QUIZ1 by rishabhmishra


  1. Jack Kilby won the Nobel Prize in 2000. What is his contribution to the world of
       He developed the IC in 1958
  2. Microsoft’s version of UNIX for PC’s- XENIX
  3. What is the software that's written specifically to run on a particular processor
  4. Name the world's first PC spreadsheet created by Daniel Bricklin and Bob
  5. What is a software announced but not yet written called?
  6. This man declared in 1964 that 'computing power will double every 18 months'.
     Who was it after whom an eponymous law now exists?
          -GORDON MOORE
  7. Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co was renamed in 1924 as?

  1. The ENIAC, the first large digital computer was unveiled in 1946. What was its
     first use?
         Assessing feasibility of hydrogen bomb
  2. What was the first word processor for personal computers, introduced by Altair in
     1975, called?
             -ELECTRIC PENCIL
  3. Jamcracker is one of the leading IT Consulting companies today. It was co-
     founded by a different KBC - KB Chandrashekhar and was named by Fortune
     magazine as one of the 'Cool companies of 2000' and by Red Herring in '50 most
     important private companies'. Why is it named 'jamcracker’?
                      -In 19th century jamcrackers were persons who eased logjams in
            the lumber industry by pushing the logs along in the right direction and
            relieving bottlenecks in the flow of logs. Jamcracker likewise keeps today’s
            business free of logjams
  4. Which company's first product was a resistance-capacitance audio oscillator based
     on a design developed by one of the founders?
  5. What was co-authored by Collins Hemingway?
         -business@speed of thought

   6. In Sept 1995, the United States Patent Office overturned a decision to grant
      Gilbert Hyatt a patent and recognised Gary Boone as the prior inventor of it.
   7. The designer of the first Basic Interpreter implemented in India is a living legend
      in Indian IT circles. Who?
              -NR NARAYAN MURTHY

   1. Company that promoted the site smartbahu.com- DABUR
   2. Which was the world's first commercial provider of Internet dial-up access?
   3. Who developed Internet Relay Chat (IRC)?
                -JARKO OIKARNNEN
   4. Which cyber-celebrity's homepage has the heading: 'The homepage of a WWW-
       illiterate; why have it at all’?
           -LINUS TRAVOLDS
   5. Which famous Internet Company was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in
   6. What term, integral to the Net, did Ted Nelson coin in his book 'Literary
   7. One of the commonest high quality audio file format used on the Net is MIDI.
       Expand MIDI.
             -Musical Instrument Digital Interface
   8. Which search engine's name literally means 'view from above'?
   9. Expand DSL - as in Dish net DSL.
             -Digital subscribers line
   10. In e-mail jargon, what is ‘Flaming’?
           -Insulting message exchanged within newsgroups or via email
   11. What is the principal objective of the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF)?
              -Manage research into internet protocols
   1. What was the most famous product of a company called Forethought?
   2. 'The computer has married the telephone. The telephone has married the
       television'. That is the advertisement copy for...?
   3. What did Rod Canion, Bill Murto and Jim Harris found?
   4. On November 24, 1998 America Online, Inc. announced that it would acquire
       which entity in a stock transaction valued at $ 4.2 billion?
                  - Netscape Communications Corporation
   5. Which Microsoft product was launched with the baseline: ‘What Productivity
       Means Today’?
                 -OFFICE 2000
   6. Sean Parker is the low-profile co-founder of which famous company?
  1. In hacker slang, who is an ambimouseterous person?
          - Use mouse with either hand
  2. What is the name of the software being developed by FBI which is capable of
     sniffing out email communications connected to lawbreakers?
  3. What is the annual convention of hackers called?
        -Def con

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