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					                                                                              Demographic Diversity Symposium 2009
                                                                                   The Equal Opportu-
                                                                              nities Section of the
                                                                              American Fisheries So-
                                                                              ciety and the University
                                                                              of Maryland Eastern
                                                                              Shore Living Marine
                                                                              Cooperative      Science
                                                                              Center invites you to the            from 2001-2008. In spite of        the role of family and
                                                                              2009 AFS Diversity Sympo-            these advances, significant        community structure in
                                                                              sium: “Demographic Di-               challenges remain in attract-      encouraging and defining
                                                                              versity in Natural Re-               ing, educating and retaining       educational pathways in
                                                                              source Science Profes-               scientists   from     under-       fisheries and natural re-
                         Strength in Diversity ~ Strength through Diversity

                                                                              sions: Towards an Inclu-             represented groups.                source fields.
                                                                              sive Scientific Democracy,”
                                                                                                                        This symposium is de-              This symposium of-
                                                                              to be held 2-3 September
                                                                                                                   signed to address some of          fers amazing presenters
                                                                              2009, at the 139th annual
                                                                                                                   the academic and occupa-           and promises to be full of
                                                                              AFS meeting in Nashville,
                                                                                                                   tional realities faced by          information.    We hope
                                                                                                                   under-represented groups.          you will join us in what
                                Equal Opportunities Section

                                                                                   The American Fisheries          It will address the questions      will be an exciting and
                                                                              Society recognizes the fun-          of why certain communities         enlightening session in
                                                                              damental value of a diverse          are disconnected from the          Nashville. For more infor-
                                                                              scientific community with            sciences and how to foster         mation on the symposium,
                                                                              regards to its workforce,            the importance of environ-         contact Larry Alade at
                                                                              student population and gov-          mental stewardship through If

                                                                              erning body to achieve its           better scientific communica-       you still need to register
                                                                              mission as defined in the            tion in a culturally relevant      for the conference, please
                                                                              current five-year strategic          context. Furthermore, the          do not forget to do so at
                                                                              plan. Efforts to increase            symposium will highlight 
                                                                              demographic diversity in the         some of the challenges and
                                                                              natural resource and fisher-         successes of existing pro-
                                                                              ies science professions have         grams for students from
                                                                              increased since the mid-             under-represented     groups
                                                                              1960’s,     primarily    for         with aptitudes for the sci-
                                                                              women. A recent report               ences. It will also evaluate
                                                                              released by the American
                                                                              Association for the Ad-
                                                                              vancement       of   Science
                                                                              (AAAS) indicates a 50 %
                                                                              increase in the average an-
                                                                              nual numbers of PhD’s
                                                                              awarded        to     under-
                                                                              represented groups in natu-
                                                                              ral sciences and engineering

                                                                              Inside this issue:
                                                                                                                                  Special points of interest:
                                                                              EOS Travel Awards Apps Due Soon             2
                                                                                                                                  • Apply for student travel assistance to the
                                                                              Seeking Mentor Award Nominations            2         Annual Meeting ~ page 2
                                                                              AFS Emmeline Moore Prize Announced          3       • Thank you to EOS Travel Award Contribu-
                                                                              Western Division Meeting                    3         tors ~ page 4
                                                                              EOS Seeking 2009 Contributions              4       • Equal Opportunities Section Business Meet-
                                                                                                                                    ing and Luncheon Announced ~ page 5
                                                                              Officer Information                         5
 EOS Travel Applications Due Soon!
 Don't miss the travel award applica-        AFS Annual Meeting.                        uted $25,000 over the past seven years
 tion deadline!                                                                         to assist 49 students from 34 institu-
                                                  We are grateful to the nine AFS       tions in 6 countries. Through our com-
      If you are aware of students from      units that have contributed at total of    bined efforts, the Society is gradually
 underrepresented groups who need            $3,350 to support six student travel       becoming more diverse.
 funds for travel to the 2009 Annual         awards so far this year. Any donations
 Meeting in Nashville, TN, please have       received through June 1 will increase           Representation of women in the
 them visit the EOS website or contact       the number of awards we can provide.       Society has climbed from only 5% in
 Gwen White ( by                                                      1982 to over 24% today. We still have
 May 15, 2009. The application can be             Checks may be written to the          a long way to go to reflect the broad
 found on the EOS website at                 "Equal Opportunities Section" desig-       range of perspectives and skills needed
 ( Please      nated for the EOS Travel Award Fund.       to address complex fisheries issues, but
 post or forward it to students in your      Units have typically sent $100 to $500,    these trends are clearly improving!
 unit. Application deadline is May 15,       although any amount would be greatly
 2009!                                       appreciated. Contributions may be sent
                                             to the EOS Treasurer Julie Claussen
      The AFS Equal Opportunities Sec-       ( or 217-244-5113).
 tion (EOS) annually solicits contribu-
 tions to assist students from underrep-           With your help, we have distrib-
 resented groups in their travels to the

 Application Request for the EOS Mentor Award Program
     Mentors play an enormous role in        Michele Traver, Chair                       development with individuals.
the lives of both students and profession-   NMFS/NEFSC, Population Dynamics
                                                                                         Please submit:
als. Often times, it goes unrewarded.        Branch
EOS is trying to change that trend by        166 Water Street, Woods Hole, MA            • Application
recognizing those individuals who pro-       02543
                                                                                         • Summary of nominee’s qualities
vide support and guidance to increasing      Phone: 508-495-2195
professional diversity in fisheries and      E-mail:             (less than 500 words or one page)
natural resources fields of study. We are                                                • A letter of recommendation from a
now accepting applications for the an-                                                   colleague of the nominee
nual EOS Mentor Award in Profes-             In order to be eligible, all nominees
sional Diversity in Fisheries and Natu-                                                    The 2008 Profession Diversity in
                                             must meet the following criteria:
ral Resources. The purpose of the                                                      Fisheries Award recipient was Patrick
                                               • Nominees should provide academic      Kocovsky, from the USGS Great Lakes
award is to recognize a member of AFS
                                               and/or professional guidance with       Science Center, Lake Erie Biological
who has contributed to increasing the
                                               networking, goal setting, and career    Field Station, and he was nominated by
diversity in fisheries by being a mentor
to fisheries students or professionals         development.                            Catilin O’Brien, an undergraduate from
from underrepresented groups, including                                                Oberlin College.
                                               • Nominees should challenge and
women, ethnic groups, and people with          provide intellectual growth and sup-
disabilities. We encourage you to nomi-        port to individuals.
nate your professor or colleague whom
you think is worthy of this esteemed           • Nominees should provide advocacy
award. Closing date for applications is        and be a positive role model.
June 15, 2009.                                 • Nominees should provide encour-
     For more details, please visit            agement, support (Academic, profes-             sional and personal), and acknowl-
mentoringforprofessionaldiversity.html         edgment of accomplishments to indi-
or contact:                                    viduals.                                Nominate your outstanding mentor
                                               • Nominees should foster long-term      today!

                                                                                                                          Page 2
 Western Division Announces Annual Meeting
    The Arizona-New Mexico Chapter is excited
to offer a meeting filled with excellent symposia
and contributed papers relevant to the issues that
we all encounter professionally in today’s fisheries
management realm. Join us in culturally diverse
Albuquerque, New Mexico for Western Division
and Cinco de Mayo at the city’s aquarium!
and get all the information you need regarding
registration, the hotel, New Mexico, Continuing
Education, the Plenary Session, and more!

 Attention Education Section Members
                                               Nominees Needed for President-Elect,          I would like to receive nominations by
                                               Secretary-Treasurer, and Southern             May 31, 2009.
                                               and Western Division Representatives
                                                                                             Thanks, Donna Parrish
                                               Each of the above is for a 2-year term.
                                               Please consider running yourself or
                                               nominating someone for these positions.

AFS Announces The Emmeline Moore Prize
       The American Fisheries Society          Nominees for the award are restricted to      nomination letter, the nominee’s title
  (AFS) has established a new award,           AFS members.                                  and full contact information (i.e. ad-
  named after the first female AFS presi-                                                    dress, e-mail, phone etc.) to complete
  dent, Emmeline Moore (1927-1928), to                                                       the package.
  recognize career achievement in the
                                                                                             Nomination Deadline: *May 31st
  promotion of demographic diversity               “...presented to an individual who        2009* For more information about
  in the society. This award will be pre-
                                                   demonstrates strong commitment            the Emmeline Moore Prize, or to sub-
  sented to an individual who demon-
                                                                                             mit nominations (electronic format
  strates strong commitment and exem-              and exemplary service to ensuring         preferred),
  plary service to ensuring equal opportu-
  nity access to higher education in fisher-       equal opportunity access to higher
  ies and/or professional development in                education in fisheries...“           Larry A. Alade, Chair
  the broad range of fisheries science dis-
                                                                                             Research Fisheries Biologist
  ciplines. Qualified nominees must ex-
                                                                                             National Marine Fisheries Service
  hibit clear evidence of service and
                                                    A nomination package should in-          Northeast Fisheries Science Center
  commitment to diversity initiatives,
                                               clude a detailed letter of support            Woods Hole Laboratory/Population
  including a strong research or fisheries
                                               (maximum three pages) describing the          Dynamics
  management leadership background,
                                               nominee’s accomplishments and includ-         166 Water Street, Woods Hole, MA
  public understanding of diversity issues,
                                               ing evidence of involvement in diversity      02543
  technical and popular writing, and inspi-
                                               initiatives given the criteria noted above.   508 495-2085 (voice)
  rational leadership. Candidates should
                                               The main letter of nomination can be          508 495-2393 (fax)
  also have enunciated principles that lead
                                               supported through several signatures or       E-mail:
  to greater involvement of under-
                                               up to three additional letters of support     <>
  represented groups in fisheries science,
                                               can be submitted. Please include in the
  education, research or management.

                                                                                                                             Page 3
 EOS Seeking Contributions for 2009 Travel Awards                                                                     by Gwen White
     We are grateful to the AFS units who         Your contribution for student travel to             young people from diverse backgrounds an
continue to support the student travel fund       the 2009 AFS Annual Meeting in Nash-                opportunity to explore their interests in
administered by the Equal Opportunities           ville, Tennessee, will enable us to continue        fisheries as a profession.
Section (EOS) of the American Fisheries           ensuring that more minority and female
                                                                                                           We anticipate hosting a similar lunch-
Society. Your contributions help us achieve       students will be able to participate in an-
                                                                                                      eon and a symposium in Nashville. There is
the goals of the AFS Strategic Plan to            nual conferences and develop professionally
                                                                                                                        no fee for students at the
"create a climate in which diversity is wel-      through associations
                                                                                                                        luncheon, due to generous
comed, acknowledged and appreciated."             with AFS. Checks may
                                                                                                                        contributions by mentors
                                                  be written to the
     With all of our efforts, the Society is
                                                  “Equal Opportunities      “ us achieve the goals of the AFS in the Society. However,
gradually becoming more diverse. Nearly a                                                                               all participants must RSVP
                                                  Section” designated        Strategic Plan to ‘create a climate in by August 1 due to limited
quarter of AFS members are now women,
                                                  for the EOS Travel
as indicated by the 2008 Membership Sur-                                          which diversity is welcomed,          space and menu planning
                                                  Award Fund. Units
vey, up from only 13 female members in                                                                                  needs. We hope to see you
                                                  have typically sent
1964 (0.6%). As recently as 1982, only 5%                                      acknowledged and appreciated.’”          there!
                                                  $100 to $500, although
of AFS members were women. We still
                                                  any amount would be                                                   The list of 2008 student
have some distance to go with equal repre-
                                                  greatly appreciated.                                                  recipients and AFS unit
sentation from minorities and women, but
                                                                                                      contributors is located within the winter
these trends are improving!                       Contributions may be sent to:
                                                                                                      newsletter posted on the EOS website,
    If you are aware of students from             Julie Claussen, AFS-EOS Treasurer                   along with the 2009 travel award applica-
underrepresented groups who need                  IL Natural History Survey                           tion at: .
funds for travel to the 2009 Annual               1816 S. Oak St.                                     Please take a moment to read comments
Meeting in Nashville, TN, please have             Champaign, IL 61820                                 from past year’s recipients (pg. 3 in the
them visit the EOS website or contact me          (217) 244-5113                                      winter newsletter), note their enthusiasm
by May 15, 2009.                                                             and help us encourage more students this
      With your help, we have distributed              Tennessee is within driving distance of
$25,000 over the past seven years to assist       a large part of the US population. Therefore,            Thank you for providing leadership in
49 students from 34 institutions in 6 coun-       we anticipate that a record number of stu-          the promotion of professional and social
tries! As an example of student response to       dents may apply for funding. Out of 25 ap-          diversity in the fisheries profession. If you
receiving an award, Caitlin O’Brien, a            plicants for the San Francisco meeting, we          have any questions or suggestions about
B.A. student at Oberlin College, Ohio,            provided $500 travel awards to 11 students,         how the EOS may more effectively pro-
wrote the following:                              including three students from Mexico. Next          mote diversity throughout AFS units and
                                                  year, we hope to exceed that number.                events, please contact the current section
     I was thrilled to hear that I have
                                                                                                      president, Dr. Larry Alade.
     been selected as one of the recipi-               The luncheons that we have co-
     ents of the 2008 EOS award! Be-              sponsored over the past few years with the          We look forward to hearing from you!
     fore I wasn't sure I'd be able to            International Fisheries Section or Fish His-
     attend, but now I will definitely be         tory Section have been consistently attended
     able to experience my first profes-          by over 60 guests. The presentations have           Sincerely,
     sional conference. I am very ex-             been well-received, encouraging AFS to              Gwen White, Ph.D.
     cited! Thanks for your help!                 continue supporting programs that give              EOS Travel Awards Chair

 EOS Grateful to Contributors for 2009 and 2008
     The EOS Travel Award is entirely             (to date)                                           2008 EOS Travel Award Contributors
dependent on annual solicitations for funds
                                                  Annual line item:                                   Education Section ($1,000)
from units across the American Fisheries
                                                  Fisheries Management Section ($500)                 Fisheries Management Section ($500)
Society and to external organizations. We
                                                  North Central Division ($500)                       North Central Division ($500)
are very grateful to one division, two sec-
                                                  Indiana Chapter ($100)                              Southern Division ($500)
tions, five chapters, and one student sub-
                                                                                                      Alaska Chapter ($300)
unit for their contributions in 2009.             Additional contributions:
                                                                                                      Ontario Chapter ($250)
                                                  Education Section ($1000)
     It’s not too late for additional contribu-                                                       Fish Health Section ($250)
                                                  Minnesota Chapter ($100)
tions. Annual line items in unit budgets are                                                          Michigan Chapter ($250)
                                                  Montana Chapter ($500)
especially appreciated! Please contact                                                                Estuaries Section ($175)
                                                  Tidewater Chapter ($300)
Gwen White ( with                                                                   Arizona-New Mexico Chapter ($100)
                                                  Ontario Chapter ($250)
contributions or leads.                                                                               Indiana Chapter ($100)
                                                  Univ. of Maryland Eastern Shore Student
2009 EOS Travel Award Contributors                Subunit ($100)
                                                                                                                                           Page 4
                                                 2008-2009 EOS Officers and Committees
                                                 President                            Student Travel Award Committee Chair
       Send Newsletter Updates                   Larry A. Alade                       Gwen White
                                                                                      Lake & River Enhancement Biologist
             to the Editor:                      Population Dynamics Branch           Indiana DNR
  Robin DeBruyne (   
                                                                                      Mentoring for Professional Diversity
                                                 President-Elect                      Committee Chair
  Send Website Updates and Postings              Robin L. DeBruyne                    Michele Traver
          to the Webmaster:                      Ph.D. Student
                                                 Cornell Biological Field Station
                                                                                      Population Dynamics Branch
  Justin Chiotti (            

                                                 Secretary-Treasurer                  EOS Webmaster
                                                                                      Justin Chiotti
                                                 Julie Clausen
                                                                                      Cornell University
    We won’t know if you don’t tell!             Illinois Natural History Survey
                                                                                      Dept. of Natural Resources

                                              EOS Luncheon/Business Meeting
      Check out our website                   Make your plans early to attend the Equal Opportunities Section Luncheon and              Business Meeting at the Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN. The luncheon will be
         and EOS on Facebook                  on Monday, August 31, 2009 in Fisk Two Room of the Renaissance Nashville
                                              Hotel from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. There is no fee for students at the luncheon,
                                              due to generous contributions by mentors in the Society. However, all partici-
                                              pants must RSVP by August 1 to limited space and menu planning needs. Please
                                              RSVP to Robin DeBruyne ( We hope to see you there!

Skinner Award Applications Due Soon!
     The John E. Skinner Memorial       attending the meeting. Travel                                    Both parts of the
Fund was established in memory of       support up to US$800.00 will                                     completed appli-
John Skinner, former Chapter and        be made available to success- “... provides monetary travel      cation must be
Western Division American Fisheries     ful applicants. Award winners awards for deserving graduate      received no later
Society President. The fund provides    will also receive a one year                                     than May 8, 2009
                                                                         students or exceptional
monetary travel awards for deserving    paid membership to the                                           at midnight. Note
graduate students or exceptional un-    American Fisheries Society.    undergraduate students ...”       that there are two
dergraduate students to attend the                                                                       sections (Part I and
                                            The 2009 Skinner Award
American Fisheries Society (AFS)                                                                         Part II) to this ap-
                                        Application form can be found on the
Annual Meeting. The 2009 meeting                                                    plication and each section is a separate
                                        AFS website ( or
will be held in Nashville, Tennessee                                                document. This is Part I of the applica-
from August 30 to September 3,                                                      tion and should be filled out by the ap-
2009.                                   Dr. Joseph E Hightower                      plicant. Limit all answers to the space
                                        U.S. Geological Survey                      provided. Additional material will not be
     Any student who is active in
                                        NC Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Re-        considered in evaluating applicants.
fisheries or related aquatic disci-
                                        search Unit
plines is eligible to apply. Awardees                                                    Please complete the form and email
                                        Campus Box 7617, NC State University
are chosen by a committee of the                                                    (preferred) OR send one hard copy to the
                                        Raleigh, NC 27695-7617
AFS Education Section. Selection is                                                 address above.
                                        Phone: (919) 515-8836
based on academic qualifications,
professional service, and reasons for

                                                                                                                             Page 5

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