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and How to Win It


and How to Win It

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The Reframe Game
and How to Win It
by Mindy Gibbins-Klein

          s NLP practitioners, we understand the      I wanted! It also mentioned that the author          practitioners can forget that things have a way
          importance of reframing things in a         would appreciate introductions to agents and         of presenting themselves the way the universe
          positive way. But how often to we get a     traditional publishers. I have heard so many         wants, and not according to our master plan.
chance to really test this in our own lives? I saw    people complain about typos in books and yet            If we could model ourselves on that author
a brilliant example of reframing last week that       here was an enterprising self-published author       who turned her mishap into an opportunity,
really made me think. I was staying at a hotel        who turned a negative situation completely to        we could reframe the negative situation and
in Colorado and I saw a pile of new books on a        her advantage. She realised that the book was        make it work for us. What’s great about the fact
coffee table. Naturally, I had to take a look, in a   not going to end up in bookstores with errors in     that you are not working with that particular
strictly professional capacity, of course. There      it, so she decided to give away the 1000 or 2000     client? Why is it a blessing? And what other
was a little note near the books which said           copies she’d had printed to people who would         opportunities will open up for you now?
‘Book by local author. Please take one – free of      read it, possibly review it on Amazon and               I actually set out to accomplish two things in
charge.’ I thought, ‘How generous!’                   if they liked it, maybe they would buy more          this article: to make you aware of a very clever
   Then the plot thickened. I noticed another         copies of the new version for friends. I just        book marketing strategy and to encourage
pile of the same book in a different room in the      checked and she has many 5-star reviews of           you to remember what you already know
hotel, and behind                                                                  the book, probably      about reframing situations. There are literally
the note there was
an even bigger
                         Even skilled and                                          written by people
                                                                                   who appreciated
                                                                                                           hundreds of ways to market yourself, your
                                                                                                           books, your events and
pile of books. I
wondered how
                         experienced                                               a free book and a
                                                                                   good read. If you
                                                                                                           your coaching services.
                                                                                                           Some of the ideas that
the local author         practitioners can                                         want to know more       we try don’t work out
could afford to give                                                               about the book          the way we want. I’d
so many books            forget that things have                                   and this ingenious      love to see us really
away – there were                                                                  campaign, just drop     practice what we preach
literally hundreds       a way of presenting                                       me a line.              and be role models,
of books there,
with copies being
                         themselves the way                                           Now think about
                                                                                   the last time things
                                                                                                           quickly transforming
                                                                                                           the less-than-ideal
taken every day by
hotel guests.
                         the universe wants,                                       didn’t go according
                                                                                   to plan for you.
                                                                                                           occurrences in life
                                                                                                           into something
   Finally I saw         and not according to                                      Perhaps a client        amazing.
a different note                                                                   cancelled or you
near the second          our master plan                                           didn’t get the result
pile which                                                                         you wanted during
explained that these were ‘first edition’ copies      a session or a workshop. Maybe you planned to
and there were some minor typographical               accomplish a lot more than you have in the first
errors in them, which were being rectified in         quarter of this year. How did you react? Did
a second edition. The note invited me to look         you get upset and angry? Did you complain
up and buy the second edition on Amazon if            or blame? Even skilled and experienced

46 |   Spring 2008 - rapport

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