Mystery at Westover Plantation by malj


									                              Mystery at Westover Plantation

As I was slowly walking up toward the Westover Plantation I noticed movement in the
window. Maybe it was the play of light or maybe it was the ghost of William Byrd I,
pointing me to the pirate’s treasure. He bought the property in 1688 and was married to
Mary Horsemanden. He was also married to other Virginian Colonists. The mysterious
ghost guided me through one of the secret passages lit by many candles which were lined
against the wall. It was cold, but I knew I was close to the treasure. The winding path led
me into the library. I looked at the old, torn novels on the back wall, they were covered
with dust. He kept walking. I was falling behind. I hurried to catch up but I found myself
gazing at the ancient and tattered photographs. He slowed down and pulled a knob. The
grand staircase slid out of place making a slit in the wall. We crawled through a crack.
The room was lit and we saw the old wooden planks that we were standing on. We tried
to escape, but the floor collapsed and we fell through the hole. When I fell, I heard a loud
crack. I looked around and finally realized that I was on top of a box. I slid the lid off and
saw the beautiful treasure. The box was filled…gold, silver, and many jewels.

Jennifer Samuels, Gabrielle Lewis
Mrs. Thomas’ 4th grade

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