WATER HEATER RENTAL AGREEMENT RI Licenses MP GRID Customer Name by johnrr3


									                                                     WATER HEATER RENTAL AGREEMENT

                                                                                                                         RI Licenses: MPF1 #1135; MR2 #1135; MP #1568

            1.877.600.GRID                                                 Rental agreement dated as below, between National Grid Energy Services (“Company”) and:

Customer Name                                                                                                                    Date of Transaction

Billing Address                                                                      City, State, Zip Code

To Serve

Address                                                                              City, State, Zip Code

Customer hereby applies to and requests Company to rent to Customer                            moving or relocating the Appliance on the premises shall be Cus-
a Water Heater (hereinafter called the “Appliance”) for use at the address                     tomer’s responsibility. No Appliance subject to this Agreement shall
listed above.                                                                                  be moved or relocated without the express written prior permission of
                                                                                               the Company.
Customer agrees to rent from Company and Company agrees to rent to
Customer the Appliance for a minimum period of 12 months and from                     5.       Company, without prejudice to any of the claims it may have here-
month to month thereafter, subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter                     under, may terminate this Agreement by notice to the Customer, and
contained. Customer agrees to pay as rent for said Appliance the sum of                        agrees to provide Company access, upon reasonable notice, to Cus-
$__________ plus any current Sales Tax per month. Rental charges will                          tomer premises to disconnect and remove the Appliance, connection
apply whether the appliance is in operation or not and the Company shall                       and piping. Company’s failure to terminate this agreement by reason
have the right to increase the rental charges when deemed necessary.                           of any default of Customer shall not constitute a waiver of any right
                                                                                               Company may have against Customer because of such default, nor a
1.     The Customer shall provide sufficient acceptable space for the proper                   waiver of any subsequent default.
       installation of said Appliance. Said Appliance must be installed by
       a qualified, licensed installer in compliance with all applicable State        6.       After the expiration of 12 months from the date of this Agreement,
       codes. Company reserves the right to refuse to rent an Appliance                        Customer may terminate this Agreement by notice to the Company,
       where the installation may be considered abnormal, but under no                         and shall surrender the Appliance to the Company in the same condi-
       circumstances shall Company be held responsible for any damages                         tion the Appliance was in at the time of installation, ordinary wear and
       or expenses of a faulty installation.                                                   tear excepted.

2.     The Customer shall immediately notify the Company on any indica-               7.       Customer agrees that upon termination of this Agreement, the Com-
       tion of defective operation of the Appliance so that the Company                        pany will not be liable for any cost of reinstallation of any previously
       may send service personnel to the premises. Customer must take                          installed equipment.
       precautionary measures to avoid water damage or other damage to
       the premises until service person arrives. Under no circumstances              8.       Customer agrees to notify Company of any sale or transfer of the
       shall Company be held responsible for water damage caused by                            premises above described, and to notify prospective purchaser that
       tank failure. Company shall not be responsible for maintaining the                      the title to the Appliance is in the name of the National Grid Energy
       water piping or fixtures nor have any control over the same once the                    Services or its successors. Failure to notify the Company of the new
       installation has been completed and shall not be responsible for the                    owner’s name and mailing address will result in Customer remaining
       condition of any pipes or fixtures to which new pipes are connected.                    responsible for invoiced charges.

3.     The Customer may not terminate this contract prior to 12 months                9.       If the Customer does not make timely payments under this Agree-
       from the date hereof. If the Customer terminates hereunder during                       ment, the Company in its sole discretion may charge the customer the
       such initial 12 months’ period, the Company shall have the right to im-                 entire cost of the water heater which shall then become immediately
       mediately bill the customer for the unexpired portion of the minimum                    due and payable to the Company. Timely payments shall be defined
       rental period. Such rights shall be in addition to any other right of the               as 90 days from the date of invoice.
       Company arising because of termination by Customer. If the Cus-
       tomer terminates under this rental agreement and thereafter applies            10. This Agreement is not transferable by Customer, and legal title to said
       for rental of a similar Appliance at the same address, Customer must               Appliance shall at all times remain in the Company.
       assume the cost of the reinstalling the Appliance. Customer agrees
       that the Appliance is rented to the Customer for year-round operation
       and not for seasonal use.
                                                                                      Customer Signature
4.     Customer assumes all risk of loss or destruction of the Appliance dur-
       ing the term of this Agreement, and agrees to indemnify the Company            Customer Tel.
       against any such loss or damage, and against any and all liability for
       damages resulting from use by the customer of said Appliance. Cus-             National Grid Energy Services
       tomer further agrees not to remove, transfer, tamper with, adjust or
       repair such Appliance without permission of the Company. Customer              Installing Plumber
       agrees to operate this appliance as a self-contained unit, and not to
       interconnect it with any other heat source, or use it to serve more than       Special Instructions
       one apartment. After original installation, any costs associated with
                                                                                      Credit Card No. / Exp. Date

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