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					                          Kindergarten Spring Planting Lesson:
                     Sunflowers and Bean Sprouts: Outline from 2007

Note about timeframe: We taught this lesson in two different classrooms. One class
offered us two different ½ hour sessions, while the other expressed interest in a full hour
lesson. The following lesson plan works either way: split up or in one unit…though the
planting takes less than a ½ hour.

1. Investigate variations that exist among individuals of same kind of plant and animals.
2. Investigate observable features of plants and animals that help them live in different
places (thorns, etc)

Introductions and Outline (3 minutes): We started the class with everyone on the carpet.
We introduced ourselves and gave a brief outline of what the students would be doing
during the lesson. Each student then introduced themselves to us.

Story and Examples (12 minutes): We read a book from the library titled: ______ that
gives a good overview of basic plant parts and their purpose. We then passed around and
talked the different parts of a sunflower seedling, onion, and apple. The fruit and
vegetable were familiar examples of plants that they could now identify as specific parts.

Build-a-Plant (15 minutes): Each student went back to their seat to piece together and
label plants of their own design. We walked around the desks handing out the pre-cut
plant pieces and reminding them of where parts go and what purpose they served.

Planting (15-20):
   - Beans: each student put a wet paper towel in a Ziploc bag with a bean seed inside
       and placed at the bottom. These bags become visible containers for watching the
       seed germinate. Students labeled the seeds they prepared with their name on
       masking tape
   - Sunflowers: each student receives a pot, some masking tape to label their plant
       with their name, and two sunflower seeds. A Bucket of dirt is brought around to
       each table and the students take turns filling their pot with soil. After this they
       plant their seed and one table at a time brings their plants to the sink for watering.
       The pots are placed in trays by the window.

General Materials:
   - Book: ___________
   - Seedling
   - Fruits/Vegetables (preferably ones like an onion, scallion, or carrot, that shows
      multiple parts)
   - 8 ½ x 11 paper for plant background
   - Plant pieces
                  Roots, stems, leaves, berries, seedpods (peas), flowers, thorns,
Bean Planting:
   - Ziploc Bags
   - Bean seeds

Sunflower Planting:
   - Small pots
   - Water tray
   - Soil (about 2 gal. of soil – in a 5 gal bucket – was enough for about 15 students )
   - Sunflower Seeds

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