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self-guided tour - University of Southampton


									Hartley Library: Finding Your Way Around the Library – the Basics

This tour is designed to help you find your way around the Hartley Library.

 It is important that you are aware of the fire safety procedures for the Library. If
 you hear an intermittent alarm you do not have to leave the Library, but you
 should be ready to evacuate. If the continuous alarm sounds you must leave the
 Library immediately by the nearest fire exit

You enter the Library on Level 2

Straight ahead of you is the Reception Desk. Here you can find answers to basic Library
queries, and book Group Study Rooms. If you have forgotten your ID Card Reception staff
will let you in to the library

To your right there is an Internet Café and Lattés Coffee Bar. (Please eat and drink in
this area – only bottled water can be taken beyond the turnstiles).Toilets, vending
machines and a water cooler are also located here.

Before entering the main part of the Library please switch your mobile phone off, or to
‘silent’. Calls can be made and answered in the Entrance Hall on Level 2 but not in the rest
of the Library.

To enter the Library touch your University ID/Smartcard lightly against the electronic pad
on the turnstile and wait a couple of seconds before passing through into the Entrance

On the left of the entrance hall is the Loans Desk. You can borrow and return books here
and ask for help on any other matters relating to loans. At the end of the loans desk, on
the right-hand side, are the self issue/return/renewal machines. These are available
throughout Library’s opening hours. At the right-hand end of the Loans Desk are the Book
Returns Slots – return your books here, rather than queuing at the Loans Desk. If the
Library is closed use the external Returns Box on the outside wall of the Library, to the
right of the entrance.

  Opening Times you can check the times during which the Loans Service and all
  other library services are staffed on our web pages at . Note that these are shorter
  during vacations.

To the left of the Loans Desk is the Reserve Collection. This contains those items in
greatest demand (usually books and copies of journal articles). Items from reading lists are
often located here. These can be borrowed for 3 hours during the day, or overnight from
4pm until 10am the next morning (and on Fridays, from Friday 4.00pm until Monday
10.00am). You can ‘book’ overnight and weekend loans at the Loans Desk. Remember
that Reserve Collections items must be returned on time to avoid incurring a penalty.
Moving to the back of the entrance hall and facing the tapestry, go along the corridor to
your right. Almost immediately on the right hand side you will come to

the main self-service copying and printing room. In order to print and copy you need to
add credit to your account. You can do this using the black moneyloaders, which are
located further down the corridor.

Please note that these machines are shut down half an hour before the Library closes.

On the opposite side of the same corridor is the Assistive Technology Service (ATS).
This is for users with disabilities or dyslexia, who have registered with the service, and is
equipped with specialist computer software, scanners, printers and a Braille embosser.
Individual help and training can be provided for registered users.

Beyond the moneyloaders and the staircase are a number of rooms containing iSolutions
workstations. These remain open until half an hour before the Library closes.

   iSolutions workstations
   There are workstations on each floor of the Library. The largest clusters are on
   level 5 and level 2.
   There are printer/copiers on each floor of the Library. The main cluster is on level
   2. Money loaders are available in the Library and elsewhere on campus and it is
   also possible to credit your account online, see
   Wireless networking
   Please note that there are plenty of network plug-in points for your laptop; and
   wireless access is enabled everywhere – though generally it is better on the side of
   the building which faces University Road.
   For help and advice with using the printer/copiers (MFDs) or computers you
   should contact iSolutions ServiceLine either by email to or
   by phoning extension 25656, using the phones in the workstation rooms.
   ServiceLine is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6.00pm on every University
   teaching day.

Turn around and head back along the corridor towards the Entrance Hall. On the right,
past the Loans Desk you will find the main staircase which connects each level of the
Library. A lift which serves all floors is located further down the corridor on your right.

Go down to –

Level 1. As you enter each Level of the Library you will see a floor plan which will help you
to locate the collections and rooms on that floor. The plan for Level 1 is at the foot of the
stairs. Copies of all the floor plans are available at our enquiry points for you to take
away, and also on the Library website.

Level 1 houses print collections of Periodicals (Journals), newspapers, microfilms, the map
collection and books in the subject areas of:

      Theology
      Classics
      Linguistics
      Modern Languages
      Fine Arts
      Education (including the Teaching Practice Library & the LATEU collection)
      Reports H-T
      Group Study Rooms 1a, 1b, 1c
      Training Room 1009

  Journals/periodicals - Journals are available as print only, electronic only or
  print and electronic (print sopies often stored off campus) Library holdings of
  both print and electronic journals can be accessed via TDNet, our journals
  The print copies are kept on Level 1 (with the exception of Law which are kept
  on Level 3) of the Library. They are shelved alphabetically by their title, within
  their correct call number e.g. per M, per W.

From Level 1 go up two floors to –

Level 3. Directly in front of you as you enter this Level is the Subject Enquiry Service.
Staff here will give you help with a range of queries including in-depth subject support.
This service is staffed from Monday-Friday, 9am-7.25pm in term time and on Saturdays
from 10am-12.55pm. Staffed opening hours are shorter during vacation. Please check
our webpage for vacation changes.

As well as the usual floor plan this Level also has a touch screen to help you to find the
locations of books and periodicals.
This Level contains the book stock for:
    engineering,
    health,
    mathematics,
    medicine,
    physical sciences,
    sports science
    social sciences.
    the whole Law collection (books, Law Reports and journals)
    British Official Publications
    the European Documentation Centre
      Group Study Rooms 3a-3f
      Training Room 3009
Go up to:

Level 4. Ahead of you at the top of the stairs is an exhibition area and corridor leading to
the Library’s Archives and Special Collections. An Exhibition Gallery, the Parkes Collection
(Anglo-Jewish and European Jewish history), the Cope Collection and the University
collection are located here.

This floor houses books on:
    Archaeology
    History
and these are mainly located towards the front of the Library building – turn right as you
reach the top of the stairs to find them.

As usual there is a floor plan to help you. This floor also has printer copier machines,
several study areas and gives access to the corridor leading to the main Library Training

  Books - are shelved using call numbers – a system of letters
  and numbers which indicate the subject – these call numbers
  are on every WebCat record, in capital letters – e.g. WY 100
  PEN. Notices at the end of each range of shelves list the call
  numbers which they hold.
  The Education books, which only have numbers, not letters
  e.g. 378.4 can be found on the far left-hand side of Level 1.
  In addition to our print books, we now have a growing
  number of electronic books. Details can be found via
  WebCat and on

                                      WebCat is the Library’s catalogue of books, journals,
                                      videos and other materials. It covers all of the
                                      University Library sites. To access all features, log on
                                      with your University ID/Smartcard number and
                                      Library PIN (available from the Reception, Loans or
                                      Enquiry Desks). You can use WebCat on either the
                                      dedicated terminals or on the workstations. However
                                      to access electronic books or electronic journals
                                      through WebCat you will need to use a workstation
                                      rather than a dedicated terminal.

If you have any energy left continue on to:

Level   5 .Here you will find the music collection (including music scores), and material on:
       Philosophy
       English Literature
       the literature of other modern European languages.
       Group Study Rooms 5019, 5023, 5025 & 5037,
       Film & Music Resources Room.

Finally, please approach any member of Library staff for help at any time.

This leaflet will be updated periodically to reflect the changes which inevitably happen in a
large organisation.

                                                                                 smd 29.06.09

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