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First step is to visit and meet with other successful projects. You should also assess the ability of your
organisation to take forward the scheme and identify any possible development areas. You should also
determine the need for your proposed project by producing feasibility and/or business plan. This will
allow you to produce a project description and a funding plan. I suggest that if you are going to apply to
a wide range of funders then you purchase the most recent directory of Trust Funds. These are in hard
copy or CD.

I have listed some of the most relevant trusts for you to follow up but there are thousands of Trusts in
existence. Please note that you should check details with the organisations prior to applying as priorities
are subject to change.


      If the Village Hall is set up as a charitable organisation they could try using CVS network to
       provide full search of Trust funding available. The CVS can be contacted on 01546 606808.

      SCVO also provides support and has lots of advice packs, 0131 556 3882,

      Argyll & Bute Council Community Education provides support and access to funding manuals.

      Funderfinder Software plus free Apply Yourself software and lists of appropriate books,
       fundraising strategy etc. 0113 243 3008,

      Other publications such as Trust Funding are available from DSC, 020 7391 4800,


      Rural Development Small Awards Scheme, Scottish Exectutive, 0131 244 3885

      CEDP (Community Economic Development Programme), Claire Strain, 01546 605417

      Lottery Awards for All (must have less than £20,000 in bank), 0141 212 1200,

      UnLtd, 0845 850 1122

      Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland Capacity Building Grants (address as below)

      CAF, Judith McQuillan, Grants Administrator, 01732 520031,

      UVAF (Unemployed Voluntary Action Fund) – this may be of use when considering how
       the centre will be run - Mrs Sandra Carter, Administrator, 01383 620780,

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   In the last 10 years, village and community halls the length and breadth of the UK have received a
    massive £258 million in National Lottery funding – one of the biggest Lottery beneficiaries.

   Lottery grants have helped establish brand new community halls or upgrade existing ones throughout
    the UK, offering flexible spaces to best meet the varied needs of local groups, bringing a wide range
    of resources to the locality. These range from voluntary support groups, through social groups for all
    ages, to keep-fit and recreational activities.

       The Big Lottery Fund (Launches its programmes 22 Nov and
        open for applications in March 2006)
       Awards for All Scotland:
       Sports Scotland
       Heritage Lottery Fund:


       Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland, 0131 225 4555,

       All Churches Trust, R W Clayton, Secretary, 01452 528533

       The Co-operative Group, Pick up a leaflet in-store.

       The Baird Charitable Trust, Ronald D Oakes, Secretary, 0141 332 0476

       Charles Hayward Charitable Trust, Mark Schnebli, Correspondent, 020 7370 7067

       Esmee Fairbairn Charitable Trust, Margaret Hyde, Director, 020 7297 4700,

       Gannochy Trust, Mrs Jean Gandhi, 01738 620653

       Gamma Trust, The Manager, 0141 223 2507

       Garfield Weston Foundation, Fiona Foster, Administrator, 020 7589 6363

       Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust, Mrs M A Moss, Trustee, Holmhurst, West ton Drive, Bridge of
        Allan, Stirling,FK9 4QL

       Hugh Fraser Foundation, Heather Thompson, 0131 228 8111

       HB Allen Charitable Trust, Peter Shone, Trustee, 01647 433235,

       Gatsby Foundation, Michael Pattison, Director, 020 7410 0330,

       Lankelly Foundation, Peter Kilgarriff, Director, 01235 820044

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       Newby Charitable Trust, Mrs W Gillam, Secretary, 01730 827557

       PF Charitable Trust, Mrs Val Richards, 020 7409 5600

       Rank Foundation, Sheila Gent, Assistant Grants Administrator, 01295 272337

       Robertson Trust, Sir Lachlan Maclean, Secretary, 0141 304 4533,

       Templeton Goodwill Trust, W T P Barnstaple, Trustee and Administrator, 01698 262 202

       Waterside Trust, Robert Clark, 0131 225 6366

       The MacRobert Trust:

       Tudor Trust:

       UK Community Kitty

Income generation

Hall lets, café, shop, etc.

Local Fundraising

Funding from your own community is one of the best ways of demonstrating local support for your
project and no matter which external funders you are applying to, you will always improve your chances
of success if you can demonstrate local support. Local fundraising should start as early as possible, and
should ideally be ongoing.

Could raise funds through selling personalised bricks, 01825 740880,
Website for donations, view Mull & Iona’s Community Website for inspiration.

Other Potential Funders

    1. The Nationwide Foundation:
    2. Foundation for Arts and Sports: Tel. 0151 259 5505

Loan Funds

Village Halls Loan Fund: This fund is provided by the countryside Agency and administered by ACRE.
Loans are available towards the building of a new hall, the acquisition and conservation of a building into
a village hall and for capital improvements to existing village halls. Loans of up to £20,000 are available.

For further information and an application form please phone 01743 237878.

Non-statutory Funding

If the Village Hall is set up as a charitable organisation they could try using CVS network to provide full
search of Trust funding available. The CVS can be contacted on 01546 606808.

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Statutory Funding

Local Capital Grants Scheme through Scottish Executive Rural Partnership Fund is co-ordinated by Jim
McCrossan, Community Principal Officer for Argyll and Bute.

Other Trust and Company Funds
There are thousands of Trust Funds and these are detailed in directories which can be purchased
through the Directory of Social Change (DSC), tel 020 7209 5151 and also Scottish
Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), Glasgow Office, 3rd Floor, Centrum Building, 38 Queen
Street, Glasgow, G1 3DX, tel 0141 221 0030 Guides of private companies that may provide funding or
sponsorship are also available from DSC.

Gift Aid
Please note that if you attract donations from individuals you can claim tax of twenty-eight percent from
the Inland Revenue. Further information can be obtained by telephoning 020 7930 3154 or

European Funding
For details of European funding contact your local Enterprise Company, Highlands & Islands Enterprise,
Argyll & the Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire, the Strathclyde European
Partnership Ltd, the WHELK Leader+ Programme and Argyll & Bute Council European Funding Service.
Details on Argyll & Bute Council External Funding Web Pages.

Funding Information
Further information on funding, including the monthly funding bulletin ALERT, can be found on the Argyll
& Bute Council Website:

Arlene Cullum, Corporate Funding Officer, Argyll and Bute Council, Kilmory, Lochgilphead PA31 8RT. Email:

   Funding bodies often review application deadlines and criteria for funding can
  change. Before submitting funding applications please contact organisations to
                            check funding information.

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