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									Environment YES (Young Entrepreneurs Scheme)

Environment YES is an innovative scheme sponsored by NERC, to raise levels of
entrepreneurial awareness that is targeted at PhD students and post doctoral
researchers working in the environmental sciences. This is done through a training
workshop with a competition format, and £1000 prize.

Registration is now open for teams of PhD and postdoctoral researchers working in
the natural sciences. Anyone working in the natural sciences is eligible to enter; it is
not restricted to just those funded by NERC.

The deadline for applications is June 17th 2009.

The benefits to participants include:
   • Information gathering
   • Communication and presentation skills
   • Interpersonal skills
   • Team building and working
   • Creative thinking and problem solving
   • Working to deadlines, negotiation, plus business planning and drafting.

The travel and subsistence and accommodation costs are reimbursed.

For further details and an application form, please visit:

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