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apple tree websiteindd


apple tree websiteindd

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									             Sponsor an Apple Tree!
                                                      The Countryside Restoration Trust
                                                      has planted a number of apple trees at
                                                      Turnastone Court Farm in Herefordshire.
                                                      Forty trees were planted in total including
                                                      a range of apple trees that are in danger of
                                                      disappearing. Tom Putt, Court of Wick,
                                                      Sams Crab, Crimson Quoining, Hereford
                                                      Beefing, Newton Wonder, Catian Tom and
                                                      Lemon Pippin are some of the wonderfully
                                                      named varieties that were planted.
                                                      We would like to offer you the opportunity
                                                      to sponsor a tree for £100 each.
                                                  As with the Perry Pear scheme that we ran
                                                  last year, your name and a short dedication
can be engraved on a plaque which will be attached to the tree guard around your tree. There
will also be a plan of where your tree is in the orchard so that you can find it if you wish to
visit the farm and see the tree you have sponsored!
To sponsor an apple tree either for yourself or as a
unique gift for someone else, please complete the form
below and return it to:
The Countryside Restoration Trust, Sponsor an Apple
Tree Appeal, Haslingfield Road, Barton, Cambridge,
CB23 7AG.
Cheques should be made payable to The Countryside
Restoration Trust.



Dedication to appear on Apple Tree plaque (if any):

I enclose a cheque payable to The Countryside Restoration Trust for £

        Please return form to: The Countryside Restoration Trust, Barton, Cambridge, CB23 7AG

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