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					                        SERVICE MANAGEMENT FORUM
                             9th September 2008

                                  Notes and Actions


Ann Pinsent (AP) - Openreach                    Steve Terry (ST) – Easynet
Dave Brown (DB) – One IT for Openreach          Laura Belt (LB) - Openreach
Su Bowler (SB) – Openreach                      Sam Rocha (SM) – Updata
Phil Johnson (PJ) – Sky                         Pauline Ballard (PB) – C&W
Danny Morgan (DM) – AOL                         Dave Moulson (DM) – BT Retail
Mark Collins (MC) – Openreach                   Peter Boyle (PBO) – Openreach
Martin Romer (MR) – Tiscali                     Kojo Owusu-Sekyere (KO) – Telecom Plus
Steve Farleigh (SF) – B Sky B                   Trevor Benjamin (TBO) - Openreach
Shirley Lancashire (SL) – Tiscali               Simon Hunt (SH) – Openreach
Gaynor Jerzyszek (GJ) – BTW                     Miles Burke (MB) – LUNS
Gavin O’Sullivan (GOS) – Orange                 Nick Turley (NT) – Openreach
Jon Lugg (JL) – C&W                             Paul Burns (PB) – O2
Andy Snellgrove (AS) – Openreach                Nicki Goss (NG) – O2
Mark Dalziel (MD) – OTA                         Danny Thompson (DT) – Sky
Bev Bytheway-Jackson (BBJ) - BTW                Andrew Helm (AH) - Openreach

John Small, Tony Smith, Marie Vernon, Angela Royle, Tony Ginty, Jim Reilly

   1 Introductions and Welcome
Ann welcomed everyone to the Service Management Forum and introductions made. The
agenda was agreed.

    2 Review of Actions
All actions are listed and updated at the end of this document. Ann to distribute slides
presented at this meeting to all attendees.
The forum audience expressed concerns regarding the continued delays affecting the systems
fixes at Hayden Wick/Blunsden and Moorgate exchanges. Ann confirmed that the matter is
being handled as a priority and work continues. A firm date was requested and Ann explained
that fixes were being put in place presently and all would be updated as soon as possible.

3      Engineer Behaviours
Nick Turley shared the findings following recent surveys of end customers regarding Openreach
engineer behaviours. He confirmed that the relevant CPs had given full permission for these
surveys to take place. A question was raised regarding the training of engineers in Northern

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Ireland as they come under the BT Retail umbrella and it was confirmed that the training is
identical and consistent. The survey findings have been collated and included within current
training collateral and has been very useful. The findings have shown that the engineers are
acting in an equivalent manner and customer satisfaction was high. The findings and graphical
breakdowns are included within the pack which will be distributed with these notes. All agreed
that engineering behaviours were not of major concern and engineers’ equivalence is not an
issue. Nick confirmed how complaints/issues can be forwarded to the equivalence team via e-
mail and encouraged customers to do so.

    4 Frames and Capacity Update
Simon Hunt gave the latest update on behalf of Paul Hendron and commenced by covering the
current situation with blocked sites. Simon noted that blocked frames with long term resolution
dates can be the busy/popular exchanges and account form 1.54% of the market. ~700 sites
are flagged as red sites and need to be addressed by early planning, however some of the sites
are impacted by actual physical restrictions as we cannot expand those sites. Various solutions
are being explored including legacy equipment removal, external cable removal, Left in jumper
clean ups etc. Simon reiterated that SMPF circuits need access to both sides of the frame. The
overall solution to long term blocked sites is under discussion with Industry and OTA and a
meeting took place to progress on 9th September, minutes will be circulated.
Simon covered action 09 (08/08) regarding the tagging of MPF (no dial tone) lines, this
proposal will not be taken forward because of the high snagging risk of actually introducing
faults into the network. SF queried the generic matter of records reliability and Simon
confirmed that a complete overhaul would be prohibitively expensive and would impact charging
to Industry.
Simon went through the Eclipse roll out which is running to schedule and will be completed by
12th September and reiterated the functionality of verifying the correct port and triggers the
engineers to complete the laptop test. Utilisation nationally is running at around 70% with circa
80% utilisation in the London & Home Counties. DOAs are trending downwards and the August
results are looking positive at this stage.

     5 Systems and Helpdesk Update
Mark Collins and Dave Brown gave a joint update this month. Mark stated that system
availability dipped in August which was caused by a number of factors. Release 900 could be
attributed for 30% of the downtime in the second week of August. This release was complex
and caused some aggravation of some of the components, we worked closely with the vendors
throughout particularly on LLU Assurance. DT raised some queries regarding the MAC code
figures and it was explained that rejections are included in the figures which decreases
performance – all inputs are counted even when presented several times, therefore the result is
nearer 4.% rather than 15.6%. EMP Service performance reflects the “customer perception”
and August saw overall performance impacted. Mark also covered Incident Fix performance
which was impacted by Hub problems post R900. Some P3 incidents prove challenging to

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resolve within the 15 day target and all incidents over 30 days are tracked and monitored
AP1 (09/08) DB to share anticipated fix resolutions/timelines for outstanding P3s.
Dave went on to explain that R900 was an ambitious release which was deployed in a set
format with LLU Assurance at the end of the schedule. This gave little time to complete and
there was spill over accordingly. Mark has agreed to publish timings in the future before
releases. There have been many lessons learned and steps being taken to avoid recurrence in
Tie Pair Reconcilliation reports have been affected which has caused an intermittent issue of
invisible assets. Historically there has been a degree of managing each component rather than
the end to end view and we are investigating the possibility of a “super” support group which will
have the ability to focus on the entire stack.
As we are still running all 9 versions of EMP, this has caused a great increase in traffic and
maintenance release R904 last week end has been successful in balancing the load over the
servers. During this release and in future all the designers have been engaged and will be on
point throughout which is advantageous. DM raised strong concerns regarding the lead up to
R1100 and requested a full review of plans etc. MD stated that CPs need to see more benefits
in these releases which will make them more compelling to upgrade. The audience felt there is
a pressing need for a technical forum to facilitate solutions to issues such as these.
AP2 (09/08) AP and MC to discuss which forum would be optimum vehicle to
accommodate these needs and agree ToRs with Industry. Colin Windsor to be invited to
next forum..
It was thought that invalid MAC codes were still an issue despite the recent fix and examples
are to be investigated.

6        Flexi Cease
Trevor Benjamin confirmed that the go/no go call took place 5 th September and it was felt that
more collaboration is needed in future. This may be a communication issue as several calls
took place with CPs in attendance. Flexi Cease was switched on 8th September for SMPF, we
are still investigating MPF and charging is due to commence 22nd September. It was
recognised that some Left in Jumpers have been billed inappropriately and these charges will,
of course, be refunded. The Tie Pair Utilisation Report has been impacted since R900 as
circuits with open orders are not visible until closure and the fix is being investigated. SL
challenged the due diligence process and pressed for assurances that launches are fit for
purpose before jointly agreeing to proceed. Interim calls need to be in place for all to attend
before charging is switched on.

Right First Time Update
Duncan Gray gave the quarterly RFT update and presented the engagement diagram and how
all the interfaces piece together. There has been a superb amount of people engagement to
ensure everybody understands the importance of on time delivery without failure/reworks which

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has been well received. RFT tool kits have been given to all managers to share with their teams
including posters, memory sticks etc.
Lead to Cash (provision) is on target and Duncan shared the programmes/activity underpinning
planned progress. T2R (repair) is more difficult to resolve with much long term activity taking
place with large programmes in place such as test head replacement etc.
The overall programme is delivering many important benefits – for example, ~500,000
unmatched addresses have been “addressed” which will ensure CPs can obtain more gold
address keys and stop abortive visits to incorrect premises. Improvements to tester such as the
Hawk Far end unit tester ensures end to end results in shorter time frames.
Duncan explained the activities taking place within the work packages and outlined many
initiatives such as the noisy fault process to reduce repeat reports as the test systems cannot
diagnose. Intermittent faults are always problematic, so we are introducing the facility take the
fault, park it and run random tests over 24 hour period.
A new project has been launched called Project Turtle which is looking at AFM (advanced fault
management) – if a fault tests LTOK (line test ok) we will continue to diagnose further by
studying the fault history and results that have previously been stored. A manual trial has
commenced and updates will be given in due course.
Also covered was performance during the recent heavy rainfall and flooding which has meant
we have held performance despite a greatly increased level of rainfall. This has proved that
proactive remedial work is paying dividends such as the Ski Boot Closures and advanced

7       WLR Service update
Laura gave the updated “a day in the life” scenarios and Openreach formally thanked Martin
Romer for contributing live examples and working with us to explore the areas for improvement.
The collateral is fully documented within the slideware attached with these minutes. Difficult
events covered included provision at an incorrect address which provides great learning
regarding the poor customer experience for two parties in this case. It is advantageous to
instigate very robust questioning at the front end before opting for the start of working line
AP3 (09/08) LB to source volumes of provision at wrong address scenarios and report
back to the October forum.
Laura presented a graphical representation of repair failure and analysis. Typical scenarios
include furthers of jobs to other areas, no access, 72 hour retest period etc.
Laura also explored a complex repair journey and highlighted that in this instance good notes
had been provided by the CP and call diversion was immediately implemented. Complex faults
often can suffer from traffic sensitive requirements, but clearly not enough relevant information
was passed back to the CP. If the fault is managed as part of a common fault , feed back
instigated by the lead fault needs to be more robust and contractors are giving information to the
end user which can obfuscate the communications
AP4 (09/08) LB to investigate the out of hours processes and how Openreach manage
contractors’ communication and report back.

267cff48-a1ae-4186-b764-4bdf6bddbdb9.doc                                                        4
End user access issues were investigated and the example presented had been passed back to
SMC. Alternative contact numbers and accurate access time details greatly improve the
success rate of access and enable us to give better updates to CPs.

8        LLU Service Update
Ann provided the latest update and assured the forum that MLC missing data and line length
information is taking a top priority within Openreach. An update will be provided by cop
12/9/2008 regarding progress.
The SMC Provision Service Improvement plan is well underway with much more work to be
done. SMC management wish to engage with CPs and welcome Service review meetings on
site to build the essential relationships. The LLU CSP has been updated and will be shared with
CPs by the Service Management team. Some customers have noticed a marked improvement
in service and will continue to give feed back which is extremely important and shared with the
teams to improve the customer experience. LLU Assurance pca has seen a steady
improvement and is monitored daily.
The SDSL improvement activities continue and the trial in Wales has been extended to the end
of September due to low volumes. The product identifier is still on track to be delivered in
R1100 and CPs have been briefed to annotate accordingly as an interim tactical solution.
SFI charging is causing concerns and we have a team in place to monitor the jobs to audit notes
and charging as it is imperative to capture this data to improve confidence in billing and feed to
Field operations as part of the major coaching initiative. The product description for SFI is being
reviewed and a meeting is in place 17.9.2008 to ensure all parties have the data before we
tweak the engineering coaching collateral to ensure we gain maximum impact.
TRC process and conditions have been reviewed and a totally revamped TRC document has
been produced, one for internal consumption and another for customer reference which will be
available via Service Managers w/c 15.9.2008.

   ORBIT Update
The launch of KPI Online reporting is on track for delivery for 29th September
We held a drop-in event on 22nd August for CPs to be able to see the reports first hand -
   feedback has been positive
The testing of KPI OnLine and associated processes is currently underway
Handbook and the Terms & Conditions will be available from mid-September
Subscription process for the initial free offering is being put in place
Requirements to be captured by service forums/managers for future chargeable product
 A further drop-in event is scheduled for 19th September at BT Centre (limited places) -
   please contact Daren Harrison to secure a place
AP5 (09/08) AP to distribute latest collateral from ORBIT drop in events to SM Forum

AP6 (09/08) Non Served Premises orders/journey needs to investigated for improvement
initiatives and AP to feed back to the forum

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Next Meeting Monday 6th October 09.00 to 13.00, Room 1.02, Riverside House.

  Reference                          Action                               Status
AP8 (05/03)      AS to request Tony Smith to update on general           Ongoing
                 process review at the April forum.
                 Update: Tony will now present at June’s forum
                 Tony unable to attend. New date to be

AP3 (10/06)      JP/DG to update RFT performance on a                    Ongoing
                 quarterly basis.
                 Update – Duncan Gray attending September
                 Update – next update January 09 forum
AP1 (08/08)      Where the on-site contact is not available it was       Ongoing
                 suggested the engineers contact the CP SMC
                 direct. Bob Downes to set up audio call with
                 CP’s to seek feedback on briefing to engineers.
                 Update – Ann to organise call following peak
                 leave period.
AP2 (08/08)      Martin Romer (Tiscali) to send WLR repair               Ongoing
                 failure examples to Laura Belt.
AP3 (08/08)      Paul Hendron to find out why Moorgate is still        Discharged
                 showing as a blocked site.
                 Update – Moorgate no longer blocked following
                 physical closure
AP4 (08/08)      John Small to communicate to CP’s the current           Ongoing
                 status of Haydon Wick.
                 Update – fix to be introduced in R904
AP5 (08/08       Peter Boyle to attach all CP attendees at the         Discharged
                 Service Harmonisation working forum with
                 these notes.
                 Update – distributed with August minutes
                 Working together group was held 29th August
                 and Ann to distribute pack and minutes.
AP6 (08/08)      Mark Fletcher to send Peter condensed                 Discharged
                 overview of Service Harmonisation for onward
                 cascade to forum attendees.
                 Update – distributed with August minutes
                 Working together group was held 29th August
                 and Ann to distribute pack and minutes.

267cff48-a1ae-4186-b764-4bdf6bddbdb9.doc                                            6
AP7 (08/08)      Dave Brown to send CP drill down of MAC           Discharged
AP8 (08/08)      Darren Baythorpe to be invited to the next        Discharged
                 forum meeting to give an update on LLU
                 Provisioning SMC improvements.
                 Update – Andrew Helm attending
AP9 (08/08)      Paul Hendron to update at next meeting on         Discharged
                 retrospective tagging in the exchange of MPF
                 Update – Simon Hunt attending and will update
                 Tagging would run the risk of introducing more
                 faults and jumper replacement required, this
                 would need to be captured via the usual
AP10 (08/08)     Dave Brown to look at one briefing showing all     Ongoing
                 system improvements to send to CP’s.
                 Update – this is work in progress and updates
                 will be given.
AP1 (09/08)      DB to share anticipated fix                          New
                 resolutions/timelines for outstanding P3s.
AP2 (09/08)      AP and MC to discuss which forum would be            New
                 optimum vehicle to accommodate these needs
                 and agree ToRs with Industry. Colin Windsor
                 to be invited to next forum..

AP3 (09/08)      LB to source volumes of provision at wrong           New
                 address scenarios and report back to the
                 October forum.

AP4 (09/08)      LB to investigate the out of hours processes         New
                 and how Openreach manage contractors’
                 communication and report back.

AP5 (09/08)      AP to distribute latest collateral from ORBIT        New
                 drop in events to SM Forum audience.

AP6 (09/08)      Non Served Premises orders/journey needs to          New
                 investigated for improvement initiatives and AP
                 to feed back to the forum

267cff48-a1ae-4186-b764-4bdf6bddbdb9.doc                                        7
267cff48-a1ae-4186-b764-4bdf6bddbdb9.doc   8