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					                                                                                                     Project Learning Tree (PLT)
                                                   FLEXE/GLOBE Teacher Workshop                              Workshops

                                                 The J.L. Scott Marine Education Center in      Project Learning Tree® is an award-
                                                 Ocean Springs, MS, is hosting a                winning, multi-disciplinary environmental
                                                 FLEXE/GLOBE Teacher Workshop on                education program for educators and
                                                                                                students in PreK through grade 12. PLT,
                                                 July 21-22, 2009. This opportunity for
                                                 teachers to learn about the ecology of         a program of the American Forest
                                                 deep-sea hydrothermal vents and                Foundation, is one of the most widely used
                                                 hydrocarbon seeps will also show               environmental education programs in the
                                                 teachers how to use the FLEXE project to       United States. Contact the Mississippi

 Science                                         study these extreme environments in the
                                                 classroom. Room and board will be
                                                 provided for all participants. Teachers will
                                                                                                PLT State Coordinator at
                                                                                       to learn more
                                                                                                about the upcoming workshops scheduled
                                                 receive a $ 200 stipend for completing the     below.

  Spots                                          two-day workshop. Find more information
                                                 at or contact
                                                 Johnette Bosarge at 228-818-8893 or
                                                                                                University of Southern Mississippi--July 18
                                                                                                Lafayette Public Schools--July 24
                                                                                                William Carey University--September 26
           July 2009

                                                       Woods, Water & Wetlands!                    Advanced Placement Institutes
   Mississippi Department of                                                                    The University of Mississippi and Millsaps
                                                 The Coastal Wonders Environmental
           Education                             Education Program, on the coast of             College will offer Advanced Placement
                                                 Alabama, is offering, "Woods, Water &          Institutes from The College Board this
Office of Curriculum and Instruction             Wetlands!" July 13-14, 2009. In this 2-        summer as follows:
                                                 day, 1-night teacher workshop,
             601-359-2586                        participants will take a closer look at the    University of Mississippi (July 20-July 24)--
                                                 Weeks Bay estuary and surrounding    
  Science Specialist: Mary Wroten                habitats. The cost is $55 per person,          eacher/apinstitute.html.
                                                 which includes lodging, meals, and                      materials. Contact Audrey Preston at           Millsaps College (July 12 - July 17) --.
                                                 251.928.2248 or                      
                                                         html or call 601-974-1130 for a complete
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                                         Mississippi Science Spots, July 2009                                                              1
    Science Reading Collections                          unnecessary chemicals from K-12                     2009 Thacher Scholars Award
                                                         schools; raise awareness of chemical
The Literacy Empowerment Foundation, a                   issues in schools and promote sustainable        The Institute for Global Environmental
non-profit organization, has created                     solutions; and prevent future chemical           Strategies (IGES) announces the 2009
science reading collections that can be                  mismanagement through training,                  Thacher Scholars Award. This national
used to support elementary science                       curriculum change and long-term                  competition is for high school students to
curricula. The high-quality, softcover                   management solutions.                            demonstrate the best use of geospatial
books are available for kindergarten                                                                      technologies or data to study the Earth.
through second grade reading levels.                                                                      Learn more at
Information and an order form are                                                               
available at:                                                                    nouncement2009.pdf.

         Best Practice Institute
                                                                  Earth Week Contests
On September 18-19 the Roger F. Wicker
Center for Creative Learning at MUW will                 The American Geological Institute (AGI) is
host its first Best Practice Institute for               sponsoring three national contests in
educators. The focus of this year's institute            conjunction with Earth Science Week
will be Assessing Student Learning. There                2009, October 11-17, 2009. All U.S.
is no fee for participation but registration is          residents are encouraged to enter this
required. CEUs will be available for                     year’s photography contest, "How Climate              Free Science Videos Online
$20.00. Nationally-known experts in                      Shapes my World." Students in grades
assessment will present at the institute.                K-5 are eligible to enter the visual arts        Find streaming videos at
Find registration information at                         contest, "The Climate Where I Live.” The Included are career Click on Assessment                     essay contest, "Climate Connections," is         profiles of 14 young working scientists, a
Institutes 2009 located on the left side of              open to students in grades 6-9. To learn         primary level workshop on the states of
the main page to access the registration                 more about Earth Science Week and                matter, and much more!
forms. Call 662-241-6101 if there are any                these contests, visit

      School Chemical Cleanout                                    Sun Shadows Project                            Online PreK Science Game
        Campaign (SC3) Video                                                                              A free game for preschoolers allows
                                                         Help your students become “citizen
                                                                                                          children to help animals find their way
Communities and school districts across                  scientists” by taking part in an international
                                                                                                          home by clicking on the photograph
the country are recognizing the risk that                research project. The Sun Shadows
                                                                                                          matching the description of the habitat
improperly stored, hazardous, and                        Project is looking for help in studying the
                                                                                                          each animal prefers. Short live-action
outdated chemicals pose to students, and                 relationship between the seasons and the
                                                                                                          segments then show the animal in the
are creating programs to help schools                    length of shadows. The Sun Shadows
                                                                                                          correct habitat. Find more information at
responsibly manage their chemicals. View                 Project students are looking for fellow
the video at                                             scientists, to measure shadows and
                                                                                                          tml.                 submit findings online at
/sc3/video/index.htm to learn more about       
what is being done to remove
inappropriate, outdated, unknown, and                                                                                Resource Catalog

                                                  Mississippi Science Spots, July 2009                                                                 2
The Gateway to Educational Materials                  Dr. Jeff Goldstein, Center Director for the   Google Inc. recently announced the
catalog ( offers quick             National Center for Earth and Space           launch of “Ocean” in Google Earth, a new
and easy access to more than 50,000                   Science Education has just launched “Blog     feature that enables users of Google Earth
educational resources. Resources from                 on the Universe,” which is dedicated to       to dive beneath the water surface, explore
federal, state, university, nonprofit, and            helping teachers of science make science      3D underwater terrain, and browse ocean-
commercial sites are easily found through             an adventure. Every week, new                 related content contributed by leaders in
a sophisticated search engine.                        conceptual nuggets and challenges are         ocean science and advocacy. “Mars 3D,”
                                                      introduced to foster deep and inspiring       Google's newest virtual tour of the galaxy
                                                      discussions in the classroom and at home.     enables travel to Mars with the click of a
                                                      Read the first post of “A Teachable
Plants Database: Up and Growing                                                                     button. See high resolution imagery and
                                                      Moment in the News” at
                                                                                                    3D terrain, observe where various Mars
The USDA website                                                             Rovers and Landers have touched down,
provides standardized information about                                                             and much more. Google Earth can be
native plants in the United States. View                                                            downloaded for free at
                                                                 H1N1 Resources           
over 40,000 plant images and download
fact sheets for plants of interest.
                                                      Check out “Viruses/Infectious Diseases:        Free Science Curriculum Materials
                                                      What’s Really Bugging You,” a middle
                                                                                                               Grades 6-12
                                                      school lesson from Science NetLinks. It
     HotChalk’s Weekly Science                        explores viruses/infectious diseases, and
                                                                                                    Find free PowerPoints truly designed for
           Experiments                                how they can infect the human body,
                                                                                                    classroom instruction, content videos,
                                                      compromise the immune system, and
                                                                                                    interactive simulations, graphic organizers,
HotChalk's is a                   interfere with normal human body
                                                                                                    teaching illustrations and more at
collection of over 3,000 lesson plans from            functions. Find the lesson at
                                                                                           Choose the “For
Preschool through High School and           
                                                                                                    Educators” tab, and then click on the area
beyond. A special feature of the site is the          m?BenchmarkID=6&DocID=519.
                                                                                                    of interest. For more information or to
Weekly Science Experiments page. Visit
                                                                                                    receive free samples of selected materials
                                                                                                    related to the 2010 Mississippi Science
iments.htm to learn more.                                    Sylvan Dell Publishing
                                                                                                    Framework, contact Alen Brown at
                                                             School Resource Grant
                                                                                           or 877-213-2113.
                                                      Sylvan Dell Publishing is on a mission to
           Science NetLinks                                                                         Free "NanoLeap into New Science"
                                                      bring science and math to children through
                                                      literature. Each picture book includes a
Science NetLinks, is part of Thinkfinity, a
                                                      3-5 page education section and free online
partnership between the Verizon                                                                     Mid-continent Research for Education and
                                                      resources such as teaching activities,
Foundation and 11 premier educational                                                               Learning (McREL), and the Stanford
                                                      interactive quizzes, and audio books.
organizations. Science NetLinks' role is to                                                         Nanofabrication Facility (SNF) have
                                                      Schools may also apply for a School
provide a wealth of standards-aligned                                                               released the first of two instructional
                                                      Resource Grant, which provides access to
resources for K-12 science educators,                                                               modules from the "NanoLeap into New
                                                      all Sylvan Dell eBooks, featuring
including free lesson plans, interactives                                                           Science" project funded by the National
                                                      selectable English and Spanish text and
and reviewed Internet resources. Learn                                                              Science Foundation (NSF). The new
                                                      audio. For more information visit
more at                                                                    modules integrate real-world nanoscale
         Blog on the Universe                                                                       science and engineering research into
                                                                                                    high school chemistry and physical
                                                          New Free Google Resources

                                               Mississippi Science Spots, July 2009                                                           3
science courses. Each standards-based                  One of the main goals of The Futures           “Teachers' Domain” is a free digital library
module includes teacher guides,                        Channel is to produce mini-documentaries       of multimedia resources for K–12
assessments, student activities, and                   and multi-media content that educators         audiences, focusing primarily on life
experiments. Learn more at                             can use to enliven their curriculums and       sciences. Teachers and students can use                      connect mathematics, science,                  classroom-ready streaming video clips,
                                                       technology, and engineering to the real        audio clips, and interactive activities.
                                                       world. More information may be found at        There are over 150 resources from
           Two Forks, Idaho
                                                                  broadcast programs such as Nova, A
“Two Forks, Idaho” is an online science                                                               Science Odyssey, and ZOOM. Teachers
mystery story that challenges readers to                            Mop Top Shop                      can integrate Teachers' Domain content
discover who is at the bottom of a small-                                                             into their existing curriculum. Learn more
town crime. Combining scientific                       Mop Top Shop, an educational website for       at
knowledge, problem-solving skills, and an              children, profiles the contributions of
interesting narrative, the story will be               African-Americans in the fields of science,         Forensics in the Classroom
engaging to curious students, and will                 mathematics, and technology. The site
expand their imaginations to consider                  provides educational games, activities,        Court TV has developed, as part of a
scientific knowledge as a necessary,                   information and assessments. For more          continuing educational partnership with the
worthwhile, and interesting field of study.            information, visit                             American Academy of Forensic Sciences,
Find information at                                              “Forensics in the Classroom.” Download                                                                this free standards-based curriculum
rks/.                                                                                                 supplement at
                                                                     Fact Monster
                                                       Fact Monster,, is an
   Free Science Lesson Plans and                       online almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia,
    Samples from ETA/Cuisenaire                        and homework reference designed for                  Simple Machines Website
                                                       students needing a one-stop site for all
Key science concepts relate to fascinating             their reference needs.                         Teaching simple machines is now SIMPLE
environmental, historical, and cultural facts                                                         using the lesson plans, demonstrations,
and offer a variety of opportunities to                           The Exploratorium                   experiments, and ideas found at
practice essential science skills, including                                                
                                                       The Exploratorium offers free hands-on         ergy_and_simple_machines.aspx.html.
organizing data, using classification
                                                       activities for middle school students. The
systems, designing experiments,
                                                       activities, using easily obtained materials,
conducting investigations, identifying
                                                       can be done at home and/or in the
ecosystems and species, and                            classroom. Each is followed by an                 Subscribe to MS Science Spots
understanding and using scientific                     explanation of the scientific principles
vocabulary. Visit the website at                       utilized in the activity. Visit                Administrators and educators who wish to           subscribe to this newsletter may add their
ssons/lessons.jsp or contact                           dson.html for more information.                names to the mailing list by sending a blank to learn more.                                                                email to with the
                                                                                                      subject line, “Listserve.”

         The Futures Channel                                      Teachers' Domain

                                                Mississippi Science Spots, July 2009                                                            4