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									जित तपाईं को
      Collection/Compilation/Presentation by:
      Raj K Pandey (Chhetri), MBS, MA
      Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
      GPO Box:19862
      Kathmandu, Nepal
Be not afraid of going slowly! Be only afraid of standing still!
Never tell me that the sky is the limited, when there are
footprints on the moon!

Follow your dream! take one step at a time and do not settle
for less, just continue to climb!

Follow your dream! If you stumble, donot stop and loss sight
of your goal!
Progress to the top! For only on top can we see the whole
view! Can we see what we have done and what we can do!
Can we, then have the vision, to seek something new!
Press on! Follow your dream!
If people criticize you, hurt you, or shout at you, do not be bothered. Just
remember, in every game, audience make the noice, not the players!
If your critics are increasing, it indicates that your level of actions and
sucess rates are also rapidly increasing since no one kicks a dead dog!
ततम्रो दख को कारण ततति आफ नै हौ/ बुद्ध
You are the only root cause of your pain. Your
own attitudes and thoughts, your
interpretations, negativity and perceptions and
state of your mind are the pain giver. Emotional
attachment, attraction, unnecessary interests,
lure, ambitions, etc. are the pain giver! Detached
yourself from the materialistic life and relax with
what you have at present with you!
Success is not
permanent and failure
is not final! Never stop
working after success
and never stop trying
after failure!

Life is a game, play it!
Life is a challenge,
meet it! Life is an
opportunity, capture it!

You will never know
what you can achieve,
uless you try it! Be
ready to permanently
leave your present
comfort zones and risk
yourself for challenges,
either you will win or
loose! Be ready to
accept the outcomes!
Don't fear pressure! pressure is what turns rough stones
 into diamonds! But, your life style also determines your
  death style! Act or be acted upon! If you do not accept
  the external pressures, who will be the winner? No one
 can make you feel inferior, without your consent! If you
    do not accept the offers, it will be theirs, not yours!
 Ignore the people, who is sadist and pain giver for you!
You life is more important for you than others pressures!

  Succes is to get what you want but luck is to keep what you get!
A pessimist sees only the dark side of the clouds and mopes;
 a philosopher sees both sides and shrugs; and an optimist
  does not see the clouds at all – s/he is walking on them!
Two persons looked out from the same window, one saw the
     stars and sky another saw the filths and ditches!
It is our attitudes and behaviors, how we perceive the world!
 Believe that your life is worth living and your beliefs will help create
the fact. You will get the same what you want, what you feel and what
   you think of to get in life! Sooner or latter, you will reach to your
     destination although it may look like impossible at present!
    Expect more from yourself than from others! As expectations
 from others hurt you a lot; while expectations from yourself always
                          inspires you a lot!

 You are the only one who can internally understand you! If you are
  winner, all will be yours! As soon as you loose in life, you are the
                      only one to suffer from pain!

Do not make promises when you are in joy, do not reply when you are
       sad and do not take any decisions when you are angry!
Wherever you go, take your whole heart and mind along. But, we carry in our mind and
soul all - even the physically vanished, evil souls and dead persons, who had given us
     emotional pain in our life, that hurts us a lot, when we keep them in our mind!
The key to happiness is having dreams! The key to
success is making dreams come true!
People will forget what you said; people will
forget what you did; but people will never
forget how you made them feel! To be
respected, you must be respectable!
                     MY SEARCH FOR YOU!

I have spent a lifetime searching for you! So many different
places has that search taken me to; I have known great joy
and shed many tears. I have lived, laughed and loved, while
                  searching all these years!
I have made mistakes! Yes, quite a few learning what I need
   and want in my search for you! I have felt great pain and
 danced in rain, all of the while still searching for your smile!

At once there came a day, I thought my search it was in vain
 I gave up on my quest. And gave this search, a rest! All at
once to my surprise, I looked into your eyes and I knew my
    search, no longer had to be as you had found me...!
Enjoy the beauty of the smallest of things around you! A thousand miles begines
from the first step!
Kindness is a language which the dumb can speak and the deaf can hear
 and understand! Your kindness and softness is your royal qualities for all
                             human beings!
Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass … it is learning how to dance in the rain!
To the question of your life, you are the only answer; to the problems of your life, you
are the only solution!
I am only one, but still I am one! I can not do everything, but still I can do something.
                 I will not refuse to do the something that I can do!
When a door closes, another one opens, but we often stand there so
long looking at the closed door, that we do not see that one that is
opened! Opportunity does not knock your doors, you have to knock
the opportunities’ doors!
The longest journey of any persons is
the journey inward! Everything is created
twice - first in the mind and then in
the reality! If you are a better mental
builders, you are also a better material
There is three aspects in a person’s life : what
you think of yourself; what others think of you;
            and what really you are!
 I searched and show the clean blue sky, again I sought and found
 the creastal occean! It only reinforced the belife that I always held,
among all the precious things to be found, success is the only one!
Now, imazine how happy I am to have it! Either I will find a way or
                             make it one!
The morning I searched my wallet, it was empty! Then, I checked
my pockets, I found a few coins! I then, searched my heart and
found your love! Then, I suddenly realised how rich I really am!
If you have choosen your hobbies and interests as your profession, you do not need to work even
for an hour in your entire life!
Enjoy your free time, use your hobies and
interest in some creative works that may give
you more pleasure!
Cherish your friends! When you lough and
smile, the world will lough and smile with you.
But, when you weep and angry, you are the
only one to weep along!

                   If you do not like, simply ignore
                   but never hurt people by words!
  Be honest, earn people’s respect! But,
honesty was best policy once upon a time!
You have the right to be happy! Explore how you
can be happy!
We can see an enjoyment and happiness of ducks over the water but we also must remember how difficult it is for them
to use their legs to swim under the water!
There are things you can’t get back: the spoken word, the time that has gone by, and lost
Do only one thing at a time.
Immortality exists, it’s called knowledge. Ask
what you don’t know and remember it for
when you’re asked.
Discover pleasure in simple things: eating, breathing, walking,
            tasting, touching, seeing, sleeping…
Happiness is like a piggy-bank, put in it as much as you can.
I look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life.
It is choice, not chance, that determines your
 destiny! Life is matter of chance or choice?
       One day you will be able to go over what you discarded and die laughing …..

          Collection/Compilation/Presentation by:
                    Raj K Pandey, MBS, MA
 GPO BOX; 19862, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal
                Mobile: (977- 01) 98510 86884,,

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