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Dolphin for Leisure Travel Agentsqxp


Dolphin for Leisure Travel Agentsqxp

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									                                    Leisure travel agencies using Dolphin can enjoy the benefits of a fully
                                    integrated travel management solution to optimise sales through both online
                                    and traditional distribution channels. Dolphin provides a complete
                                    multi-channel point of sale and booking management application that allows
                                    users to quickly search and book a variety of flights, hotels, transfers, insurance
                                    and other ancillary products from multiple data sources and to efficiently
                                    manage bookings, customer relationships and travel accounting.
Dolphin for Leisure Travel Agents

                                         Features for leisure travel agents:
                                         • Single neutral booking screen supporting air, accommodation, car, insurance and
                                           other ancillary products
                                         • Easy to search and book a range of travel products from a variety of data sources
                                         • Dynamically packaged or component based tailor-made holidays
                                         • Configurable directional selling and preferred supplier management
                                         • Supports one way, return or multi-sector bookings
                                         • Integration with Viewdata emulations to capture booking information
                                         • GDS certified with Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo & Worldspan
                                         • Product database integration capabilities
                                         • Rules-based pricing engine manages and protects profit margins
                                         • Insurance calculator
                                         • Personalised and ATOL compliant client document production
                                         • Configurable Inbox optimises booking workflow
                                         • Postcode look-up
                                         • CRM - campaign management
                                         • Bookings can be tracked by agent, supplier and customer
                                         • Centralised accounting
                                         • Automated supplier payment reconciliation (including BSP/ARC)
                                         • Integrated payment gateways (Servebase and Commidea)
                                         • Multi-currency supplier transactions
                                         • Audit trails - supplier payment control
                                         • Multi-branch capability - can be used with different brands within the same office
                                         • Comprehensive suite of management information reports and usage statistics
                                         • Hand-off to industry strength financial accounting systems
                                         • Scalable to 1000s of users

                                         Dolphin Dynamics has a large number of leisure travel agent customers, ranging from
                                         five users up to thousands of users. Customers include: STA Travel (UK, AU, NZ, USA),
                                         House of Travel (NZ), Flight Centre (NZ), RCI Travel (UK) and Kanoo Travel.

                                                              Call +44 (0)20 8394 6001
                                                          or email sales@dolphind.com
                                             to arrange a personalised demonstration.
                                            Or visit our web-site at www.dolphind.com

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