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					                                         LOUISIANA PLANTATION
                                             SLAVE ROLES

SLAVE TYPE                           DISCRIPTION                                                    BENEFITS

               Worked from sun up to sun down:
                                   Winter - 10 hours a day
                                                                                   Does not have to smile constantly.
                                   Summer - 14 hours a day
Field Worker                       Harvest – 18 hours a day
                                                                                   Has some privacy.
                                                                                   Gets to go to town once a year.
               Weekly food rations.
               Yearly clothing for men and women.

               Women – cook, clean, sew, laundry, care for masters children.       Dressed in uniform or maters
               Men - Butler, drive coach, garden, help with harvest.                   Clothes.
 Plantation    MUST always be polite / friendly.                                   Good food
 Domestic      MUST always smile.                                                  Lives in / near “Big House”.
               Little privacy                                                      May sleep in a real bed.
               MUST work whenever called.                                          Sometimes travel with master.

                                                                                   Some independence over work / life.
  Skilled      Make: shoes, harnesses, chairs, barrels, baskets.
                                                                                   More prestige than field worker / Domestic.
 Craftsman     Mills grain, does carpentry, blacksmith, saws, weaves.
                                                                                   Hired out to others – keep part of pay.

               Blow horn
                                                                                   Does not do field work.
               Tells Slaves when to rest / quit for the day.
  Foreman      Give Slaves assignments.
                                                                                   Better food
   Driver      Check Slaves work.
                                                                                   Better clothes
               Keep Slaves working with threats / whips.
                                                                                   Bottle of rum each week.
               Keep peace / quiet / tranquillity in Slave cabins.

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