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					Cursillo Newsletter
November, 2009
521 East 3rd Street
Erie, PA 16507-1703
Phone: (814) 456-2948
Fax: (814) 454-8096                               Happy Holidays
Web site:
                                                          (All of them!)
Women's Cursillo #215 will begin on Thursday, November 19-22, 2009 at 8:00 PM at Our
Lady of Mercy Church, 837 Bartlett Road, in Harborcreek, PA. Msgr. Andy Karg, Fr. Bill
Sutherland and Deacon Denis Coan will join Rector Kristy Kaliszewski, and her assistant, Julie
Eisert, and their team: Chief Warden Geri Hadlock, Wardens, Barbie Lawless, Stephanie
Buckel, Lori Johannesmeyer, Diane Dougan, Phyllis Zack, Warden Troubadour Meg Hutton and
Auxiliaries Linda McCamman, Gil Monroe, Mary Skladanowski, Teresa Wilczynski, Maureen
Jones and Connie Haibach.
The Holy Hour to support this Cursillo will happen on Saturday, November 21, 2009, 9:00 p.m.
at Our Lady of Mercy Church, with Deacon Steve Washek presiding.
Palanca must be dropped off by Friday, November 20, 2009 at the following sites: 1) St. Mark
Church, 695 Smithson Ave. in Lawrence Park, Mon. – Thurs. 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM, Friday before
11:00 AM, 2) Al's Awning Shop, 1721 West 26th St. in Erie, Mon. – Thurs. only between 8:00
AM – 4:00 PM, 3) Kelly's Sewing Corner, 3330 West 26th St. in Erie, Village West, Mon. –
Thurs. only between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, 4) For Art's Sake, (474-3033), 7547 West Ridge
Rd., Route. 20, Fairview, Tues. – Thurs. 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Fridays 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM, 5)
Hofmann's Church and Religious Goods, 420 East 26th St. in Erie, between 9:00 AM – 5:30
PM, Mon. – Thurs., Fri. before 11:00 AM, 6) The Teacher's Apple Basket, 9 West Main
Street, North East, PA 16428, Mon., 10 AM – 5 PM, Tues. – Thurs., 10:00 A.M. – 8:00 PM, 7)
The Cursillo Office, 521 East 3rd Street in Erie, Mon. – Thurs. 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Fri. 10:00
AM – 11:00 AM. After 11:00 AM on Friday, Palanca should be taken directly to the Cursillo
The set up will be Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at 6:30 PM. The Thursday Night Snack
is the responsibility of the assigned committee. The Friday Morning Breakfast (be there at
7:00 AM) is the responsibility of St. Mark, Mt. Calvary & St. James Parishes. Friday Luncheon
(be there at 12:30 PM) is the responsibility of St. Gregory (North East), St. Boniface, Holy
Rosary, St. John the Baptist and St. Patrick (Erie) Parishes. Friday Supper (be there at 6:15
PM) is the responsibility of Our Lady of Mercy, St. George, St. Paul, St. Julia Parishes.
Saturday Morning (be there at 7:00 AM) is the responsibility of St. Joseph, St. Peter, Mt.
Carmel, Sacred Heart, and Holy Trinity parishes. Saturday Luncheon (be there at 12:45 PM)
is the responsibility of Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady of the Lake, All Saints and St. Jude
parishes. Saturday Supper (be there at 6:45 PM) is the responsibility of Holy Cross, Our Lady
of Peace, St. Andrew, St. John (Girard) and St. Lawrence (Albion) Parishes. Sunday meals (be
there at 7:00 AM and 11:30 AM) are the responsibility of Venango, Clarion and Forest
The parishes assigned to the Closing Luncheon this month will be All Saints, Holy
Rosary, Our Lady of Peace and Sacred Heart of Jesus. Parish Coordinators are reminded
of their responsibility to inform their parishioners of this duty. You are asked to bring
these casseroles or desserts in disposable containers right to the kitchen. Thank You!
For cancellations and additions to the Cursillo list, call Denise McCaleb- Brown at 454-
5801, the Cursillo office at 456-2948 or check the web site (bulletin board), which is
updated regularly.
The emergency phone number at this Cursillo is 814-898-3306.
The Next Erie Ultreya will be scheduled at St. Hedwig Parish, 521 East 3rd Street in Erie at
7:30 p.m. on November 6, 2009. PLEASE NOTE: future Erie Ultreyas will be held at a new
location, Our Lady of Peace Parish, 2401 West 38th Street in Erie at 7:30 p.m. beginning on
December 4, 2009 and January 8, 2010. Prior to the December Ultreya, we will have a tureen
dinner at 5:30 p.m. in the OLP cafeteria to celebrate our newly established Diocese of Erie
Cursillo Endowment Fund. Please bring a dish to share. There will be tureen dinners planned
at a later time in different counties of the diocese so be sure to watch your local newsletters.
The regular program of Celebration of the Eucharist, our sharing program and our closing social
period will be observed at all three Ultreyas. Babysitting will be available at both sites.
Check the dates and times of other Ultreyas in the Diocese in your area newsletters.
Prayers Department: Our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to the loved ones and friends
of Genevieve Taccone, Tom Berdis, Joe Wodarski, Jane Hughes (Kathy Thornton's mother),
Mary Ruby, Larry Nazarian's mother, Chris Buchleitner's mother, Paul Wickles' mother, Herb
Palmer's father, Paula Maloney's father, Barb Lehman and John Lehman's brother, as well as all
those of whom we are unaware. On our sick and recovering from sickness list we find: Fr.
Johnathan Schmolt, Rose Tarquinio, Frank Mehall, Lori Johannesmeyer, Jean Keck, Edith
Olson, Carl Olson, Eileen Landefeld, Joel and Darcie White's son, Barb Cross's mother, Linda
McQueen's mother, Fr. John Fischer's brother, Carolyn Yaple's sister, Bill Pilewski's sister and
brother-in-law, Jack and Maggie Pauline's daughter, as well as all those of whom we are
We would also like to congratulate Babe Chicks Kevin and Jammi Gunter on the birth of their
daughter, Kateri Ann.
Please remember the candidates of Jamestown Women's Koinonia 78 being held November 6-
7, 2009, Footsteps 55, K-30 October 22-25 at SCI Albion and Women's Koinonia K-230 being
held October 23-25, 2009As always keep our seminarians, women and men religious
candidates, as well as our deacon candidates and their wives in your prayers.
For the Good of the Movement: 1) The Men's Cursillo Choir will next join in the Celebration
of the Eucharist at Blessed Sacrament Parish on Saturday, November 28, 2009 at their 5:15
p.m. Mass. Practice will be at 4:15 p.m. in the auditorium under the church. Park in the 25 th
Street parking lot and enter the auditorium from the back entrance. Fellowship gathering and
meal will follow after mass. 2) You are invited to attend a complimentary Luncheon Seminar,
“Estate Planning at Any Age", sponsored by the Catholic Foundation of the Roman Catholic
Diocese of Erie, Inc. and being held at St. Mark's Seminary Dining Room on Thursday,
November 19th from noon to 1:00 p.m., Atty. Colleen Stumpf of Quinn Law Firm, presenter.
Areas to be covered: wills, living will and health care power of attorney. If interested, please call
814-824-1236. Registration is required. 3) Cauley Auditorium (4th and Holland Streets) will
again be the site of the Gigantic Clothing Give-Away sponsored originally by a G.R. from
Cursillo. The date is Saturday, December 5, 2009 from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Volunteers
should try to be there by 8:30 a.m. If you care to help set it all up, come Wednesday or
Thursday, December 2nd and 3rd from 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. or Friday, December 4th, from 4:00
p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Come for the whole time or just part of the time. For more information, please
call Mark and Terrie Kilbert before 12:00 noon at 814-899-4314. 4) A special Thank You to
Linda Tolhurst for her generous donation to the Cursillo movement from her sales at this year's
picnic and from her store. 5) A very special thank you goes out to both Kay Mannino, for so
generously donating her cousin's chalice to the Cursillo Movement, and to Warren and Chris
Beaver, who have graciously decided to purchase the precious metal bowls we so desperately
need. 6) The next Marriage Encounter Weekend will be held November 13-15 at the Lake
Chautauqua Retreat Center in Bemus Point NY. For reservations or information, please call
814-823-4600. 7) Please remember that all banners must be picked up after each Cursillo.
Things Heard at the Last Closing:
   My penance was to say an Our Father whenever I experienced God's grace. I had sixty
      some prayers to say that night. Now, after this closing, if you see me walking down the
      street talking to myself…
   The line in the song talks about “babe chicks”. Well, I feel like I've been in an egg for a
      long time.
   If there were any bumps in my spiritual path – this sure flattened 'em out!
   In order to get comfortable with something I knew nothing about, I had to get
      uncomfortable first (the cots) and I got close to and shared love with all these guys. And I
      got comfortable with that, too!
   I learned to sleep in the shape of a “U” in the roll –away cots.
   Usually it would take me three or four hours of drinking to do what I did on Saturday
Father John's Comments: At Bethany Retreat Center, Frenchville, there's a brand new
gazebo. It was given to Sr. Therese Dush in honor of her sixty years in religious life. Also, the
old (original) barn looks different - it has light colored siding now. And, the parking lots have
been paved with asphalt. Every time I visit, I look around and say, "There's one thing that's
constant around here - change!"

Change is inevitable, natural, and often stressful. Two months ago, I moved into Erie after
fourteen years in Edinboro. I didn't realize I had accumulated so many books or how long it
would take me to transfer my "stuff." Last month, Fr. Bill moved out of Erie (to Edinboro - who
saw that coming?) after eighteen years in Erie. And with Msgr. Kriegel's move to St.
Hedwig's/St. Patrick's, our Cursillo Office is on the move again (at press time, "where" had not
yet been determined). That will be some getting used to - a new place - and that will mean
being patient with a new level of disorganization as we get settled. But, we did it two years ago,
and we'll do it again.

Of course, autumn is a season of change - and although we dread changing our clocks so it
"gets dark earlier", we do it every year and survive quite well. Also, that four-letter weather word
has snuck into the forecast. But, it doesn't last forever - unlike God's love.

Just another challenge on the road of life, isn't it? You know it too well.

For all that we've received, including challenges that stretch us farther than we think we can go -
let us give thanks.

                                                                      Fr. John
As noted in Fr. John's comments, our office will be moving but we're not sure at this time where
we are going. Please be sure to watch the Cursillo Bulletin Board to see where we will be
moving to and when we will need you to help us with that move. As there will not be another
newsletter until February of next year, Fr. John, Fr. Bill and I would like to send you a warm
Thanksgiving Greeting, your first Joyful Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Holy New
Year! God's peace, joy and love to you all!
Candidates for Women's Cursillo #215:
1. Juanita Allen (McGill), No Parish Affiliation (Erie), (Sandi Matts and Judy Dinsmore)
2. Jessica "Jessie" Badach, St. Mark the Evangelist (Erie), (Stan Rocky via Greg and Ann
3. Margaret “Peggy” Badach (Wagner), t. Mark the Evangelist (Erie), (Greg and Ann Badach)
4. Mary Kathryn “Mary Kay” Bednarski, St. John the Baptist (Erie), (Jackie Bukowski)
5. Barbara “Barb” Caggeso (Dallasen), St. Leo Magnus (Ridgway), (Jennifer Stolburg)
6. Joann Caggeso (Papa), St. Leo Magnus (Ridgway), (John Steve Caggeso)
7. Carol Capan, St. James (Erie), (Donald Capan)
8. Kathryn “Kathy” Culbertson (Kosienski), St. Francis Xavier (McKean), (Jamie Rupp)
9. Virginia “Ginny” DeHaven (Arndt), St. Joseph/Bread of Life (Erie), (Jennifer Bailey)
10. Marsha Fronzaglia (St. George), St. Francis Xavier (McKean), (Debi Robson, Dianne Miller
    and Brenda Jackson)
11. Stephanie “Steph” Hills, Hickory United Methodist Church (Greenville), (Mrs. Terry Wilson)
12. Johna Holtz (Caggeso), St. Leo Magnus (Ridgway), (Mike Caggeso)
13. Rosemary Hoyt (Dudenhoefer), St. Stanislaus (Erie), (Michele Inter)
14. Jennifer “Jen” Jaglowski, St. Joseph/Bread of Life (Erie), (Mary Jo Jaglowski)
15. Patricia “Pat” Kaleida (Vanco), St. Lawrence (Albion), (Robert Kaleida)
16. Briana Kennelley (Szuba), No Parish Affiliation (Fairview), (Maureen Murabito)
17. Mary “Fritz” Lecker (Buehler), Sacred Heart (St. Marys), (Steve and Carol Lanzel)
18. Jackline Mande, Holy Rosary (Erie), (Sudanese Catholic Community at Holy Rosary)
19. Kathryn “Kathy” Martin (Kalata), St. John the Baptist (Erie), (Rick Skladanowski)
20. Margoth Matteo (Bendek), St. Michael (Greenville), (Andrew Matteo)
21. Lee Ann Micsky (Landfried), St. Michael (Greenville), (Mark Micsky)
22. Michelle Morris, St. Brigid (Meadville), (Carole Schenberg)
23. Shirley Morris, St. Brigid (Meadville), (Wendy Hess)
24. Diane Rewers (Vogel), Our Lady of Mercy (Harborcreek), (Kristen Rzodkiewicz)
25. Mary Jo “Jo” Schneider (Wortman), Queen of the World (St. Marys), (Timothy Schneider)
26. Judith “Judy” Seman (Peters), St. Michael (Greenville), (Michael Seman)
27. Virginia “Ginny” Smith, St. Andrew (Erie), (Cathy Dudenhoefer)
28. Marlene Straub (Teudhope), St. John the Evangelist (Girard), (Jeff and Lily Hickin)
29. Audrey Theiss (Nichols), St. Thomas the Apostle (Corry), (Nancy L. Saxton)
30. Shannon Thomas (Lema), St. Michael (Greenville), (Frank Thomas)
31. Georgia Wagner (Wolfel), St. Mary (St. Marys), (Joe Kim)
32. Kathleen “Kathy” Walton (Murtaugh), St. Michael (Greenville), (Sis Swartz)
33. Kathleen “Katie” Walton, Our Lady of Peace/St./ Michael (Erie/Greenville), (Sis Swartz)