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					                                                                      Geel, June 28, 2006

                              Press release
       (embargo until Wednesday June 28, 2006)

                       Collaboration agreement
 between the JRC (Joint Research Centre) of the European Commission
                    and XIOS Hogeschool Limburg

                IRMM and XIOS join research efforts

GEEL – Today, the JRC Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements
(IRMM) of the European Commission, and XIOS Hogeschool Limburg sign a
collaboration agreement on scientific research.

This collaboration agreement is expected to facilitate working together on scientific
research and the exchange of research results. It concerns work in the areas of reference
materials, food and feed safety and quality, nuclear measurements and nuclear
technology. The two institutes also aim to establish training programmes in various

XIOS Hogeschool Limburg can offer specialised know-how thanks to its unique master
programmes in nuclear technology and packaging technology. IRMM, on the other hand,
is one of the seven institutes of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), a Directorate-General of
the European Commission. It employs 350 staff and promotes a common and reliable
European measurement system in the fields of e.g. food analysis, environment, health
and consumer protection.

Dirk Franco, General Director at XIOS Hogeschool Limburg, is delighted with the
collaboration agreement: "This is an important step in our academisation process." Doris
Florian, the Unit Head representing IRMM in this event, stresses the importance of
enhancing contacts with the local educational institutes.


XIOS          General Director prof. dr. Dirk Franco
    ; 0477 68 45 19

IRMM          Dr Doris Florian, Unit Head
    ; ++32 (0)14 571 272

                                                               Press release IRMM – XIOS –   1
                    Signing of collaboration agreement

        Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM)
        Retieseweg 111
        B-2440 Geel (Belgium)


09:30   Arrival and welcome by Doris Florian (Unit Head for Institute Development
        and Programme Management) & Marc Wellens (Unit Head for Management

09:40   “IRMM’s contributions to EU policies” (Marc Wellens)

10:00   Signing of collaboration agreement

10:30   Departure

                                                        Press release IRMM – XIOS –   2

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