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Do we strike a chord


Do we strike a chord

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                                                     Do we strike a chord?
      Can you sing? Did you ever sing? Would you like to sing with a friendly group of people of
      varying ages? Then the Kevock Choir is for you.

      Based in Lasswade, Midlothian with members from as far a field as Paisley, the Kevock
      Choir is one of Scotland’s leading mixed voice choirs. We undertake a foreign tour every
      two years and have made numerous recordings and broadcasts both on television and radio.
      Each year the choir holds its Annual Concert in spring in central Edinburgh and at Christmas
      a carol concert in the Queens Hall Edinburgh as well as being regular participants in the
      St Giles at Six series of concerts. The choir also undertake a number of smaller concerts
      throughout the year which are usually for charity.

      The Kevock Choir has an excellent music team who are professionally trained and a vocal
      coach to help develop their musical technique. If you do not read music practice CDs are
      available and there are also regular sectional practices to help with note learning. There is
      also the opportunity for group and solo tuition within the choir. After a short time in the choir a
      voice assessment is arranged with the conductor so that you are in the section most suitable
      to your vocal strengths. If you have problems with transport it might also be possible to help
      with that.

      The music is very varied – from the Beatles to Bach, Abba, Les Miserables, Phantom of the
      Opera – a constantly changing repertoire – but always enjoyable as well as challenging.

      If you would like to meet the choir and join in the singing come along most Tuesdays at
      7.15 to Lasswade High School in Bonnyrigg - not far from the City Bypass – we will also be
      present at Lasswade High School Open Day on Wednesday 27th August and the Choir are
      having an Open Evening on Tuesday 2nd September at 7.15, at Lasswade High School, we
      would love to see you there.

      For further information visit the choir website: www.kevockchoir.org or fill in the slip below and
      send it to the conductor – Graham Lovett, 82 Dobbies Road, Bonnyrigg, Midlothian EH19
      2AZ e-mail grahamlovett@aol.com who will be pleased to answer any further questions.



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