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fashion jewelry is the most romantic of all gifts. If romance is your end, then jewelry
is the means to achieve it. The gift of jewelry speaks a thousand words: it talks about
the seriousness of a relationship, the seriousness of one's intentions, and the amount of
thought and passion invested in a gift selection.

 When it comes to costume jewelry there are five gift choices: a broach, a pair of
earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, and the ring.

 1. The broach
  A rule of thumb: fashion jewelryitems that are worn further away from the ring finger
are less intimate. Jewelry worn closer to the ring finger are always more intimate,
romantic and much more serious. With this in mind, a broach is the ideal first-time
jewelry gift. It is a jewelry item that is classy, without being misunderstood.

 2. The earrings

 Women have adorned themselves with earrings for thousands of years. Even
multiple ear piercings are not new; Egyptian women loved wearing numerous earrings.
As a gift, earrings can be casual or formal, depending on your budget and the
impression you choose to make.

 3. The bracelet

 Bracelets are available in two kinds: wrist bracelets and ankle bracelets. Wrist
bracelets are more personal and intimate, while ankle bracelets are more casual and
fun. Ankle bracelets are also deemed a sexy cheap fashion jewelry, so it all depends on
what impression you want to make.

 4. The necklace

 Necklaces, by virtue of being worn close to the heart, are romantic and intimate gifts.
Necklaces can be stylish and trendy or classic and traditional. They can be short or
long, they can come with or without a pendant. Adding a pendant to a necklace is an
extra personal touch. Pendants can also be engraved with a message.

 5. The ring

 Rings are the ultimate in romantic jewelry gifts and almost always symbolize a new
phase in a relationship. There are rings to suit every budget, mood, and message.
Rings can also be fun and casual, but they are always intimate symbols of romance.

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