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    Reference books in the library
    Finding books held by the library
    Language dictionaries
    Searching for books beyond our library
    Visiting other libraries
    Language and cultural organisations

    What are journals and where do I find them?
    Databases
     Arts & Humanities Citation Index
     Expanded Academic File
    Record your references
    Bibliographies & referencing
    Interlibrary loan
    Athens accounts


Please contact us if you need help with the resources listed in this guide.

Librarians for Media, Language and Music
Rae Riach and Jacquie Boston
Tel: 01292 886345

September 2006

Reference books in the library

Reference books are a good place to start your research. They are useful for
background essays on your module topics, as well as historical and biographical
references. Good encyclopedias will also give you short bibliographies for further
reading. Here is a selection of Reference books that cover different aspects of
European culture:

Chronology of European History
Paisley 2 nd Floor Reference 940

The BFI Companion to German Cinema
Paisley 3rd Floor South Reference 791.430943

A Companion to Twentieth-Century German Literature
Paisley 2 nd Floor Reference 830.90091

Diccionario Espasa Cine Españo
Paisley 3rd Floor South Reference 791.430946

Dictionary of Contemporary Spain
Ayr REF 946.083 TRU, Paisley 3rd Floor South Reference 946.083 TRU, standard loan
copies are also available.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary French Culture
Ayr REF 944, Paisley 2 nd Floor Reference 944.08

Encyclopedia of Contemporary German Culture
Ayr REF 943, Paisley 2 nd Floor Reference 943

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Culture
Ayr REF 946, Paisley 2 nd Floor Reference 946.082

Encyclopedia of European Cinema
Paisley 3rd Floor South Reference 791.43094

Encyclopedia of Modern French Thought
Paisley Reference 944.081

Modern Germany: an Encyclopedia of History, People and Culture, 1871-1990
Paisley 2 nd Floor Reference 943.08

New Oxford Companion to Literature in French
Paisley 2 nd Floor Reference 840.9

The Satesman's Yearbook 2005: the Politics, Cultures and Economies of the
Ayr REF 909.83

Quid 2006
Language Centre

Finding books held by the library

Our online catalogue lists all the books, videos and DVDs held by the Library, so this
is the obvious place to find resources for your assignments. Library staff will happily
answer questions about how to search for these.

The catalogue is available on PCs in the Library and any other PC with internet access.
You will find a catalogue link on the library’s web page at:

Books can be sent between the campuses and can be requested online through the
Catalogue or at the Library’s Issue Counter.

Books are shelved according to their Dewey Decimal shelfmark which groups them
together by subject.
Some shelfmarks you might find useful are:
Hispanic fiction                     860-868
Latin American history               980
Spain 20th century                   946.08
Spain economics                      330.946
Spanish artists                      759.6
Spanish cinema                       791.43094
Spanish grammar                      468.24
Spanish history                      946
Spanish politics                     320.946

Immigration in France                304.844
French art                           759.4
French cinema                        791.430944
French grammar                       448.24
French history                       944
French politics                      320.944
French society                       914.4
French verbs                         443.21
Modern French fiction                843.914
Women and employment                 331.420944
Women in France                      305.420944

German cinema                        791.430943
German grammar                       433.2
German history                       943
German literature                    833.912 – 833.914
German politics                      320.943

Language dictionaries

A selection of dictionaries is available for use in the Language Centre at Paisley.
In the Paisley Library reference copies of language dictionaries are shelved in the 2 nd
floor reference section in the 400s; French 440s, German 430s and Spanish 460s.
Dictionaries that can be borrowed are in the general collection at the same shelfmarks.
In Ayr the dictionaries are located in the Reference section in the 400s as above and
copies that can be borrowed are at the same numbers in the general collection.

Searching for books beyond our library

If you need to find more books on a topic than are in our Library, you can try searching
other Library online catalogues. The catalogues of the following institutions are
available in advanced search in our online catalogue: British Library, Glasgow
University, Glasgow Caledonian University, National Library of Scotland and
Strathclyde University. You can search these by keyword or subject for interesting
books and request copies through the interlibrary loan service.

COPAC provides access to the merged online catalogues of 24 major university
research libraries in the UK and Ireland plus the British Library, the National Library of
Scotland, and the National Library of Wales/Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru.
There is a link to COPAC on the Library’s web page in the general sources section of
recommended internet sites.

Also try looking through the bibliographies and references in books you have already
found useful for other relevant looking titles. If we don’t hold them in the Paisley
Libraries you can request copies through interlibrary loan.

Visiting other Libraries

A reference agreement exists between University Libraries in the Glasgow area –
students from Strathclyde, Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian, Royal Scottish
Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow School of Art and Paisley Universities
can now use the facilities of the other institutions at any time. A current student ID card
will be required for access.

Language and cultural organisations

Visit the websites listed below for information on language resources and cultural

L’ Alliance Française de Glasgow

The National Centre for Languages (CILT)

Goethe-Institut Glasgow

Instituto Cervantes


What are journals and where do I find them?

Journals are published weekly, monthly or quarterly and dedicated to a particular
subject area.

The Library subscribes to journals in both print and electronic formats. They are all
listed on the Library catalogue and can be searched for by their titles. Modern and
Contemporary France (944.005 Paisley) is available in print.

The electronic journals that the Library subscribes to are listed in the electronic
resources section of the Library’s web page where you will find journals such as
French Politics, Culture and Society, Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies and the
Journal of Latin American Studies.

Current issues of the following Spanish journals are available in the Paisley Library at
the shelfmark 460.5:
Cambio 16, El Pais, El Pais semenal, Hola, Muy Interesante
Spanish newspapers are available at the following websites:
El Pais
El Mundo

Current issues of the following French magazines are available in the Paisley Library at
the shelfmark 440.5: Expansion, Le Nouvel Observateur, Phosphore, Le Point,
Sciences Humaines, Télérama. Dailies: Le Monde, Le Parisien.
Ayr Library: Paris Match

Current issues of the following German journals are available in the Paisley Library at
the shelfmark 430.5: DAAD Letter, Deutschland, Der Speigel and Stern.

To search for relevant journal articles by topic you will need to use some of the
electronic databases that the Library provides access to on our web page.


Databases are subject indexes to the articles published in a selected range of journals.
They can be searched using keywords to find articles on a particular topic.
Some databases provide a link to the full text of the articles and some provide only a
short abstract summarising the articles contents.

If you can’t get the full text of the article through the database, click on the SFX
logo (if available) to connect to our electronic journals list. Alternatively search the
Library catalogue for a print version of the journal. Library staff are happy to help if you
find all this confusing.

Links to the following and other databases can be found on the Library’s web page at under electronic resources. Click on the Media, Language
and Music link for the following:

 Arts & Humanities Citation Index
This database indexes the articles from over one thousand journals in arts and
humanities subjects. Languages are widely covered. You will need to use your Athens
account for access.

 Expanded Academic File
This service provides full text access to hundreds of journals and magazines. An
Athens account will allow you to access this database from home (please see the
paragraph on Athens accounts for information on this).

Record your references

The most important thing to remember about referencing journal articles is to
make sure you have the full details of the article so that you can reference it
correctly in your assignments. You need to have the author, article title, journal
title, volume, issue/part number (if given), page numbers and date.
Many databases allow you to email lists of references to yourself making it easy
to create bibliographies.

Harvard referencing system

The Library produces a comprehensive guide to the Harvard referencing system called
References and Bibliographies. Printed copies of this are available in the Library and
you can also download it from the guides section of the Library’s web page at:

Interlibrary loan

If the Library doesn’t hold the books and journal articles you need then you can request
them through interlibrary loan (ILL). Request forms are available at the Interlibrary
Loan Desk on Level 3 in Paisley or from the Library Counter in Ayr. Ideally you need to
allow at least two weeks for ILL requests to arrive.

Athens accounts

Athens accounts enable University of Paisley staff and students to use the Library’s
electronic resources both on and off campus. You will automatically be prompted to
enter your Athens login and password when it is required for electronic access.
Your Athens account is set up for you each year when you enrol. If you have any
problems with it, please phone the library on 0141 8483759 or ask for help at the
Enquiries Desk on Level 2.
In Ayr you can phone 01292 886345 for assistance or ask at the Librarians office for


There is a vast amount of information now freely available on the Internet, however
please remember that anyone can put information on a website with no academic basis
to the opinions expressed. Evaluating Websites is a useful guide that gives you a set
of guidelines by which to consider the content of the websites you are using. You can
download the guide from the Library’s web page at: or pick
up a print copy from the Library information stand.
A selection of websites is available on the Library’s web page under recommended
internet sites for Media, Language and Music.

 Google Scholar at: is an internet search engine that
 has advanced search options that allow you to construct more precise searches and
 eliminate some of the inevitable rubbish from your results.


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