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Stages             Process                                                                         PDC Officer Comments
The idea            Information on Parish Plans sent to all Parish Councils during April and       In 2002 Dorset Community Action contacted all parishes in the
                    August 2003.                                                                   District and offered a presentation on the Parish Plan.
                    Presentations were given by DCA and PDC to a public meeting on 5th
                    April 2006
                    Parish Council agreed to support the idea and registration of intent sent to
                    the Countryside Agency, Letters of support obtained from organisations
                    including PDC, Successful application made for funding
Establishing the    Interest in forming a steering group Worth Matravers Parish Plan Steering      Open invitation made to the Parish to make the process of setting
Steering Group      group was established April 2006                                               up a steering committee as inclusive as possible.
&                   Two events were organised to communicate the idea a) a Coffee on the           A good cross section of residents from both communities of Worth
methods of          Green morning in Worth Matravers on the Bank Holiday, 29th May, and a          Matravers and Harmans Cross was recruited to the steering group.
communication       stand at a Harmans Cross Coffee Morning at Harmans Cross Village Hall.         Invitations to join the steering group were sent to Harmans Cross
with community      Steering Group formed late 2006                                                Village Hall, Worth Matravers Village Hall, Harmans Cross W.I.,
                                                                                                   Harmans Cross Afternoon Club, Worth Matravers Afternoon Club,
                                                                                                   The National Trust (as substantial property owners in the Parish)
                                                                                                   and The Swanage Railway
The Consultation
                   Methods of consultation and involving the community in the Parish Plan          A variety of methods were used to ensure maximum involvement by
                   process included: open meetings, parish survey both quantitative and            the community. Considerable time and effort was given to this part
                   qualitative, ongoing dialogue between the steering group and parishioners.      of the process by the steering group.
                     The group conducted a detailed household survey (2007 Community               An extremely high return rate for the survey was achieved by
                     Survey) which was delivered to every household. The completed surveys         delivering and collecting the survey by the hand.
                     were subsequently analysed by an independent agency which ensured             Due to the large number of second homes in the Parish (i.e. 45% of
                     the results were unbiased.                                                    the total dwelling in Worth Matravers) concerted efforts were made
                     Second Home owners were consulted as part of the Community Survey             to consult with second home owners To ensure that their views
                     A separate Housing Needs Survey had already been undertaken by The            were taken into consideration and to help promote community
                     Rural Housing Enabler and Worth Community Land Trust had been                 cohesion
                     established                                                                   The Steering Group sought feedback on the final draft of the plan
                     The steering group consulted with PDC Officers and sought feedback on
                     the final draft of the plan
Additional           The plan demonstrates extensive research into the geographical,               Excellent background as a context to the findings of the community
Research             economic and historic context of the area.                                    consultation.
The Action Plan      A detailed action plan to address the needs identified through                The Parish Plan group produced detailed action points within the
                     consultation                                                                  body of the plan which identified the lead agency responsible for
                                                                                                   taking the action forward and a recommended timescale for each

                                                                                                                                                                        (PCPB – 16.07.08)

                                                                                                                                                                          APPENDIX 5
Endorsement &        The Parish Plan was adopted by Worth Parish Council in March 2008             The Final Plan was published in March 2008 and copies delivered
Publishing                                                                                         to every household, PDC, DCC

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