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Going Beyond Earth Day
Here’s a list of things you can do daily to make every day Earth Day. Talk with
your parents and see how many of these simple changes you can make. Set goals,
keep track and change the world!


      Cut your hair at home (spouses and children)
      Use good ol’ water for cleaning the floors, counters and surfaces instead of purchasing
       chemical-filled cleaners. Tip: add lemon or orange peels and white vinegar to your water
      Plan your trip with your car so that you can get all your errands done in a certain part of
      Tell people you love hand-me-downs. Clothes, toys, dishes you can get it all by just
       asking people for their old stuff. You help them unload and you get what you want.
      Reuse vacuum bags, empty them out and reuse them.
      Use refillable water bottles.
      Rinse dishes in a large bowl. With water that is left-over, water the garden and potted
       plants in the house.
      Drive a dirty car or wipe it clean.
      Don’t buy new. If you must buy, buy used. Search online. Check out your local
       Salvation Army.
      Exercise outdoors when you can, instead of using a gym membership.
      Use things for their entire life instead of continually upgrading.
      Use rechargeable batteries.
      Cut up old shirts for rags (I use them as Kleenex as well).
      Trade toys with friends/neighbors for your kids.
      Buy in bulk when it makes sense to.


    Don’t flush unless it’s brown.
    Use your shower towel for a week (or until it gets musty) hang it in a well ventilated spot
     so it can dry quickly.
    Turn off the water when you soap up.
    Turn off your water heater (if you have the capabilities) and turn it on right before you
    Buy refills for soaps and shampoo bottles.
    Clean the toilet bowl with a little bit of hand soap instead of buying harsh cleaning
    Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

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   Use coupons.
   Bring your own cloth bags when grocery shopping.
   Keep refrigerator door closed (open it with something in mind… don’t keep it open and
    ponder what it is you want to eat).
   Run the dishwasher only when full.
   Wash Ziploc bags and re-use them.
   Make enough dinner so you have lunch(es) the following day(s).
   Turn off all appliances that have lights, numbers, or timers on them. It drains electricity.
    Including the TV. You can unplug at night and have it on during the day if that works
    better for you. Alternatively, put all your electronic equipment on surge protectors and
    just flip the switch on that instead of unplugging them.
   Use water that is just sitting in your sink (in cups, glasses, pots and pans) to water plants.


   Wash sheets once a month.
   Use your clothes more than once before washing them (unless they are stinky and
    noticeably dirty of course).

  Living Room

   Use fans in summer (and turn them off when you leave the room) instead of using AC.
   Turn thermostat up.
   Close curtains to keep the heat out.
   Sweater up in the winters. Turn thermostat down and let in the natural sun light to warm
    things up.
   Incredibly enough, candles increase the temp. in your home.
   Turn off your computers and printers when they are not in use.
   Turn off everything in a room that you aren’t using or when you leave the room.

  More? Write down more things you can do to save the earth.

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