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    1. In the olden days, whenever there was a mutiny in a ship, the sailors used
       to intimate the captain of the ship by a letter. The people who were party
       to the mutiny used to sign the letter. However they did not sign their
       names one by one serially instead they used to write their names in a
       circle so that incase the mutiny was slaked, the leader would not be
       identified. This gave rise to a famous two-word phrase. What?
       Ans: Round Robin.
    2. Greek Myth: The only way to find one's way out of the labyrinth built by
       Daedalus was by using a skein of thread. The name for this ball of thread
       is now a commonly used word in the English language. Which word?
       (Sorry no clues)
       Ans: clue
    3. Which term in the English language was coined from the fact that, cheap
       novels were initially printed on low-grade paper?
       Ans: pulp fiction
    4. In ancient England, a man could not beat your wife with anything that
       was more than the width of his thumb. This was a law for quite sometime.
       This gave rise to which commonly used phrase?
       Ans: rule of thumb
    5. In early 19th century, scientists and philosophers used to do their tedious
       calculations under the moonlight for hours in the night leading people to
       call them by a name that’s a popular word in English now. Origin of
       which word?
       Ans: Lunatics

    6. Which musical term do we get from the Japanese word meaning "empty
       Ans: karaoke
    7. This word originated from the low German / Dutch word for "fool" or
       "simpleton", and has been around in various forms since the 15th
       century. In America, the word came to be applied to carnival freaks
       around the 1950s. Around the late 1970s and later, it began to be used to
       describe highly skilled people who had excellent technical skills, but no
       social skills at all. OK, easy enough now. What's the word?
       Ans: Geek
    8. Alfred Binet was the first person to design intelligence tests as a measure
       of the IQ. H H Goddard while working with Binet coined a five-letter
       word for the adults whose defective gene caused them to test with a
       mental age between 8 & 12. What is the term? Then Webster dictionary
       defines this word as a mentally retarded person who has potential mental
       age of between 8 and 12 years and is capable of doing routine work under
       Ans: Moron.