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  Undergraduate EU Student Funding:
  EU Students starting University from
  September 2009
                                          In general, you are classed as an EU student if:
                                          •    You are an EU national or a family member of an EU na-
                                          •    You have been living in the EEA and Switzerland for the
                                               3 years immediately before the start of your course
                                          •    Your main reason for being in the EEA and Switzerland
                                               was not to receive full time education

   What financial support is available to me if I am an EU student starting University full time in
   Sept 2009?

   Normally non-UK EU students can only receive financial help towards their tuition fees.

   Tuition fees in Wales for nearly all undergraduate degree schemes at Cardiff University will be £3225
   in academic year 2009/10. This amount will rise with inflation each academic year. However Welsh
   domiciled students and non-UK EU students who study in Wales will be eligible for a non-means tested
   fee grant of £1940 paid direct to their university. Effectively, this leaves these students with a fee of
   £1285 to pay in academic year 2009/10. This fee can be paid up front or a tuition fee loan can be taken
   out to pay them.

   Tuition Fee Loans, which are non-means tested, are available to both new and continuing eligible full-
   time EU students. The amount you can borrow depends on the cost of your tuition fees. For example,
   for those new EU students who chose to study at a Welsh university and are liable for the £3225 fees,
   but who are also eligible for the non-means tested fee grant of £1940, the maximum amount of tuition
   fee loan you can borrow would be £1285.

   Tuition fee loans are paid direct to the University by the government and repaid by you to the Student
   Loans Company after you leave your course and when you are earning over the repayment threshold
   (please see below for more information). This means that you do not have to pay your fees before you
   start your course or whilst you are studying. All EU students who are assessed to pay their fees, includ-
   ing those who started before 2008, can take out a full or partial fee loan as it is not means tested.

   How do I repay the tuition fee loan?

   Repayments only begin once you have left your course and are earning over a certain level of income
   called the ‘repayment threshold’. When you take out a tuition fee loan, you will have to enter into a con-
   tract with the Student Loans Company (SLC) which will commit you to repaying the loan on finishing
   your course and allows the SLC to enforce collection of the loan. The SLC will work out your monthly

            50 Park Place
         Cathays Campus
                  (029) 2087 4844

2nd Floor Cardigan House
      Heath Park Campus
                  (029) 2074 2070
repayment based on the repayment principle that is used for those students who stay in the
UK. You will repay 9% of your earnings over the repayment threshold. However, if you do
not stay in the UK after finishing your course, differences in living costs will be accounted for
and the repayment threshold may be different to that of the UK. Therefore, the repayment of
a tuition fee loan is based upon your ability to repay regardless of where you chose to settle
after your course. It is important to keep the SLC informed of changes to contact details as
all borrowers who plan to move outside of the UK after their course will need to sign a re-
payment agreement informing the SLC of how the borrower intends to repay their loan after
they have moved. The SLC will seek repayment of these loans and it will be able to take
court action, in both the UK and EU, to enforce the debt if necessary.

What if I do not take out my fee loan at the start of the year but decide I want to later
in the year?

If you have paid all your fees yourself to the university, and not via a fee loan, you cannot
later access a fee loan unless the amount of fee loan you wish to borrow is refunded to you
from the money you have already paid. If you have paid your fees, for example from your
savings, but then decide you need that money for living costs, you would need to get a fee
refund from the university before a fee loan could be taken out with the Student Loans Com-
pany. If you find yourself in this position please come to see an advisor to discuss it.

How do I apply for this financial support?

If you are a new full time student, starting in September 2009, and applied to University
through UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) then you should automati-
cally be sent an application form EU8N to complete for financial support.

If you are a continuing student and have previously applied for financial support, you should
automatically be sent application form EUPR1. This should be sent to your home address in
the EU. However, if you are a continuing student who has not previously applied for finan-
cial support you will need to complete the EU8N form.

These application forms, with accompanying guidance notes, can also be downloaded via
www.direct.gov.uk/studentfinance-eu . It is important to submit your application as soon as
possible as during busy times, the process can take up to 40 working days. Please do not
wait until arriving in the UK to apply. If you have any queries about the application process,
or any details change, please contact the EU Customer Services Team directly.

All forms should be returned to the EU Customer Services Team, and their contact details

EU Customer Services Team
P.O. Box 89
County Durham
Tel: +44 (0)1412 433570
Email: EU_Team@slc.co.uk

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