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					                                          DIMENSION DATA SUCCESS STORY

                                          Stock Exchange of Thailand

                                        The Stock Exchange of Thailand Puts its
                                        Money in a Business Ready Data Centre.

Financial Services
                                        Executive Summary
Asia                                    The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) stands at the center of
Challenge                               Thailand’s capital market. Established in 1975, the SET is a
The existing technical infrastructure   thriving, dynamic exchange offering a full range of products,
was approaching the limit of its
capabilities, and would be unable to
                                        services and trading infrastructure for investors, listed
meet the impending expansion of the     companies and other participants. In line with its goal to position
trading system .
                                        itself as a single, unified market for investors, the SET launched
Solution                                a new bond market exchange in 2003 to facilitate the trade of
Data Centre and Storage
Network Integration
                                        corporate bonds. The SET followed up on this with the launch of
                                        a new derivatives market to offer futures, options and other
                                        products in 2005.

                                        Business Challenge
                                        Although much has been achieved since its establishment, the SET
Results                                 maintains its commitment to continuous improvement through the
                                        introduction of new products and services, technological innovations and
       Consolidation of data            infrastructure development to enable the Thai capital market to support
       centre operations allowed        Thailand’s future economic growth.
       SET to achieve cost
       savings                          However, its existing technical infrastructure was approaching the limit of its
                                        capabilities, and would be unable to meet the impending expansion of the
       A more efficient use of          trading system. One of the challenges encountered was the result of over-
       resources                        decentralization of networks in the entire organization. SET’s data center
       The revised data centre          contained all trading operations systems, including network infrastructure,
       has met SET’s business           servers, storage, email, as well as hosting its intranet and Internet
       needs for better                 applications. However, all the various departments were operating
       performance, and                 independently using their own servers. This created a high level of
       provided a system                maintenance overhead, due to the various applications and operating
       infrastructure that can          systems in use.
       support both internal staff      Mr Santi Sa-Nguansup, Deputy Vice President, SET IT Security, explains,
       as well as SET’s                 “Historically, when the original data center was created, it was necessary to
       customers                        create discrete platforms that each performed a specialized function. The
       Cost savings, while not an       resulting architecture met our security and performance needs, but created
       immediate objective of the       islands of servers that were under utilized.”
       network solution, was also       The growth of the trading system was also a concern. “SETNET, our trading
       another derived benefit.         system, needed to connect to an increased number of brokers.
       The Cisco hardware has           As a result, our existing firewall and intrusion detection systems were not
       provided SET with                able to scale to accommodate the expansion of our trading system,” said Mr
       exceptional performance          Santi.
       for a reasonable price.
DIMENSION DATA SUCCESS STORY                Enter Client Name here

Government regulations require that the trading
system be able to meet the requirements of high
availability and reliability. The trading system has to
run continuously and cater for operational use, even
during after-hours. SET trading will be closed if one
out of three brokers goes down or if the trading system
is down for longer than 15 minutes.                        failure, the secondary data center can take the
The business challenges faced by the current               increased load without any service disruption.
infrastructure prompted SET to upgrade their network,      Network security in the data center would utilize a
with the goal to provide an infrastructure that would be   combination of firewalls and Intrusion Detection
stable, standardized, secure and flexible for the users    Systems (IDS). Following SET’s security policies, a
and applications running on it.                            mixture of components from multiple vendors would be
                                                           used, including Cisco’s.
Solution Provided
                                                           Implementation of the network in the first data center
Once the decision to upgrade the network was made,         took place from January 2005 and was completed by
SET embarked on a search for providers that could          the end of March 2005. The second data center was
deliver the expertise and support that would ensure a      completed and began operations at the end of 2005.
successful implementation. One of the vendors              Datacraft provided the project management and
considered was Cisco Systems®.                             installation services, completing the first phase with
“We were first introduced to Cisco’s vision of the         minimal issues.
Business Ready Data Center during a seminar.               The overall implementation was carried out without a
Cisco’s approach for a more holistic architecture, that    hitch. There was only one issue of note, when the
separated the distribution and core network layer,         existing cable in the data center was unable to support
would allow us to create a network infrastructure that     speed auto negotiation. This feature was a
was relatively future proof. Added to that, Cisco          requirement to provide the necessary network
possessed a long experience in network technology,”        performance. This caused a short delay in the
said Mr Santi.                                             implementation, but in the end, new cables were
Working together, Cisco® and Datacraft designed the        installed, and implementation continued without further
entire revised network with SET’s involvement,             delay. However, in places where the existing cable
producing a design that would meet the stringent           could not be replaced, settings were configured to a
requirements, and ensuring that the business               lower speed so that network devices could continue to
challenges were addressed. In the network design,          function
SET would upgrade their existing data center to
contain two units of the Cisco Catalyst® 6500 Series       Value Derived
Switch for layer 3 switching, and seven units of Cisco     Consolidation of data center operations allowed SET
Catalyst 2900 Series Switches for layer 2 switching.       to achieve cost savings, primarily due to the lowered
“We chose Cisco’s Catalyst Series of switches for their    complexity of maintaining traditional silo-ed solutions,
intelligent and scalable multilayer switching features.    and a more efficient use of resources. Overall, the
In fact, all of the switches and routers in the revised    revised data center has met SET’s business needs for
network architecture would be provided by Cisco,” said     better performance, and provided a system
Mr Santi.                                                  infrastructure that can support both internal staff as
                                                           well as SET’s customers. The revised data center was
By the end of the implementation, two separate data        also designed to focus on scalability, achieving high
centers would be created. The secondary data center        application availability to pave the way for market
would house several of the trading and operational         capital expansion in the future.
applications. This was in line with the government’s
requirement that the technical infrastructure of the       The first priority was to increase the performance of
stock exchange include a level of redundancy.              the network, and its ability to support more
However, the main function of the secondary site was       applications      and    concurrent    users.   “Post
not for disaster recovery, but for load sharing            implementation, we’ve had a noticeable increase in
                                                           performance and response times. We attribute this
In a true disaster recovery setup, the secondary site      primarily to the advanced features of the Cisco
would typically be 200-300 km away. In this case,          Catalyst 6509 Switches,” said Mr Santi.
since the second site is within 20 km from the primary
site, it is used more for load balancing for the server    “As a network administrator, things are going smoothly
farms, and for clustering. SET also uses the secondary     when there are no issues. So far, the improvement is
site for mirrored data storage. In this way, during a      not in the amount of good feedback received, but in
DIMENSION DATA SUCCESS STORY                 Enter Client Name here

the number of tech support calls that                       functionalities, making it the foundation for future
we have NOT received,” he said with a smile.                expansion,” said Mr Santi.
“Redundancy is also now possible out-of-the-box.
When we compared the traditional network to a Cisco
network, there was a single point of failure. With the      Solution at a glance
combination of the Cisco hardware, a network
architecture that emphasized redundancy and load                SET upgraded their existing data centre to
balancing, we’ve been able to provide a high level of           contain two units of the Cisco Catalyst® 6500
operational uptime,” he added.                                  Series Switch for layer 3 switching, and seven
Since the new network has been in operation, there              units of Cisco Catalyst 2900 Series Switches for
has not been any incidence of downtime. From a                  layer 2 switching.
maintenance perspective, network problems can easily            Two separate data centres were created. The
be detected using CiscoWorks LAN Management                     main function of the secondary site was not for
Solution (LMS), a suite of powerful management tools            disaster recovery, but for load sharing.
that simplify the configuration, administration,
monitoring and troubleshooting of Cisco networks.               Network security in the data center utilized a
Used in conjunction with network management                     combination of firewalls and Intrusion Detection
software from other vendors, administrators are able to         Systems (IDS).
gain an overall view of the network, increasing their
efficiency and accuracy.
“One thing that we have found very useful is the ability
to group users and applications into virtual LANs
(VLANs). This way, we can reconfigure the network
through software rather than physically unplugging and
moving devices or wires,” said Mr Santi. “We can now
conduct maintenance work, or isolate servers and
users without any disruption to the rest of the network.”
Cost savings, while not an immediate objective of the
network solution, was also another derived benefit.
The Cisco hardware has provided SET with
exceptional performance for a reasonable price. “Even
though the Cisco equipment was marginally higher in
cost compared to other providers, there was no
comparison when it came to the additional features
that it could provide. I believe we’ve gotten great value
for money,” he added.
SET now hosts about 100-150 servers and expects a
20 percent increase in the next six to12 months, using
the new data centre infrastructure. Even so, SET is
confident that the growth in users and servers will be
handled smoothly. The same infrastructure will also be
used for additional services, such as IP Telephony and
wireless networks. “We have in place plans for using
IP Telephony and wireless networks in the secondary
site. We have also deployed wireless in the primary
site, using it for both public work areas and also for
internal use,” he said.
The existing primary site uses PBX for telephony, and
remote users log into the network using RAS.
However, virtual private networking (VPN) is on the
cards for the secondary site, and plans are also
underway to implement the Cisco mobile office
solution, which will allow unprecedented mobile
access to the corporate network.
“Now that we’re running on a Business Ready Data
Center, future expansion is not only simpler, but less
costly as well. The Cisco Catalyst 6500 router
functions as the heart of our data center. With it, we
can easily slot in service modules that add various

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