housekeeper agree to the following additional terms:

The Housekeeper has stated that she will use a majority of her own cleaning supplies (i.e.

Cleaning solvents, accessories, etc.).

The House is ENTIRELY non-smoking.
There are to be no guests unless they have been approved by Jane Doe.

The afore mentioned duties are performed in conjunction with (not in addition to) the agreed

upon Child Care agreement.
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Part 11. Modifications in Writing
To be binding, any modifications to this contract must be in writing and signed by both parties to

the agreement.



Jane Doe, Employer


Joy Ikiomoye Diete-Spiff, Housekeeper

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