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									Carbon Trust Interest Free Loans
29th October 2009, Institute of Refrigeration, London

Benjamin Martin, Solutions Technology Manager
Performance of the Loans Scheme

To date
    Loaned some £80 million

   Helped over 2000 customers

   Reduced utility bills by about
                                    Financial   Loan Value   Tonnes   No of
                                      Year         £m         CO2     Loans
   2009/10 loan fund of £63
                                     03/04        2.99       16,588   119
                                     04/05        5.05       16,298   166
                                     05/06        10.00      27,265   257
                                     06/07        16.98      47,645   450
                                     07/08        19.30      60,780   658
                                     08/09        22.30      64,593   704
Interest Free Loans

  £3,000 to £400,000

  Loan Repayment 12, 24, 26 or 48 months
   – loan amount (£50,000) divided by the annual energy saving
     (£15,000) = loan 3.33yrs rounded up to 4yrs.

  Interest free plus
   – No annual fee
   – No set up fee
   – No director guarantees
   – No charge of asset

                                      No       Has your customer been trading for 12             De-Minimis
                                                             months?                               state aid
                                                                                                  limited to
                                                                     Yes                        200,000 Euro
                                      Yes   Have your customer received too much state          over a 3 year
                                                              Aid?                              rolling period
                                             Is the project in Northern Ireland or Wales?

                                      No       Does your customer have less than 250
                                                                                                                  You customer
                                                                     Yes                                         maybe eligible
You customer is                       No      Is their annual turnover less than £43m or                         and you should
 not eligible to                                    their asset value less than £37m                              assist them to
apply for a loan.                                                                                                 apply for loan
                                             Is less than 25% of their business owned by        Yes
                                                           another company?
              *if your customer is
                 more than 50%               Is less than 50 % of your business owned by
               owned by another                            another company?
               business, the final
                  two questions
             should be answered
             at the group level for         *Are they billed for electricity with half hourly   No
                 sites in the UK.                          settled meters?
                                      No    *Is their total electricity consumption on half     Yes
                                               hourly meters less than 6,000 MWh/yr?
‘Existing’ equipment onsite (Baseline)

The following information should be provide as a minimum:

   Installed equipment
    – Description of the business,
    – Description of existing installed equipment,
    – Age of equipment,
    – Rating (kW),
    – Efficiency rating,
    – Fuel type (oil, gas, electricity, etc),
    – Hours of operation
    – Type of building (commercial, industrial) and size (m2),
    – Data logging

   Calculations and key assumptions

  12 months of energy data (at energy savings assessors (ESAs) discretion
  exception for biomass and automotive spraybooths)
‘Proposed’ Interest Free Loan project

The following information should be provide as a minimum:

  Loans project equipment
   – Description of the equipment to be installed,
   – Rating (kW),
   – Efficiency rating,
   – Fuel type (oil, gas, electricity, etc),
   – Hours of operation,
   – Product data sheet/sale brochures

  Calculations and key assumptions
What equipment can be purchased?

  Any equipment that generates an on site fossil fuel energy saving
  as part of the ‘project’

  Examples range from insulation through to CHP or renewables

  Projects may be co-joined (say, heating and lighting projects)

  Equipment does not need to be listed on the Energy Technology
  List of the ECA scheme.

  Exclusion: Businesses in the following sectors unfortunately are
  unable to apply for a loan:
   – Agriculture
   – Fisheries and Aquaculture
   – Export
   – Coal
   – Transport
Tonnes CO2 savings / kWh

    Projects must save 1.5 tonnes CO2 / £1,000 loaned

           Fuel          kWh / 4.5 tones CO2
           Electricity          8,379
           Coal                 13,637
           Fuel Oil             16,791
           LPG                  21,028
           Natural Gas          24,324
More information on Interest Free

  Carbon Trust Advice Line
   – Tel: 0800 085 2005
   – Email

  Public Sector Loans Scheme

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