Application for Staff Fee Waiver

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					Application for Staff Fee Waiver
Please return this form to Staff Development Unit
Room 64 Jewry Street, City Campus
If you have any queries please contact Karen Marney on (69city) 1380

Name:                                                             Job Title:

Department:                                                       Email:

   Ext:                                                           Building:                     Campus:

First day of contract                                             Last day of Service:
with the University:                                              (if not open-ended)

Course Qualification & Subject:                                                                 Tuition Fees: £

Course Start Date:                             Class Times/Days:                                Course End Date:
                                               Full Current Academic Year                       Semester A
Fee Waiver Required for:
(please tick appropriate box)                                                                   Semester B

This scheme enables eligible staff to attend part-time mainstream courses at LondonMet without having to pay usual tuition
fees. If the course is directly related to the member of staff’s work at the University a time and/or book allowance
can also be considered by the Line Manager/Head of Department. Please see the attached Information sheet for details.

Do you need to attend the course during normal work hours?                                        Yes                   No

If Yes, do you need to rearrange your working hours to attend the course?                         Yes                   No

If Yes, on average how many hours per week? (usually maximum 0.5 day)

Do you need to make up the hours you are absent during normal work hours                          Yes                   No

If yes, how many hours per week? (usually maximum 0.5 day)

Books/Materials Agreed? (maximum £30 per Semester)                                                Yes                   No

I have read the attached Staff Fee Waiver Policy and discussed this application with my Line Manager. I understand that
attendance on the course detailed above is subject to normal student enrolment procedures and that the course may be
cancelled if the level of enrolment of fee-paying students does not meet the Department’s criteria.

Signature of Applicant:                                                                           Date:

Authorisation by Line Manager / Head of Department:
          I support this application for exemption from tuition fees.

          I support this application to rearrange normal work hours to attend this course, i.e. Make up time absent from work

          I confirm this course is directly related to the member of staff’s work at the University and I support this application
          for books and/or time to attend during normal work hours and not make up time.

Name of Line Manager: (please print)                                                              Signature:

Name of Head of Department: (please print)                                                        Signature:

Staff Development check:                                                                          Date:

 Please ensure that all sections of the form are completed and that your Head of Department has signed to authorise. Incomplete
                                   forms will have to be returned and may delay your application.
Applying for a Staff Fee Waiver

a)   Members of staff need to make an application for each academic year of proposed study.
     Applications must be made before enrolment / attendance at a course. Applications cannot be
     backdated for previous academic years. Each year members of staff will need to:

     i)    Apply for a Staff Fee Waiver
           •   Discuss the proposed course of study with their Appraiser/line manager as part of their
               annual performance appraisal and development meeting (or associated meeting).
           •   Complete a Staff Fee Waiver Application Form for the current academic year of the
               agreed module/course. (The form is available on the staff development web page.)
           •   Pass the completed form to their Head of Department or Research Institute Director for
           •   Forward the form to Staff Development, Human Resources, for processing.
           •   The Staff Development Unit will send a confirmation memo to each member of staff
               eligible for a Fee Waiver and forward a list of agreed Fee Waivers to Academic

     ii)   Follow the normal annual student enrolment procedure to secure a place on the
           module/course. It is the responsibility of the member of staff making the application to
           ensure that Academic Administration is aware they are applying for a Staff Fee Waiver. If
           confirmation of a fee waiver is not provided at the time of enrolment, Finance will usually
           send the member of staff an invoice for the fees.

b)   Hourly Paid Teaching Staff and Staff With Temporary Contracts need to provide copies of their
     contracts to show they are working at Londonmet for a least 150 hours spread over each
     academic year.

     i)    Hourly Paid Teaching Staff need to attach to their application:
           •   Copy of their contract for the last semester (to show they have worked at Londonmet for
               six months)
           •   Copy of their contract for this semester (to show a current contract at Londonmet)

     ii)   Staff With Temporary Contracts need to attach a copy of their contract to their application.
           Please note that temporary agency staff (eg Keystone) do not qualify for staff fee waivers.

           If your current contracts do not cover the full duration of a course, members of staff need to
           send a copy of the contract extension as soon as it is received so that a fee waiver can be
           extended accordingly. Members of staff will need to pay the fees for any remaining
           semesters/ years of a course not covered by a contract.

c)   Withdrawal from an Agreed Place
     In the event of withdrawing from a module/course it is important that the member of staff follows
     both the normal student notification procedure and informs the Staff Development Unit so that
     records are updated and there are no invoicing queries.

d)   Early Termination of Fee Waivers
     Staff Fee Waivers normally cease immediately after a member of staff’s contract ends and they
     leave the University. This is not implemented in certain exceptional cases, such as if a member
     of staff retires due to ill health, when the Staff Fee Waiver continues for the remainder of the
     academic year or where the member of staff is nearing completion of a module or course and it
     would be reasonable to permit them to fulfill this.

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