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The Authentic Heart: An Eightfold Path to Midlife Love by John Amodeo, Ph.D.
      Offers practical, wise, and compassionate guidance for midlife love.

10 Great Dates for Empty Nesters by David & Claudia Arp
      Reconnect and reclaim that same spark, excitement,
      and creativity you experienced before you had kids through
      ten innovative, fun dates guaranteed to spice up your marriage.

 Divorce (and a New Life)                     A Round-Heeled Woman: My Late
 By Marlene M. Browne, Esq.                   Life Adventures in Sex and Romance.
                                              By Jane Juska
 The New Love and Sex After 60
 By Robert N. Butler M.D. & Myrna I.          Older Couples: New Romances
 Lewis Ph.D.                                  By Edith Ankersmit Kemp L.C.S.W.
                                              & Jerrold Kemp Ed.D
 Love at Second Sight
 By Nancy W. Collins & Mason                  The Gift of You
 Grigsby                                      By Dr. Bill McCord
 Another Chance for Love: Finding             Build a Better Spouse Trap
 a Partner                                    By Theodore S. Wentworth

 Later in Life
 By Sol Gordon Ph.D. & Elaine         Parenting
 Fantle Shimberg
The Caregiver’s Survival Handbook: How to Care for Your Aging Parent Without Losing
Yourself by Alexis Abramson with Mary Anne Dunkin
      Being the caregiver for your aging parent is rewarding but demanding
      work—especially when you have your own life to live. Let this reassuring
      guide help you answer your most pressing questions.

When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us: Letting Go of Their Problems, Loving Them
Anyway, and Getting on with Our Lives. By Jane Adams, Ph.D.
     A positive, life-affirming message to parents who are
     still trying to “fix” their adult children.

 Caring For Your Parents:                     Moving On: How to Get Rid of the
 The Complete AARP Guide                      Stuff, Keep the Memories, Maintain
 By Hugh Delehanty & Elinor Ginzler           the Family Peace, and Get On With
                                              Your Life
 Mom, Can I Move Back in With You?            By Linday Hetzer & Janet Hulstrand
 By Linda Perlman Gordon & Susan
 Morris Schaffer
 Parenting When Your Child is an          Juggling Work and Care: The
 Adult                                    experiences of Working Carers of
 By Dale M. Jacobs MD &                   Older Adults
  Renee Gordon Jacobs MSW                 By Judith Phillips, Miriam Bernard &
                                           Minda Chittenden
 Secrets of a Mid-Life Mom
 By Jane Jarrell                          Crossroads at Midlife
                                          By Frances Cohen Praver
 Coping with Your Difficult Older
 Parent                                   Your On Your Own (but I’m here if
 By Grace Lebow & Barbara Kane            you need me)
                                          By Marjorie Savage
 How to Care for Aging Parents
 By Virginia Morris                       A Boomer’s Guide to
 Nobody’s Baby Now: Reinventing           By Kathryn & Allan Zullo
 Your Adult Relationship with Your
 Mother and Father
 By Susan Newman, Ph.D.

                                 $$    Finance $   $
Protecting & Rebuilding Your Retirement: Everything You Need to Do to Secure Your
Financial Future by Les Abromovitz
      Provides the information you need to devise a no-nonsense,
       practical retirement plan. From making the right investments,
      to protecting yourself from fraud, to understanding insurance
      and Social Security issues.

The American Bar Association Guide to Wills & Estates
     Contains everything you need to know about planning an estate,
     preparing a will or trust, and minimizing inheritance taxes.

 The Widow’s Financial Survival           America’s Best Low-Tax Retirement
 Guide: Handling Money Matters On         Towns:
 Your Own                                 By Eve Evans & Richard Fox
 By Nancy Dunnan
                                          Looking Forward: An Optimist’s
 The Complete Idiot’s Guide to            Guide to Retirement
 Long Term Care Planning                  By Ellen Freundenheim
 By Marilee Driscoll
                                          Elder Law: In a Nutshell
 Retirement Planning: Savvy               By Lawrence A. Frolick & Richard L.
 Strategies and Practical Advice for      Kaplan
 a Secure Financial Future
 By Lita Epstein                          How to Write Your Own Living Will
                                          By Edward A. Haman
                       $ $ Finance $ $   (continued)

How to Retire Happy                      Retirement for Two: Everything
By Stan Hinden                           You Need to Know to Thrive
                                         Together as Long as You Both
The Retirement Catch-Up Guide            Shall Live.
By Ellen Hoffman                         By Maryanne Vandervelde, Ph.D.

Set For Life: Financial Peace for        A Guide to Elder Planning:
People Over 50                           Everything You Need to Know to
By Bambi Holzer                          Protect Yourself Legally &
Where to Retire: America’s Best          By Steve Weisman
and Most Affordable Places
By John Howells                          The Ultimate Safe Money Guide:
                                         How Everyone 50 & Over Can
Retiring Right: Planning for             Protect, Save and Grow Their
Successful Retirement                    Money
By Lawerence J. Kaplan                   By Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

Buckets of Money: How to Retire in       Social Security for the Clueless:
Comfort and Safety                       The Complete Guide to SSA
By Raymond J. Lucia, CFP                 Benefits
                                         By Diana Rosen
Guide to Planning Your Financial
Future                                   Retirement Places Rated: What
By Kenneth M Morris & Virginia B.        You Need to Know to Plan the
Morris                                   Retirement You Deserve
                                         By David Savageau
Estate Planning for the Healthy
Wealthy Family                           Retire Smart, Retire Happy:
By Stanley Neeleman, J.D., Carla         Finding Your True Path in Life
B. Garrity, & Mitchell A. Baris Ph.D.    By Nancy K. Schlossberg, Ed.D.

AARP Crash Course in Estate              Seniors’ Rights: Your Legal Guide
Planning: The Essential Guide to         to Living Life to the Fullest
Wills, Trusts, and Your Personal         By Brette McWhorter Sember
By Michael T. Palermo, J.D., CFP         Retirement Countdown: Take
                                         Action Now to Get the Life You
Hows to Settle an Estate: A Manual       Want
for Executors and Trustees               By David Shapiro
By Charles K. Plotnick, L.L.B. &
Stephan R. Leimberg, J.D.                Long-Term Care: Your Financial
                                         Planning Guide
                                         By Phyllis Shelton
  The Looting of Social Security: How       All About Retirement Funds: The
  the Government is Drawing America’s       Easy Way to Get Started
  Retirement Account.                       By Ellie Williams & Diane Pearl
  By Allen W. Smith Ph.D.
                                            Women Confronting Retirement:
  The Complete Retirement Survival          A Nontraditional Guide
  Guide                                     Nan Bauer-Maglin & Alice Radosh
  By Peter J. Strauss & Nancy M.            Editors
                                            How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free:
  Personal Finance for Dummies              Retirement Wisdom That You Won’t
  By Eric Tyson, MBA                        Get From Your Financial Advisor
                                            By Ernie J. Zelinski
  What You Need to Know About the
  Economics of Growing Old (But Were
  Afraid to Ask)
      Teresa Ghilarducci Editor

Running Past Fifty: For Fitness and Performance through the Years by Richard Benyo
      With wit and style, Benyo urges seasoned runners to
      evaluate, adjust, and reinvent their running to stay fit and motivated.

Grow Younger, Live Longer: Ten Steps to Reverse Aging by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and
David Simon, M.D.
      A simple, step-by-step program for reversing aging.
      Learn how to maintain a youthful mind, cultivate flexibility,
      reawaken sexual energy, strengthen your immune system,
      nourish your body, change your perceptions, and enjoy restful sleep.

  Not Your Mother’s Midlife: A Ten-         The Juggling Act: The Healthy
  Step Guide to Fearless Aging              Boomer’s Guide to Achieving Balance
  By Nancy Alspaugh and Marilyn             in Midlife
  Kentz                                     By Peggy Edwards with Miroslava
                                            Lhotsky, M.D. and Judy Turner ,
  The Red Hat Society: Fun and              Ph.D.
  Friendship After Fifty
  By Sue Ellen Cooper                       Facing Your Fifties: A Man’s
                                            Reference Guide to Midlife Health
  Younger Next Year: Turn Back Your         By Gordon Ehlers, M.D. and Jeff
  Biological Clock                          Miller
  By Chris Crowley and Henry S.
  Lodge, M.D.                               Living Well: Taking Care of Yourself
                                            in the Middle and Later Years
                                            By James F. Fries, M.D.
Swimming Past Fifty                  Inventing the Rest of Our Lives:
By Mal Goldstein and Dave Tanner     Women in Second Adulthood
                                     By Suzanne Braun Levine
Perfect Balance
By Robert A. Greene, M.D. and        Total Renewal
Leah Feldon                          By Frank Lipman, M.D. and
                                     Stephanie Gunning
The Five Principles of Ageless
Living                               The Merck Manual of Health &
By Dayle Haddon                      Aging
                                     From Merck
Merchants of Immortality: Chasing
the Dream of Human Life Extension    Still Making Waves: Creating a
By Stephen S. Hall                   Splash in Midlife and Beyond
                                     By Gracie Malone
The Blackberry Tea Club: Women
in Their Glory Years                 Younger By the Day: 365 Ways to
By Barbara Herrick                   Rejuvenate Your Body and
                                     Revitalize Your Spirit
Midlife Man                          By Victoria Moran
By Art Hister, M.D
                                     Fitness Over Fifty
Sex That (Still) Sizzles             From National on Aging
By Rene Hollander, Ph.D. with
Francine Hornberger and Michael      Gary Null’s Power Aging
Levin                                By Gary Null, Ph.D

Food As Medicine                     The Longevity Code: Your Personal
By Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D          Prescription for a Longer, Sweeter
The New Anti-Aging Revolution        By Zorba Paster. M.D.
By Dr. Ronald Klatz and Dr. Robert
Goldman                              Slow Your Clock Down: The
                                     Complete Guide to a Healthy
Successful Aging Strategies for      Younger You
Healthy Living                       By Judith Reichman, M.D.
By Waldo C. Klein and Martin
Bloom                                Cooking the Real Age Way
                                     By Michael F. Roizen, M.D. and
Purpose & Power                      John La Puma, M.D.
By Harold G. Koenig
                                     Yoga for Fifty +: Modified Poses
The New Truth About Menopause        and Techniques for a Safe Practice
By Carol Landau, Ph.D. and           By Richard Rosen
Michele G Cyr, M.D.

 The Third Age: Six Principles for         A Consumer’s Guide to Aging
 Growth and Renewal After Forty            By David H. Solomon, M.D.
 By William A. Sadler, Ph.D.
                                           The Sexy Years
 A Different Game: Golf After Fifty        By Suzanne Somers
 By Hershel Sarbin and Jim Brown
                                           Aging with Grace
 You’re Fifty- Now What?: Investing        By David Snowdon, Ph.D.
 for the Second Half of Your Life
 By Charles R. Schwab                      Menopause
                                           By Dr. Miriam Stoppard
 Ageless: Take Control of Your Age
 and Stay Youthful for Life                My Time: Making the Most of the
 By Edward L. Schneider, M.D. and          Rest of Your Life
 Elizabeth Miles                           By Abigail Trafford

 The Longevity Quotient                    Aging Well
 By Edward L. Schneider, M.D. and          By George E. Vaillant, M.D
 Elizabeth Miles
                                           You Gotta Laugh to Keep from
 Understanding Men’s Passages:             Cryin’
 Discovering the New Map of Men’s          By Sam Venable
 By Gail Sheehy                            Saving Your Brain
                                           By Jeff Victoroff, M.D.
 Staying Fit Over Fifty: Conditioning
 for Outdoor Activities
 By Jim Sloan

                                     Death & Dying
Reawakening to Life: Renewal After A Husband’s Death by Mary Ellen Berry & Carmen
Renee Berry
     Weaves together the stories of widows of strong faith
     who have found rebirth, celebration, and new identity
     after the death of a husband.

The Empty Room: Surviving the Loss of a Brother or Sister at Any Age. by Elizabeth
      With an inspired blend of life experience, journalistic acumen,
      and research training, DeVita-Raeburn draws on interviews of
      more than two hundred survivors to render a powerful portrait
      of the range of conditions and emotions, from withdrawal to
      guilt to rage, that attend such loss.
 Finding Your Way After Your               When Your Soul Aches
 Spouse Dies                               By Lois Mowday Rabey
 By Marta Felber
                                           Healing A Spouse’s Grieving Heart:
 Financial Strategies for Today’s          100 Practical Ideas After Your
 Widow                                     Husband or Wife Dies
 By David W. Latko                         By Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.

 Talking About Death Won’t Kill You
 By Virginia Morris

                               Unlocking Your Creativity

Living Legacies: How to Write, Illustrate, and Share Your Life Stories by Duane Elgin &
Coleen LeDrew
       A perfect book for anyone who is looking to capture, record,
       and pass on the stories of their lives. It is the perfect guide
       for helping you and your loved ones share your unique
       and priceless experiences.

On the Unseriousness of Human Affairs by James V. Schall
      Schall explains how the modern world has inverted the
      rational order of human affairs, devaluing the activities of
      leisure and placing an exaggerated emphasis on utilitarian concerns.

 ElderHouse: Planning Your Best             High Access Home: Design and
 Home Ever                                  Dedoration For Barrier-Free Living
 By Adelaide Altman                         By Charles A. Riley II

 You Can Write A Memoir                     Writing to Save Your Life: How to
 By Susan Carol Hauser                      Honor Your Story Through
 Unreliable Truth: On Memoir and            By Michelle Weldon
 By Maureen Murdock                         Creative Kindness
                                            By Nancy Zieman With Gail Brown
 Memoirs of the Soul
 By Nan Phifer                               Writing About Your Life
                                    Societal By William Zinsser

A Different Shade of Gray: Midlife and Beyond in the Inner City by Katherine S.
       Offers a glimpse in to the lives of older African Americans
       and Latinos in pockets of New York City where wages are low,
       crime is often high and elderly people find that there are few
       supports they can rely on.
 Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number:            Aged By Culture
 Black Women Explore Midlife                By Margaret Morganroth Gullette

 Cycles: How We Will Live, Work,
 and Buy
 By Maddy Dychtwald


A Walk on the Beach: Tales of Wisdom From an Unconventional Woman by Joan
      A Rich exploration of midlife, this time through the authors’ friendship
      with and extraordinary mentor

The Joy of Laziness: Why Life Is Better Slower—and How to Get There
By Peter Axt, Ph.D. & Michaela Axt-Gadermann M.D.
      Based on scientific research called Metabolic Theory,
      The Joy of Laziness reveals why the speed at which we
      live affects our energy and longevity.

 Finding Your Own North Star                Autumn Years: Taking the
 By Marth Beck                              Contemplative Path
                                            By Robert H. King & Elizabeth M.
 Crones Don’t Whinie: Concentrated          King
 Wisdom for Juicy Women
 By Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.                Claiming Your Place at the Fire:
                                            Living the Second Half of Your
 Didn’t My Skin Used to Fit?                Life On Purpose
 By Martha Bolton                           By Richard J Leider & David A.
 Prayers for the Later Years
 By Malcom Boyd                             A Faith For Grown-Ups: A Midlife
                                            Conversation About What Really
 The Creative Age: Awakening                Matters
 Human Potential in the Second Half         By Robert P. Lockwood
 of Life
 By Gene D. Cohen, M.D., Ph.D.              Soul of a Citizen: Living With
                                            Conviction in a Cynical Time
 Some Things You Just Have to Live          By Paul Rogat Loeb
 By Barbara Cawthorne Crafton               Permission to Play
                                            By Jill Murphy Long
 The Magic of Forgiveness
 By Tian Dayton, Ph.D.
 Rules for Aging: Resist Normal          The Banana Sculptor, The Purple
 Impulses, Live Longer, Attain           Lady, & the All-Night Swimmer
 Perfection                              By Susan Sheehan & Howard
 By Roger Rosenblatt                     Means

 What’s Next? Women Redefining           Creating A Spiritual Retirement: A
 Their Drams in the Prime of Life        Guide to the Unseen Possibilites in
 By Rena Pederson with Dr. Lee           Our Lives
 Smith                                   By Molly Srode

 When Did I Stop Being Barbie &          Spiritual Gardening: Creating
 Become Mrs. Potato Head?                Sacred Space Outdoors
 By Mary Pierce                          By Peg Streep

 How to Make A Difference: Over          Soul Maps: A Guide to the Midlife
 100 Ways to Serve                       Spirit
 By Catherine E. Poelman                 By Mardi Tindal

 Don’t Call Me Old, I’m Just             Suddenly Sixty: & Other Shocks of
 Awakening!                              Later Life
 By Marsha Sinetar                       By Judith Viorst

                                          A Wealth of Wisdom: Legendary
                                          African American Business
               Re-Careering, Volunteering, Starting aElders Speak
                                          Editors Camille O. Cosby & Renee
Make A Difference: America’s Guide to Volunteering and Community Service by Arthur
I. Blaustein
       If you have been wondering what the world is coming to…
       how to remain hopeful…or where to begin...
       The answer is in your hands.

Rewired, Rehired, or Retired? A Global Guide for the Experienced Worker.
      Will inspire you to take a hard and sometimes confronting
      look at your life, while giving you actual tools and guidance
      to achieve a rewarding and satisfying future.

 The Best Home Businesses for            Better Together: Restoring the American
 People 50+                              Community
 By Paul & Sarah Edwards                 By Robert D. Putnam & Lewis M.
 The Over 40 Job Search Guide
 By Gail Geary, JD                       Ready or Not: Your Retirement Planning
 It’s Never Too Late to Plant a Tree:    From Manpower Education Institute
 Your Guide to Never Retiring
 By Mel Helitzer & Morrie Helitzer       Resumes for the 50+ Job Hunter
                                         From the Editors of VGM Career Books
 Retiring as a Career:
 By Betsy Kyte Newman                    Fifty-Two Simple Ways to Make A
                                         By Paul Simon
    Too Young To Retire                    The Joy of Not Working: A Book for
    By Marika & Howard Stone               the Retired, Unemployed, and
                                           By Ernie J. Zelinski

The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World by Edward Hasbrouck
      Empowering, informative, and more relevant than ever,
      The Practical Nomad is the ultimate guide to independent,
      international travel.

Unbelievably Good Deals and Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can’t Get Unless
Your Over 50 by Joan Rattner Heilman
      If you’re over 50, you qualify for outrageous breaks,
      special privileges, and money-saving offers!

 Unforgettable Place to See Before      Off the Beaten Path
 You Die                                From Reader’s Digest
 By Steve Davey
                                        The Official Guide to America’s
 The Grown-Up’s Guide to Running        National Parks
 Away From Home                         From Fodor’s
 By Rosanne Knorr
                                        1,000 Places to See Before You Die
 Cooking School Holidays: In the        By Patricia Shulz
 World’s Most Exceptional Places
 By Jenni Muir                          The Unofficial Guide to Cruises
                                        By Kay Showker with Bob Sehlinger
 Walking: The World’s Most
 Exceptional Trails                     The Essential Little Cruise Book:
 By Eloise Napier                       Secrets From a Cruise Director for
                                        a Perfect Cruise Vacation
 Spas: Exceptional Destinations         By Jim West
 Around the World
 By Eloise Napier                       Walking To Vermont: From Times
                                        Square into the Green Mountains—
 Guide to the State Parks of the        A Homeward Adventure
 United States                          By Christopher S. Wren
 From National Geographic
                                 Spanish Language Titles

Rejuvenezca                                          Cómo sentirse más Joven y Vivir
By Bridget Doherty & Julia Van Tine                  más
                                                     By Dr. Bruce Goldberg
Envejecer con los demás
By Rocio Fernandez-Ballestros                        El Seguro Social: Preguntas Y
Envejecer bien: Qué es y cómo                        By Marta C. Quiroz-Pecirno
By Rocio Fernandez-Ballestros                        El Placer de No Trabajar
                                                     By Ernie J. Zelinski

                                           Books on Tape

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind                          The Intelligent Investor
By Deepak Chopra, M.D.                               By Benjamin Graham

Grow Younger, Live Longer                            Set For Life: Financial Peace for
By Deepak Chopra, M.D.                               People Over 50
                                                     By Bambi Holzer
Introductory Wellness Collection
By Deepak Chopra, M.D.                               Retire Young, Retire Rich
                                                     By Robert T. Kiyosaki
Some Things You Just Have to Live
With                                                 The Story of My Father
By Barbara Cawthorne Crafton                         By Sue Miller

Younger Next Year                                    You’re Fifty—Now What?
By Chris Crowley & Henry S. Lodge                    By Charles R. Schwab
                                                     The Sexy Years
If I live to Be 100                                  By Suzanne Somers
By Neenah Ellis

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